Makeup Products I Regret Buying | Product Reviews 2018 |

Hey guys it’s with the Casa today’s video is all about some makeup products that didn’t work for me and I did read buying them and these products may have worked for you but these didn’t work for me at all and that’s why I’m making this video and so if you want to know about all the makeup products that.

Didn’t work for me then keep on watching so the first make the product which I’m going to talk about is this Maybelline the blushed nudes palette and this was my first palette and I bought last year.

And I had huge expectations from this as it reviews on it were pretty good and.

Also a lot of people were recommending it on YouTube so I just thought of giving it a try and this was my first palette so I was really excited and also on the side on any app it looks really bright.

And really you know the pink colors really pop up and they really look good so I just thought of this has to be the best so I got it the colors are not at all visible when you apply it apart from two or three colors I should show you apart from these two and these two nothing is.

That why people are recommending if you have a fair skin tone and these shades can show up on your skin but I’m not too sure and if you have a skin tone similar to mine or even dusky than mine then not at all these are not at all gonna show up on your eyelid.

So just do invest in this ready palette I hated it and now it’s just lying in my drawer doing.

Nothing so I just don’t use this palette and the second product which I want to talk about is this lack my 9 to 5 prime of Les powder foundation and this product didn’t work for me at all they don’t have a lot of shade options they just have four to five shade options and I chose the shade option which I thought that is gonna go.

With my skin tone but it didn’t go exactly and this looks very brownish on my skin and just I don’t like the feel of it I just don’t like my.

Face after applying it this is just a product it didn’t work for me and also doesn’t satisfy the claims that.

It is primer powder foundation it’s just a powder a heavy powder I can say but as it just doesn’t match with my skin tone so it’s just a base product for me the next product is this mica paint stick and the shade that I have is number 11 and this is hearts and kisses if I remember it correctly then this is the hearts and kisses one and I just really don’t like the formula I really don’t like it is creamy.

This comfortable on your lips but it has a kind of shine to it and also a transpose a lot I really did not like how it looks on my lips then how does it makes my face look like so I really don’t like this so I never go to this lipstick and it’s a complete waste for me and the next product.

Is also a lipstick which I bought recently so this is a random branded I have found.

On mica so this is inside trendy lipstick and the shade that I bought is shade number 52 crystal berry and I wanted to try this lipstick because I wanted to try some affordable lipsticks but this lipstick just looks so patchy and it the formula isn’t comfortable at all when you apply and the.

Way your lips look like is really not good and also it’s damp patch it gets transferred a lot so not a good texture of Amla I did not like this lipstick then the next product is this naica brain Master silicon sponge and I have already done a full video on this you can see that video I’m gonna link that some very.

Cure and the description box below so this is just a waste product because I really don’t get the idea of silicon sponges like you can pick the product you can put it on your face but.

You can not do after steps like after putting.

It on your face you need to dab it you needed to get blend with your face it just doesn’t happen with this sponge so I really did not like the idea of silicon.

Sponges and would not recommend you guys to buy a silicon sponges just stick to your normal Beauty blenders and they are going to work for you so yeah I showed you product again then the next product is this better wast a high definition mascara and this mascara I don’t know if this product is.

Damaged or dryer or something but this mascara just doesn’t work you can not apply it the wand.

Really shitty and I too did not like this mascara it doesn’t make my lashes look fuller longer or heavier or anything it’s just a complete face product the next product is this fair and lovely BB cream and I already have a video on different BB creams I’m going to link that video as well in the description box below or in the I button as well so this.

Is the fair and lovely BB cream this has foundation plus fairness cream in it of course very.

Lovely is like obsessed with this fairness word and they really want everybody to get fair so that’s why this obsession is really just makes me very.
Angry like why can’t L our own skin tone I’m not gonna go.

Into that but yeah this is the parent lovely BB cream instant Fair look makeup finish this is a shitty product don’t buy it at all this just makes your face look really white and I have our demo in that video which I trouble you so you can check that video out if you want.

To see that and the formula is very drying I have combination skin and this makes my face very dry and so if you have dry skin then this is not at all gonna work for you and also as I said if you have a shade similar.
To mine skin tone similar to mine this is not.

Gonna work for you and some shades deeper as well so this is the Miss Clairol Emma sticks for eyes in the shade Amreli 15 and I already mentioned in my last.

Video that I didn’t like this product but I just wanted to include this in this video because this is the makeup product I regret buying so this.
Comes under that so this just doesn’t show.

Up the pigmentation is really poor and it doesn’t even show up on your eyes and it doesn’t even look like you’ve applied a color it looks black I really don’t know why is that the pigmentation.

Is very poor don’t go for this product and the last product is this color itself lipstick and the shade did I have this 34 news wait so this is the shade and this shade is two nude for my liking I mean it doesn’t show up on my skin on my lips.

Actually and yeah it’s just not the perfect nude for me I did not like it and also it gets transferred a lot so I really did not like the formula the color or anything so this is just a.

Base product okay so these were all the products they did not work to me at all and I hope you guys liked this video and if you did then you know what to do you need to give the big thumbs up you need to comment on below and subscribe to my channel and also turn the bail button on so you will be notified whenever I will be uploading new videos and as usual.

My social media Instagram and snapchat is listed in the description box below below below so you can check that out and visit me there so yeah that’s about it for this video I’ll see you guys next time bye.

My Biggest Empties Ever!!! | Makeup & Skincare Product Reviews | Beauty District

Back with another video this will be another empties video yes my makeups on fleetness okay I used up all this soap and glory fake away shea butter sugar peach seed powder spa body polish it’s not very nice very nice smell to it I like this soap & Glory is no longer carry that’s poor anymore so I got this.

One it was on sale Clara sign moisture cleanser duo.

I have not tried the cleanser but I do currently have the luxury brush head on my Clarisonic I’ve really been enjoying it one of my top 3 clear side brushes especially if you have extra more sensitive skin this one is really nice kiss my skin nice and clean.

Nice cleans maybe at the gentle one or the sensitive skin one but pretty clean.

20 movies I’d real offer calm ass cheek very nice the fried raishin that’s it they’re real tinted primer very good on its own for a nice brown lash look very very nice just on its own very very nice primer with other mascara so I really.

Do like this one I still am using it it’s not completely empty this one there’s still a little bit more in here but I got a brand.

New one so my girls squeeze all that out it’s the deep moisturizing shampoo this is my go-to even following me for years you know that I use Appaji all the time the deep moisturizing shampoo is holy grail for me repurchase did a little bit for Dennis gross alpha-beta.

Pills extra strength I used all of these I think I might.

Have more in here as well I use all of these these are good for.

Exfoliation / toner for me personally gets the skin.

Really nice and clean does a very light peel to the skin helps to take off.

Some of the dead skin as well as help rejuvenate and produce new skin underneath so very very nice let me speak to the Marchman good then I.

Have to alpha beta pill starter kit very good if you don’t know which one works best for you the.

Ultra gentleman was very very good so very very good for.

Sensitive skin but I really like the extra strength of it cuz I’d like to feel a little bit of a burn retaining sensation and that’s what the extra strength does for me a very very good kid I was giving this gratis a job of course you know.

Me if you follow me for years to l Genest with microalgae oil facial cleanser love it I brought another one but I’m using a bullsh√°√° purifying cleanser one I do.

Like that one but I did buy another one.

Of these so yes I’m trying to get through the other cleansers before I try this one but I really.

Do like it of course it’s holy grail for me then I use the first day Beauty milk oil cleansing cleanser I have to force myself to use this because it’s not very.

Good at taking off makeup you have to use a whole lot of it before you can get all your makeup off so I really didn’t like this personally myself if you’re wearing heavier full-coverage makeup would say castle this if you’re wearing like a tinted moisturizer or something very light a powder and will mascara this you’ll probably like you used up all of my ultra Repair Cream first day Beauty intense therapy this.

Is for all over the face I used to use this for my facial moisturizer which you can but it’s.

Meant to be all over the body I.

Empties: July 2018

Hey guys okay I’m back with my July unity McD’s I have a decent sized bag of trash here so let’s get started and I have to say not everything in here is a fait but a lot of these are my hands-down absolute favorites so I think I’ll just get started with those first sol de janeiro bum bum cream.
This is just the little to ounce I got a pack of.

Three two ounces I’m down to one I also do have a full size it smells so good it is just the most warm.

Comforting beachy type scent love it love it okay the cashmere skin Tonee goal this is Kim from the Real Housewife something maybe Atlanta her skincare line it’s all a signature scent which is kind of beachy fresh sweet I think it’s a really good scent I love it her products I think her not I don’t want to say they’re expensive but they’re not super affordable but she runs sales very often so that’s how I get them I’ve since repurchase that as well and I have more of this these are like game changers.
The drunk elephant see firm add.

A serum which is vitamin C serum and the TLC Fram booze glycolic night serum this is a 15% L absorbing acid and this is a 12% hav H a blend I’m gonna try to hold off to the vib sale before I repurchase full sizes.

Of both first off the C firma i used to say that the ola Henriksen truth serum was my favorite truth vitamin C serum but I think this is my favorite but I’m using the ola Henriksen one.

Now and I do like it it’s not bad I’ll use it in between especially to kind of like get me between cells because it is more affordable.

Or less expensive rather this is high but it just this was the number one game-changer product for just my skin once my rosacea was under control it brightened it faded it made my skin just good this excuse me since I’ve been incorporating this.

Breakout far less especially on my chin I used to always get just consistent I guess.

Hormonal breakouts my pores in this area I feel like have I mean I guess you can’t shrink them but they’re just maybe less I don’t see them as bad they’re not as obvious I mean they look like they’ve shrunk whether they can’t or not I don’t know I’m sure.

Somebody will tell me but they look like it it’s definitely just made a big difference in my skin so I couldn’t say enough good things about those okay um the rest I can’t say we’ll just get to that but those were just like really good ones this is the C booth ginger sugar body scrub they have since gotten rid of the ginger scent hallelujah now.
It’s kind of a light rose which I love.

So much more I had been kind of putting this off to use because well I love the scrub I didn’t like the scent you know if you’ve been pregnant then you probably are with me on not wanting to smell ginger.

Anymore but the scrub itself is such a good scrub it’s not greasy but it leaves this kind of luxurious moisture.
To your skin you can find it.

At Ulta it is very very good the at the beach body wash from Bath & Body Works this is a really good beachy scent just very kind of.

Fresh not overly coconutty but um you know like a man could use this he wouldn’t feel like he was using pouring a drink call her his body or anything like that it’s a very good beachy scent I like it a lot I finished off the.

January 2018 Empties

Everyone I’m sorry for the horrible lighting I have I like on overheads just because it’s gonna be a quick video it’s just an empties video I’m filming today and it’s 5:30 so Suns going down so anyway I films my yearly empties at the end of October November around that time I don’t know if I posted me yet I.

Don’t believe I have um but this is my nice empty video cuz this is gonna be a second video I’ve ever done for empties last year I kept it all myself in a year I don’t want to do.

That because I’ve already fell a third of this bag and I do plan on slowly moving I supposed to move this year.

But I hope to next year so I don’t have to be carrying someone junk with me Santa Clara just recycling anyway so I’m just gonna dig through here randomly somebody’s on my project pants so I think I’m posting my project pan before this but if I don’t think peak to someone I project pan items that are in here either I.

Decided I don’t want to try to use them up because they don’t work for me or they actually are used up so oh you have the Body Works hand sanitizer I have I think four or five of these left I bought a whole bunch of these a long time ago when I used to shop at bath the body works all the time bath and body groups not cruelty free cuz they sell in mainland China so now I’m.
Using up what I have I think I like for left or.

Something so there’s a little tiny bit on the bottom with little beads but it can’t doesn’t really come out so.

Stuff as I’m showing you guys cuz it’s gonna go and go in the recycling bin so this is only like two.

Months worth of stuff I used up this 1/2 of velvet cream wash at the body wash I came in like a little set I did like it it’s very small though I use the I used like handmade soaps or I use like lush bath soaps and that’s the only thing I think.

I like bar soap more now I do have some other body washes left that aren’t probably afraid I’m trying to use.
But I have tested once our quality work I think haben is.

Cruelty free I’ve got a set and I believe a set of Walden tested on animals so I used up my baby primer total focus primary tiny um that one was okay I know this may be I know this may not be the popular thought but I like silicon primers more so than creamy primers that one feels more like a lotion for me I like.

A little bit of a like a silicone II feel I like the elf mineral primer that’s what called.

Thick six bucks is great this ID cluttered I’ve had this for so many years it’s been sitting in the bottom of my purse I don’t plan on museums not my favorite I don’t know if it smells weird because I can’t breathe I’ve been sick.

For like three weeks I’m missing for two weeks it doesn’t seem like it smells weird that’s why I found easily if you guys can anyway so I didn’t finish this but I.

Am going to declutter as tools I don’t want to give ten T months of this I think this is a trash item this is an old Revlon I clean out my purse so some of these things you’re more of my old purses so this was doing one of my old purposes it’s an old.

Of Revlon eyeliner which is bad so that’s trash I don’t think this is in my project pan which is an elf eyebrow pencil in the color taupe identity it’s a figure eyebrow.

Klairs Supple Preparation Unscented Facial Toner

Elephant this is today I’m gonna be talking about the clears the supple preparation unscented to turn out this toner review is super highly requested I really really like the regular self-liberation toner so I wanted to try out the unscented vision as well and the packaging is super pretty on this one as well so I was definitely interested in.
Before anybody asks so and happy new contact lenses on today because.

Going to work very shortly and my here at bears weight which is why it looks a little bit messy but it’s just because it’s candy that’s my normal hair.

Texture so that’s why that’s there was I got a new shirt and it has like little hats on the elbows thank.

You for my always done properly which is super cute although it’s possible pajamas I’m wearing it like regular people clothing because it’s cute but I wanted to get this review up as soon as possible which is why I’m not recording in my usual clothing and outfits and stuff so the product description says presenting the unscented toner a lightweight moisturizing toner for all skin types specifically.

Oily and sensitive skin fragrance free and made with our essential oils and harsh ingredients its gel like consistency seeps into the skin to make the skin less dry more smooth and plump with consistent use feel free to add a little more of the toner in the areas that are dry like the original one this toner also has star studded ingredients list that is perfect for all skin types and features a soothing blend of plant based extract along with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic.

Acid and soothing f centella asiatica the unscented toner has beautiful packaging it has a clear bottle rather than the dark bottle and a.

Pretty lavender label it has the same screw and shake atop this only lets.

Out the small amount of the toner so I do need to shake it a couple of times to just get one application the toner itself is clear in color and is quite thin and texture it’s easy to spread.
Out and absorbs quickly although this china is technically unscented.

In the sense that there are.

No edit fragrances it certainly is still seen to dry the other ingredients to meet it smells quite strongly like plastic it’s not the worst seem to give it to me but it is unpleasant in comparison to the regular supple preparation toner this toner is slightly more lightweight and quicker to absorb this may be due to.

Formula though I’m not quite sure how big of a percentage the oils make up then the formula of the regular toner the young center toner still works really well for my skin though I have to use a couple of extra layers to get the same effect as the regular supple.

Privation toner supple preparation supple preparation there’s so many syllables in just less two words that my tongue just hates.

Doing it but anyway this toner has gorgeous packaging it is unscented and has no added fragrances for those people who are sensitive to those sorts of things and it hydrates my skin beautifully which is all.

I really want in a toner i am extremely lucky and i sense that my skin is not sensitive to fragrances or any extra like.

New Products From Wet N Wild: First Impressions!

Although allow the guys it’s me and up coming to you with another first impressions video I originally was supposed to film a halo eye tutorial however I don’t feel a hundred percent yet for those of you who follow me on Instagram I have been very sick for about almost a week and a half to two weeks and I.

To par yet to film a tutorial however that will be coming up very soon so I did.

Get some products from wet and wild in the mail yesterday I am very excited to open them up have not tried them or anything like that so I wanted to show you those products instead again this will be a first impression video.

Majority of the products are highlighting products they did release a few new products so I ordered those products so that I can show you so here we go okay so the first products that I want to show you.

Were actually products I was interested in and I wanted to get because I wanted to see the performance of them these are.

The mega glow illuminator spray I guess you can pull the body Luminizer and these just came out recently they come in three colors I got two of them this one is the gold rush which is gold obviously and this color is.

Hearts of rose gold which is a rose gold color the third color which I did not get is a bronze color and I’m since I’m not really crazy about bronze I.

Just decided to skip out on that one but again there are three colors I.

99 each so this is how the product looks and then Shelly now I know it looks kind.

Of watery on the top but you’re supposed to shake this product very well and even.

Home on the packaging don’t worry just shake well so I’m gonna go ahead and get that now when you buy these products they will actually give you a kabuki makeup brush free and this is for the application of the product and I saw a video on how they applied it it pretty much reminded me or Rihanna when she you know put the highlighting product on her shoulder so that’s essentially what you’re gonna do.

This is a body glow I’m not 100% sure if you can use it on your face maybe I’ll try and put it on my face and see what.

Happens but this is really for your body this is wherever you want to put a nice and they set ourselves a nice glow throughout the winter not the holidays or whatever so that we don’t look so pale like I do now I put on some foundation did my.
Brows I didn’t put concealer or.

Anything I just wanted to get these products on my body just so that I can show you so I’m gonna start out with this pink rose and I’m going to.

Shake well as they aren’t telling me to and I believe this has some type of okay this has like a pump as you can see and in the video what they pretty much did would they just put like a bit on the shoulder so I’m gonna put that on and see how it works never done this.

Before with any type of body glow of any brand so all right should I start here maybe I’ll start here since the shoulder is closer to the camera so you’re gonna put of course it’s gonna take a couple pumps to get the product out oh there it is I guess that’s it maybe I should put more I’m not sure then I put one more one more.

Product Empties | Beauty Empties, Makeup, Haircare, Skincare & More!!!

Hi guys welcome back to my channel and welcome here if you’re new my name is Vanessa I’ll be posting new videos every week don’t forget to like this video if you liked it so that I know and subscribe for more videos like this today’s video is another product empties I have so many products in here skincare supplements body.

Care makeup haircare tea deodorant everything so just please continue watching if you want to see what I have for empties and I’ll try to go through it as fast as I can but.

It might be a little bit big just cuz this is full so the first thing in here is this Vegas sport recovery accelerator it’s a protein powder type of thing let’s begin with a lot of different healthy like ginseng and cayenne and a bunch of healthy stuff in here for after your workout it does not taste good this is.
The apple berry flavor it’s not a good taste but it actually.

Does work I take it after my workouts or after a walk or something and it does help with recoveries you’re not as sore so would repurchase this but don’t expect a good taste because it’s definitely not I.

Don’t find any vegan stuff that I found is but it is healthier for you next is this body shop cocoa nut cream.

Creamy body scrub it smells really good it has little pieces of coconut I feel like in it to scrub everything off I wouldn’t repurchase this just because I.

Found a scrub that I liked better so I.

Wouldn’t repurchase that next is this new tree onyx foaming facial wash it’s different that’s for sure it’s supposed to be wash away impurities and soften your skin soften fine lines and stuff like that I haven’t noticed any difference fine line wise but I have noticed that it’s you need a lot of product but it actually does remove all your makeup but just because it’s foaming you need quite a few pumps to get.

Everything off but it does remove things pretty well but it’s just not my favorite cleanser the foaming this just can be a little bit drying for dry skin so I don’t think I’d.

Repurchase that next is biotin 7,500 micrograms I love biotin I’ve been taking it forever I’m trying to grow my hair out and it really does help but I wouldn’t get 7,500 I would just stick.

To 1,500 or 2,000 because I’ve taken the 1500 and 2000 and that.

Was never a problem for me but this one I just noticed a few more breakouts so I think that high of a dose is just too much for me personally next is this honest face and body lotion by the honest company I’ll link everything below because sometimes it doesn’t pick up especially if it’s white this was a really nice hand.

Cream it was natural high pledge hypoallergenic and ultra pure no scent or anything and it absorbs really quickly into the skin so I really did like this and I want to try more from this brand because I really did enjoy using it no scent and it just sinks in really quickly so it’s nice.

Next is a Kenisha i’ll repurchase this and I’ve already repurchased this this is so good it’s good for respiratory infections but anytime I feel like I’m getting sick so like a sore throat or just kind of like a sick feeling I’ll take echinacea a couple times a day like usually twice a day just when I’m feeling like I’m coming down with something and it prevents me from getting sick so I feel like that.

Really works next is this espresso yourself black tea organic from David’s tea it’s a huge jar I really liked this.

Would like this with people people that like the taste of espresso.

If you like black coffee because.

It is quite strong tasting and that’s what it reminds me of is like expresso and black coffee and there’s actually expressive beans in it I did really enjoy it so I would repurchase that once I’ve gone through all the tea’s so it’ll be a while next is this macadamia natural oil deep.

Hair repair mask I’ve been using this for years and I actually learned about it on YouTube like five years ago I feel like and it’s still one of my favorite masks it’s so hydrating so nourishing to the hair your hair feels like so smooth after using it and it smells so good in the smell lingers in your hair too so I would repurchase this I’ve every purchased it a.

Lot and I love it Max is fish oil I would repurchase it fish oil has a lot of health benefits I’m.

Using it more so for skin and hair and belly fat and I take it every day and.

I’ve really been enjoying it I also give fish oil to my dogs and they really like it so would repurchase next is.

A couple makeup products this Rimmel metallic eye gloss um I got this a long time ago so I think it’s just time to declutter it I really liked it it was just kind of like a creamy gloss that you could put on your eye and it was a nice base so it I did enjoy it.

But I don’t know if I’d repurchase it just because I have a lot of.

Eye products and then this Revlon golden affair blush Merlot Merlot at midnight um it was a really good blush but I would not repurchase this color it’s just too dark for.

My skintone I’m too fair for this color so it probably looked nicer on someone with a Tanner skintone next is just a sample of the lush RnB leave-in moisturizer I really liked this and I would repurchase it it’s just a very thick hair moisturizer that you.

Tiniest like less than your pinky amount and I use it for when my hair’s up to smooth down the baby hairs and the fly waves because I’ve got lots of regrowth happening so lots of baby hairs and I find it works really well but you don’t want to use too much or it can make your hair greasy and it smells really good like jasmine so.

That next is the tattoo ink fost t i wouldn’t repurchase it now I’m gonna really like it next is this marine collagen from nature’s life with.

Vitamin C I would repurchase this I’ve been using marine collagen for several months and I find it does give an added plumpness to my skin and the research that I’ve done you need to take it with vitamin C or it can’t be absorbed in the body so I would repurchase that it is quite an affordable brand as.

Well the Venus Olay razors you’ve seen these in my empties before and I would repurchase they’re really nice razors.

A really clean smooth shade and it already has the.

Bar around it so you don’t have to buy a shaving cream which is nice the oil Henriksen.

Truth serum vitamin C serum this.

Vlog -outfit Of The Day|beauty Empties|product Reviews

Hi guys so it’s 8 o’clock in the morning I just dropped off Evan to school and today no workout because I wanted to take a little break from because I worked out three days this week so I’m gonna take a rest rest for a day today and today so today when I drop off Evan I just up normally.

I always wear pajama no wear pajama I always wear like exercise clothes Jemma what gym workout clothes.
Any just like random stuff I hardly dress up to drop off Evan.

But since I start making videos so I thought about just dressed up today I wanna.

Just kind of show you guys my outfit of the day kind of things so hopefully.

This uh this camera will cover everything so just very quick I bought this top the lace top from papaya and this shorts I really really love because lately I like to wear shorts at home as well because it’s hot and I didn’t want to turn the AC on so this lace top is all.

See-through at the back so I just put a little.

Place outside and I like how my earrings matches the lace.

Here my lipstick also matches I haven’t even washed.

My face yet this morning I put on lipstick.

So this is my outfit I really like the shorts that make my legs look really really long and looks very.

Like sexy kind of style I guess so hopefully you guys like what I showed and now we talk to.

You later okay so it’s a lunch break it’s 1 p. now I had a long busy morning work and I’m taking a break listening to some classic piano music in the background and I feel a little bit headache I just recently when work is busy and it’s very complex and it’s very fast-paced.

Kind of jobs sometimes it gets very frustrated and easily because a lot of times we do a lot of multitasking so you will just kind of.

Focus you know on the screen for like certain hours for God to you know forgot to blink your eyes and and then now I have this huge headache so so I’m.

Going to eat my delicious at lunch I made I made the curry chicken and pork whisk packed cabbage I usually cook them and freeze them in the.

Fridge and then I warm up some Chinese no Chinese just some kind of rice here you can get this kind of package from my Costco that’s where I got them it’s pretty healthy with chia and Kyle Kyle and also so I just kind of warm up the rice I D freeze.

The unfreeze the the dishes and then just mix it together yeah very very delicious sometimes when I cook it’s a little bit salty so I definitely have to eat with rice because it’s a.

Little bit salty today I firmly be cold um at home so I’m putting a a pass rope on it and I really like this bathroom so I thought maybe I’ll just.

Share with you guys so this bathrobe I just bought maybe two three months ago so basically I like how it’s very princess look the brand is by Beth I think it’s a pasty Johnson brand and it’s very sure so it’s like anything around here it’s a short one yeah it’s.

Short one and I like how its wide and it’s very cute and look at the back says the bride and so my husband saw this yesterday he’s like oh I never see you wear this where did.

You get this he really thought I got this when I was when I got married or something but I said no no no I got this um recently so it’s cute that he noticed something like this yep tomorrow is my off day I plan to go pick up the new iPhone with my husband he getting a new iPhone I’m not really into those kind of.

High tech stuff so I already I still have my iPhone 10 it’s working fine so I’m not upgrading to a newest iPhone and it’s I heard it’s pretty expensive so I am NOT.

Going to waste the money on that and tomorrow I wanted to go shopping just get out a house a little bit because I’m always at home and if you guys want to see a vlog.

When I go out maybe just you know let me know I need to get better where’s flogging outside house so you guys can see what I do outside the house since like that so yeah and if you don’t if I don’t block tomorrow that means I just want.

To have a day off to myself so I definitely not gonna vlog every day like weekends and things like that just because I do need to take time to relax and not have to worry about oh an interlock making you know videos and things like that because it can be very demanding all my myself so so I’m gonna give up quick ending last part of the vlog for today I am going out tonight to go celebrate the weekend with my family we’re gonna go somewhere to eat and shop so it’s gonna be fun and I.

Want to show you guys a few empties that so I can throw them away after this video let’s see so I used up.

Eye mask if you guys know what I’m talking about those are the Japanese I mask it looked like this so you wear it when you’re resting like this my eyes get tired very very quickly after all they are working on the.

Monitors so I just wear them when I sleep the smell is amazing this lavender smell very soothing it definitely relaxed my eyes so I use this a couple of times then I sort of away until the smell goes.

Away so because it helps block the lights when you sleep or since like that so I really like that and then I tried the face mask.

I have so many different type of face masks this is the one one of the sheet masks come from Japan not Japan Korea and I believe that you can buy this from Sephora website they carry a little pricey but very hydrating I love it so much I highly recommend it to you guys and I I creamed I used up this was my first time trying the.

Sk2 eye cream love the stuff RND RND RND RNA power eye cream see I enjoyed it a.

Lot I plan to purchase more sk2 products from Japan when I travel there because I wanted to see how much cheaper is there so.

I’m excited about that and us is the louder Michael essence toner I finally finished it two days ago it’s all gone I love this toner if Costco carry this again I will purchase this because it’s better price on on.

The Costco website and this is the to the flowers for my teeth I use it from this brand I finally used up a moisture ice cream I use forever when he was a baby till.

Now it’s a huge jar as you can see it’s a little bit left but I had a purchase more so I want to open up the new jars for him when he hasn’t looked those red little bumps on his face when he was a baby like when.

He was one year old one out I didn’t know what it is so I asked my friend she had a to.

Kid she has two kids so she told me use this brand it’s very good for sensitive skin it get rid of those little bumps around and fat and run a face mouth it was a save.

Life saver from for Evans so I highly recommend it you can use this for yourself as well if you if you don’t have kids because it’s very.

Versatile okay for acne you guys know that I saw suffer from acne this year once I.

Finally reach out to this brand of acne appeals you take twice a day morning and night I finally my face has known this I can free so I’m.

So happy that you know it’s working for me so this is not.

My first time trying this brand brand when I was maybe 20 some year old when I had acne I tried this so definitely it’s it’s it’s a lifesaver as well I have.

Like two three boxes stop stop because I love them I swear by this eye I don’t wanna run into acne problems again in.

Will be taking that for sure and last thing in this video I wanna show you guys my all-time favorite cutting pad is another Japanese brand so the beauty of this compared is very thing you can use this to apply the toner on top of the cotton pad and apply of as a sheet mask that’s what I.

Did is saving your product so usually what I do is I put a product on my palm off the toner and then I I will use the and slice it because it one piece has five slices so I slice them up and then I swap the toner until they are absorbed and I sliced them put them onto my face so five pieces I do.

Pieces here on my cheeks one piece here one piece here so okay so I recommend this I have bought so many.

Boxes of this I ran out again so another product I’m going to die from Japan probably so I’m very very excited to go into Japan because I need to do my homework now I have two months to do my homework.

So I can miss all the products I wanted to buy from Japan and hopefully I get find a good price as well so I hope you enjoyed this video thank you for commented on my.

Maybelline Fit Me Compact Powder, Concealer , Dove Shampoo- Makeup Reviews | Minsha Kapoor

People killin people time cryin can you practice what you preach would you turn the other cheek father father father help us some guidance right now people have me questioning hi guys milk shock rapport and welcome back to my channel today in this video I am going to review for you some pupae and hair care products so I ordered.
Some stuff from the sale that is going on on knifehog.
com and I thought let me just try it in front of you and let you know whether it is worth ordering or not.

So without wasting time let’s see chaos on eclairs are as a mine so the first thing that we are going to review is this blue heaven primer since a very long time I wanted to try out a tripod but you ki man effectively trying here you know I never wanted to spend a lot of money on it I was checking some faces and your real friend ones.

Which were really highly prized but this one is priced at just rupees 300 now a primer is supposed to just help you set your face and you know just cover all your pores.

And help you to have a normal a stick makeup now this is supposed to have a very silicon is finished when you see this is what comes out of primer and you are supposed to just take this and apply it on your face before doing any makeup oh my god oh my god this is so smooth it’s a big Mexican so small so.

Obviously I’ve drank this before and I immediately fell in love this primer this is softwood abilities of a good quality.

I mean I have tried other companies and this matches them so you need very little quantity of this product and it is actually a very nice product so I give this a 5 out of 5 and you must order this now the next thing that I have ordered this Maybelline fit me concealer try to.

This output using the age rewind concealer but this time I want you to try out something new so we have this Maybelline fit me concealer and this one is priced at 475 rupees so let’s see how I really like this.

Concealer I mean it is very creamy and it does not take at all and you just need to apply a really little bit of Mountain.

Goes a long way so I feel that this does not give me full coverage but still it gives me decent coverage I fix my under eyes and very bright.

So this is priced at you it’s for 75 rupees and I think I will break this around three and.
A half out of five now the next thing that.

We’re reviewing is also from Maybelline this is there between matte plus for less compact powder I am using the shade classic ivory and this.

Is how it so it is supposed to take the sponge and apply this compact all over your face it’s the best part about this is that it does not leave any white cast or yellowish finish on my face and also it is not.

Making my skin look dry at all that is what I look forward by by the compact because you don’t want to look like a try cake in front of people right so I think I will give this around a.

4 out of 5 but I feel I have used better options in.

Terms of white balance now the next thing that.

We are going to review is this Gagnier ultra brands nourishing shine shine now I was looking to change my shampoos it’s a very long time and I got my eyes on this beautiful.

An attractive bottle of time here I prepared let’s now ganya.

Empties August 2018 – Products I Have Used From Couponing

Hello hello hello everybody it is the end of the month and you guys know what that means I am sharing you guys shared with you guys products that I have used this month now I used to call this life my empties video but a lot of you guys you know I’m not one of those professional beauty gurus and.

A lot of these are just stuff that I’ve gotten from couponing and I’m giving you guys my honest opinion some of these are.

Stuff that I use constantly and some of these are stuff that I’ve never used before so what I do is I just go through my I save all my basket of garbage and let’s share with you guys everything that I used for the month so it is the end of August so.

I’m showing you guys everything I use in August which I actually had more stuff that I wanted to use but there’s still just a little bit left which is awesome because I hope I’m hoping I got more stuff this month than I’ve ever had to share.

With you guys and I’m hoping next month is even more I’m really trying to get you know trying to learn new or try to use more products and try to share with you guys everything that I.

Got so the last the firm that I’ve been using the most out of everything is this rock or Aros I think it’s rock um daily resurfacing discs now I finally used them all.

I have no more left but these are 28 self-forming dual.

Textured pads one was like a little rough and one was smooth I use these um it sounded.

Like washed you know wash your face and then use it and then rinse your face off but I kind of use them in the shower I felt it was easier I would just scrub it let it sit for a little bit and then I just kind of just go underneath the shower and just rinse it right off I felt it was less easier let’s make it a mess and all that jazz but I use these for.

To say four or five months and I.

Thought they worked out great I felt like my skin was a little bit smoother I did break.

Out a little bit I don’t break out very often I.

Don’t take my makeup off at night which I need to start getting back to doing that just because but I felt like.

Helped on my face being not as bumpy like sometimes I get bumps like around my chin area so I thought you know I’m I like it would I pay full price for this no but if I had coupons for it I probably would get it again.

I think my cats by my foot um but definitely this is something I would continue getting again now I know like Walgreens and stuff I think they sell this for like 13 or 11 or 13 bucks at Walgreens if you go to Walmart it’s like $8.99 for this thing so and sometimes we do get some coupons from time to time one thing that I use every single day this is my ultimate favorite smell is this Victoria’s Secret amber romance now back when I first started doing.

YouTube I made a Victoria Secret video on how to get free gift cards now they stopped doing.

This the last not last trip of the year before I think was the last year they did it well what they had this deal were is if you guys mailed them a letter they would send you a mystery one of those mystery worrywart cards that usually get around Christmas time.

Er Thanksgiving and they ranged from $10 to $500 and so I made a video about this that was like one of my best videos I ever made just explaining the details and I think.

I sent one I sent like 20 of them in and they were all 10 bucks I think I had one that was like a $50 one which the thing is with those you cannot combine them you had to do separate transactions so I wanted to buy like bras and.

Stuff with that but I couldn’t combined it so I’m like okay what can I get and they ended up stopped selling.

These in my store the amber romance says I’m like what I really wanted to get more but they stopped selling this scent I had to drive somewhere further away to get it otherwise you could order it from the store online for free so.

I kept having them order two of these because these were 2 for 10 at the time so I had I had a lot of those current so I still have tons of these bottles left but it’s my favorite spray it might not be as strong but it was still good so I wish they would do that deal again but I think too many people took full advantage of it and that’s why they stopped doing it because nobody was buying anything in the store they were.

Just doing what I was doing so getting that stuff for free but it was still nice because I got you know a bunch of stuff um as you guys watched I did a bath & Bodyworks haul I’ve been really loving bath & Bodyworks lately I go there I go there every single month they send me a every single month but I I don’t I just want to start using more of their product Jeff is getting really me really hooked on candles lately.

Which is good because it’s candle season for me but as you guys saw my was it my Christmas haul like my was at the end of the year sale I can’t even think what it’s called semi-annual sale I.

Ended up getting this mint body wash now I really like the.

Body spray at the time and I’m like you know what I’m gonna get the body wash now I really like the smell but you can get kind of sick.

Of it after a while so I’m just like I’m just gonna use it you know I’m gonna use it and the thing is this stuff the way I use body wash because it grows.

On trees at my house I don’t use just a delt a little thing I use like a dollop so I mean this thing lasts.

Month or maybe like 20 days so definitely one if I could get this again I would but I think I’m only gonna get this stuff during their semi-annual sale what it’s really cheap I’m still gonna wait and see what they have for winter stuff for fall stuff but I would buy this.

If I get it for like for free or something like that you guys want to know what kind of toothbrush I’m using I am using the Colgate floss tip bristles 362 lavance I like it it’s kind of weird cuz there’s plasters like the rubber inside the bristles.

So like whatever so that’s the toothbrush I’ve been using and so you guys can see I’ve been really obsessed with Bath and Body Works lately and I’ve been trying to like burn a lot of candles I.

Have so many candles that I want to burn like I got a whole pile of candles like right next to my desk but this is one it’s kind of gross but this is one I’ve.
Had since last summer I bought.