Spider Knight Loves Arachne *new Season 6* – A Fortnite Short Film

By doing it right yeah Rachel yeah you’re doing I have that cut anything yet why am i hanging out with you I thought we stopped hanging out despite all our differences I think we’re always gonna be drawn back to each other no no we’re not it’s probably that lingering tension they all that romantic tension between us Thanks there’s.
Nothing between us you’re a man yeah whatever you say bro.

Anyways this is boring trick check this out look.

At this new dance Rachel we’re never gonna catch a fish if you won’t hold still I’m swinging that’s weak you’re scaring the fish away look at this the fish are probably they’re probably gonna be.

Attracted to a boat because how could a dancing that’s not how fishing works wait I think I got a bite what are you serious.

Of course of course I’ve never caught anything in my life and you’re gonna catch something oh yeah reeling it in I’m really good we’ve arrived my little spiderlings position as the Queen spider trout.

To them alright Ivers you guys you guys also fishing how dare you speak to me and how dare.

You interrupt me clean you up paid for your in science even look at the direction of course instant death you were looking at her earlier no I wasn’t I pretty sure you were you were totally going all cough over friends of friends oh he’s in the friend zone dispose of them for your queen all right actually this was kind of.

My leg off day so I I don’t.

Really want to fight – then writes it so hard to walk in water Rachel we’re not gonna die we’re main characters this way oh wait there they are well hello again your spider pairs Rachel I think we might actually have to fight these guys.

Well you know me I’ve ever it gets using violence it’s go time baby I do what I do baby like waiting watch the ball back up somehow I doubt that I think they’re probably just.

Gonna you know jump scare us or something like that I totally saw it coming but it was still scary it’s your pitiful little weapons away we have the drop on you wonder why she doesn’t see anything to do welcome to my lair where do you get.

Off just kidnap and guess I’m taking us wherever you want us who are you how dare you Do You Know Who I am I’m the queen I brought you here because I need your help there’s a man John wick you killed my sister the spider people will help you in your revenge but it comes at a price if I call for you in the future you must come to my aid the vampires will do their part fantastic yes I hate paperwork it’s set available tomorrow.

We take down John wick as a warrior I shall kill this John wick on my own this John.

Wick is very powerful I’m not sure you understand the gravity of the situation so you’re going to.

Let this guy handle this very important mission on his own no I’ll go and make sure he doesn’t die I guess I’ll be human admiring you from afar thanks Danny what’s going on oh great if AZ by a good friend Rachel five here too rude by.

Jay take a long time to find you what’s with this crappy house well it’s like an RV really well yeah this is what it is I’m gonna place my lazy legs look this is my Winnebago it’s a lot cheaper living out of the land.

Saving my buddy simply destroyed my house you just never sleep and you’re not responsible LaBeouf not like me Rachel why you talking about homeowner for years and nothing’s ever bad happen to that anyways how are you and Cinderella doing you seen your Yabba oh let me tell ya I’ll be honest job yeah I’ve been better I have also been better before I morphed with this man is what I made no explanation Dana yeah you’ll be dad.

You’re just hot the heat of decide I mean everything I want to die that’s good that you guys are getting along kind of but you know this place really needs something hold on Rachel that’s my oh my god sex try to get it kill me ah perfect a masterpiece Rachel that’s a self-portrait oh.

Yeah you Darce assist I didn’t even realize so what are you doing here anyway other than ruining my day alright that’s the whole reason I came over I went.

Fishing with Omega and these two spider people came up.

I caught him and I reeled about the ocean or the lake or whatever it is Rachel you sure you’re not just hallucinating again what sometimes my hallucinations are real like senior Yama which means I guess you weren’t actually a hallucination thank you for.
Acknowledging me you know maybe my imagination has some real power.

I can break things to life bring it to reality right now I’m thinking of dad oh hey Rachel I don’t want to tell my god it’s real no I heard the whole conversation I just kind of walked up oh don’t be silly mornin I just thank you to say that I heard.

You were mentioning the spider Knights yeah they’re over boggle of the link what do they want I don’t know they’re pretty much just trying to kill me and oh my god that they have proof to it yeah that’s pretty cool pretty cool I just killed a vampire by the way an alpha vampire Wow big dog job we’re doing cool stuff as usual yeah I thought I might go kill the spider Knights if I if I get time still gotta bury my dog up the.

Pet cemetery though you guys missed a lot of information you know if you want to bring someone back from the dead I know I guy all right well I gotta go take go by geez always ruining the moment so you.

Want to hang out just you and me chadwick maybe go on a jog wait Rachel five adventure definitely not I should probably get going I’m gonna take one of these several quad Crashers that Steve has lying around for no reason oh yeah you could.

Just take his property I do it all the time yep.

That’s what I’m planning on doing see you later Rachel Wow it’s a close one almost tickled my pants Raptors song jeez I get that stuck in my head now one chick show some respect kid oh you’re one of the spider Knights yeah yeah I heard about you guys earlier working for a evil queen isn’t the best idea trust me I’ve tried it before doesn’t.

End well you don’t have a dog do you wait how many spider Knights were there before you 37 whoa okay I’m different it’s gonna work out you know what they say two hundred.

And thirty seventh time’s the charm newsflash no one says that ever all right time to battle wink wink it’s not my name Jake Donnell’s doesn’t sound that good I’m shooting.

You trying so hard to hate you look at the bullets fly past yeah you’re awesome you’re really good at this what is he doing when I do this matrix thing what are you doing oh my god you actually shot me alright time to squash you you’re disgusting insect actually we’re arachnids whoa hot mama where did you come from quiet down Junior the adults are talking spider Knight.

Please tens are speaking more like 12 I’m a dear 100 baby I’m not here to flirt with you I’m here to capture you Michael I was doing.

Fine on my own I do this yeah sure you’re doing great I’m taking over now wait so I’m surrounded we have you captured John wick gavin bros 21 says fate is.

A cheating on omega and tomato head lying to carbide what’s next kills everyone she sees him Imbros 21 yeah I’m kind of a villain so very likely.

Rhce-7:allow And Deny Users For Ssh Access

In this lecture we will study how to allow and deny some users from its attach scenario that will work will be will create two users you this a one in a tool and will create a group and allowed the user a two will be number of group allowed group is created and two is the power of group on.

Out OpenSSH country fire we would have to write these values because my default they are not present this is another necessity for the search configuration file we have to modify this fun first we confirm whether a one is allowed to exist the machine or not it’s a lot you can see these main pages find a lot of.

Groups around results deny groups deny Eunice you believe this or this alone deny directive work that’s modify the country file then I use it we won either a one was allowed to access no let’s see what happens after do modifications to restart the service and check.

The status as you can see that usually one is not allowed to access system to now permission denied checked the real-time loads and.

Just to be sure that are not giving the room pocket that changeup out for again try to access again with the new pocket and permission denied with.

The user day – who should be able to access the machine so we got the access user a – but not with anyone this is how deny you this what let’s open the country file again in this time along true we hope that we created both allowed and user day two for the number of disco he saw.
The service the status that’s okay then from the cooks.

The others droppin out either a to the member of people out certain port directors they want to be able to exist now we do not again okay only groups group allowed to.

Be able to exist and below said this group are not able.

To access their system server now it a one should also be able to access you will have taught access now open little bit fire again hello you this everyone and then I use this to tell you that that you have created you saw the service and check.

The status who this new scenario here one is allowed and you two is not allowed here one is a lot and it.

Was denied and star access with a1 first they will have got excess do today – it should receive permission denied in general they try again and to read this man fell for more details about poops in tonight boots and all losers deny you this now let’s drive it denied oops what happens with that and those were part of a loud group should not be able to access now he.

Saw the service mmm check the members in the group allowed here 182 remember the group run.

Out from the settings with heaven that should receive permission denied and Sam goes through with a – ever measure the thief permission denied dogs general CTL first I’ll open the wrong machine and up in the wrong hands with freedom different machine because Albertus there were six three dog in attempts let’s see v1.
Which is context thank you for watching this lecture..

Big Talk With Evy Wallace: Life, Death, And Gratitude At Art Center East

Okay cheers guys thank you again for coming I didn’t know how many people to expect I know when you try anything I really do and I’ll begin I’ll start again my chosen name is Evelyn Wallace I have chosen a lot of new parts of my identity so it’s like a big shift happened in my life what one of.

Those one of those changes has been like the name I choose to call myself so if you hear other people calling me sorry fearing one time is over bars closed welcome to my party can you do.

You guys want something to drink there’s Baron way I know you’re right you’re right but then I like to swoop in like that like it like it like a micromanaging boss cuz I hear that’s a good leadership so thank you for coming I assume that you’re curious to know more about why I walk around with a giant sugar skull and I am eager to tell you that story so um in order to answer that question come on in so in order to talk about my snow well I have to.

Back up and talk about Marshall and of course I could probably back up farther and talk about a million other things but I understand one out here all night and I don’t.

Want to hear about the thing that happened to me in kindergarten not even to me see how powerful languages that thing that happened to me right doesn’t that make it.

Sound like I had nothing to do with.

It I mean that’s kind of good um so I will I.

Will back up the story enough to tell you about Marshall who played a catalyzing role in my own awareness sort of like Awakening and awareness of what’s the most important thing in life right like every day we make we do we do things we behave in ways that indicate that show that indicate what’s most important to us right like we go to work going to work is more important than staying home and sleeping on the couch right like everything is a value pyramid and every decision we make.

Is saying this thing is more important than that thing and that’s okay it’s not that’s not a judgement about.

What choices you’re making that’s just sort of an understanding of the framework that I am working within so Marshall.

Was a professor at Kali in the small college I went to upstate New York he wasn’t ever my professor he was like a dope he and his wife and his kids lived in the dorm where I was you know in school far away from my family and they sort of took me in they they treated me like family in a place where I didn’t feel.

And I didn’t feel at home with the other students there they seemed so like my impression of them my impression of like a bachelor along purpose I didn’t have that I was like I don’t even know where I’m going I can’t walk that fast I.

Mean you know what I mean I didn’t I was like are you guys don’t you wonder if like archaeology is really what you want to know about but maybe they didn’t.

And maybe they did and I don’t know what their attorneys were I know that I felt confused and sort of lost in college and that I thought I was supposed to feel differently and Marshall and his family sort.

Of normalized me in a way that maybe you guys have someone in your lives that played a role that wasn’t you know biological but that was embedded in your hearts and.

Clogged Arteries, Osteoporosis And Vitamin K2 – Dr. Eric Berg Dc

I wanted to create a video on clogged arteries osteoporosis and vitamin k2 you may have never heard of vitamin k2 but it’s very different than vitamin k1 vitamin k1 helps clot things and they even doctors if they want to thin the blood to prevent clots they’ll give people a drug called chromatin to thin the blood because it blocks.

Vitamin k1 but vitamin k2 is very very very very different vitamin k2 works with vitamin D in calcium metabolism all right so let’s just show you how.

This works vitamin d3 has a function absorbing calcium so it actually what it.

Does is it allows the calcium to be absorbed by 25 times more than it normally would so calcium doesn’t just travel on its own it needs help by other vitamins ok vitamin d3 is is.

The one that works in the intestine and helps you absorb the calcium from the intestine much greater than if you didn’t have it and what counts it what vitamin D does is it increases the amount of calcium in the in the blood now if you have too much vitamin D you can end up.

With too much calcium in the blood it’s called hypercalcemia but the vitamin k2 is the other part of the transportation because without vitamin k2 you end up with plaquing calcium plaquing in the arteries you end up with all sorts of extra junk in the joints calcium on the teeth is tartar in the soft and mainly in the soft tissues so vitamin k2 helps deliver that gunk that calcium gunk and the calcium that’s in the blood from the help of vitamin d3 into the bone so and the teeth so one of the purposes.
Of vitamin k2 is make sure you have very very.

Strong bones with strong calcium and other minerals and good teeth but what’s really cool is that vitamin k2 is the most potent inhibitor of vascular calcification you ever notice when people get older maybe get stiffer and they start hunching over like this and they become like a stone that’s because they’re deficient in vitamin k2 because calcium just kind of randomly plugs everything up vitamin k2 also has been shown to improve elasticity in your arteries now.

Think about what that may do to your blood pressure – it may decrease the blood pressure because it’s making your your arteries more elastic there’s even cardiologists now that have blogs out there.

K2 for calcified a aortic or which is like the vessel in your heart to help reverse that but you’ll just have to do your research on that because it also helps clean out.

The joints and the t teeth the other effects is that it does have effects on the jaw bone and the maxillary bone and.
The teeth so with al k2 you end up having kind of.

A narrow jaw dental problems in need of braces cavities things like that they did three clinical trials and they did find that they did.

Not see any prevention of osteoporosis by taking calcium and females which is interesting because I know people tell you to take your calcium to ruin osteoporosis but that’s absolutely not true because they three big studies failed to show any positive relationship between taking calcium and preventing osteoporosis and that includes about taking vitamin D and we know why because the person.
Is deficient in vitamin k2 they also found that a side effect from taking.

Pokemon Duel: Let's Go To The Psychic Gym | I'm Ghosting

What a world read on on the mic and today’s video is gonna be about the psychic Jim that is commencing and I’m finally getting some time to crack on with it and what you’ll find in this video we’ll be doing a basically a nice commentary of a battle that I’ve done with this team that you see on screen.

And then we’re gonna break down each figure and also I’m gonna just basically talk about the tech and why these figures.

Are in my squad as you can see I’m not doing too bad on the streak being instant pretty look he wins I’m not going to lie there Lunara and my shadow.

Have been coming in Syria scorch times during these journeys events so yeah I’m hoping to maybe land 11 win streak who knows but it would be lovely to get that trophy in my collection so I’m gonna do basically a commentary of a match but showing you how this team operates and you know what.

Blue Nala is definitely working overtime and decidua boy this mom is hella useful so yeah if you’ve not got this brother in your squad then you know definitely worth putting him in if you are having a bit of a rough time with his gym I’m not saying that breeze through the gym but I’ve not massively struggled like trying to think of a gym that I really like the water gym.

Was a that was a nightmare but yeah let’s do it let’s get into that sweet commentary stand and you know.

Your profile is gonna be rocking on it sour hefty team I’m dealing with in this match Buller has fully invested in the Linares and the knowledge dual typing so it works absolutely great in this.

Gym so here we go what a work stand to play rocking out with the loo Nala got a free MP move and I’m going to drive down use some rush tactics on this bad boy as he slowly goes in with a Sableye.

So I’m getting hella thirsty because boy I want this gym done so I’m going with the expeed attacking the Sableye standard we spin the wheels did it I need that sweet psychic gold dish against.
Ray absolutely beautiful Luna is just.

Like flat bed and brown not gonna fall out but this now comes into a.

Fat hit with some XP then using my technique against me and he’s got full karma investment in this bad boy and as I know boy he’s got sidekick gold dish against my willow with one star so right here I’m thinking boy time to.

Get the flu drift limbs out as come out with the Sableye something cane boy I need to just then drive up with my over phlegm looking hella nice as.

We both to setting off so I’m getting a steeper from the Machado and I completely forget that Luna I can just fly into my ends and basically friend a bit of game but I’m hoping for some ballsy action I might boy hex he’s not gonna go to cut it in this matchup.

DJ can we hear another track you coming to my hotel you’re gonna stay with me as I take that brother away and he’s driving down.

With a loon Allah so just step back a little bit and he’s a blast sweet double chance coming in hella thirsty go for the poor Marcia or something hoping Marcia has got some nice defensive tech on him but it’s okay I’m getting the shadow sneak against the will away so I’m hoping for another.

Pimple on this brother but no boys got that full-on psychic max level of dish putting my ass on the PC so right here thinking right I need to get gold block on this get my flip back out defend like an absolute chump so here comes a boy coming in steady and I’m thinking max revived I’m gonna change the flow battle with a absolute ballsy play and get ma shutter driving up as he’s defending.

Up with a lane lane so gives me enough time to get the loot all out just in case say black comes in front but the proof.

Is feeling thirsty and he’s going in for the kill spin the wheels DJ and I’ve.

Never been so thankful for a status effect on loon Allah so right here I’m confused as f but right.

Now this brother is gonna go for a cheeky with a whoops around baby boom with the Ganga and right now that basically eliminates the fret as.

He comes out with the melee cue so getting that nice sweet second life on him I’m like right gonna just block out that entry nicely forcing the lele to move onto the goal and now I’m hoping to swap this mana way and boy everyone is staying in my hotel and I mean there’s plenty of rooms right now but I think I.
Don’t want to put another one in because we are hella.

Full so comes in with the Sableye and I’m like right boy it’s time to come out with the decidua aka Robin Hood so mimic you coming after the coming up from the marsh and back against the special faith and I’m.

Just like I really can’t afford to lose Marsh I know at this point so going in with some sweet mega Ganga action applying that pressure a friend a little bit of game getting that nice.

Free MP move on this bad boy driving up the left side and brother is trying to knock this month out boy he’s going with the car against my Dodge which is just banging Marciano’s actually hiding in the shadows as I’m driving up with drift limb and he’s coming back again.

I’m trying to knock a brother out but I’m dodging for days I’m like world’s four ran out of that bad boy against these play rough some ransom could with my brother and boy is attacking again but this time I’m getting a special fee against these again so friend it up with the flame mega revolution runs out with a gengar which is just fine and boy.

Is now defending slightly with the Sableye attacking with the flame and boy I get to take the way take the way four days i loving it so he could have defended like a boss bought Blom I get the shadow sneak yeah I’m.
Taking gold base now you know I got this dad oh yeah yeah boom I managed.

To win against Zephyr who had the absolutely be steamed I was definitely sweating again seven dollars and say boy with just the gold.

Shadow sneak it’s just oh that can really white balloon all that pretty hefty and also out.
With a confuse ray which is also annoying with.

The Lunara but great game with this deck the deck kind of works quite.

Nicely and we’re gonna basically go in to the debt collection and I’m gonna see what you know why I’ve constructed the deck the way I have done because it is but every mom on here just have a specific mechanic that makes it a lot easier for me to operate.

In this gym so let’s go to the c2 I ache a Robin Hood and this boy is on snide patrol and hi really like this man one of my favorite grass starters out of the Pokemon.

Universe and it’s obviously got the ghost typing in there along with the grass and one good thing about this mana I really really like is the phantom arrow obviously it’s gonna be quite a lot of heavy every pit for months in this gym so famine arrow comes in absolute handy when trying to tack out these moms also.

As well with the added bonus any adjacent mom next to the one that you’ve sniped out with phantom arrow also spin if they land on a pit.

Bull they also get knocked out so you can get some cheeky to kick a KO in the actual battlefield which is absolutely sweet the over option with the c2 is a spirit shackle when when basically the enemy is threatening game you.

Managed to get spirit shackle but don’t manage to knock out the opponent they have what a state it’s a four turns and wait on them so it can work quite nicely if you trying to cover get people get someone’s.

Work absolutely handy in that way and then also we do have the grass not for any form of powerful and goes types all sake types.

That do attack and decidua and then we’ll be able to basically use their power against them with no grass not which comes in.

Perfect situations when you’re versing quite a lot of quite a lot of.

The psychics you know you’ve got Gardevoir and you’ve got Mewtwo you know there’s a lot of.

Sake especially when they get the offseason to get the boost there as well and another important thing about the situation tree shot most likely you would have a lot of a lot of ghosts gonna be clogging up your entry pop this sucker out and boy be getting those snacks and that’s what you need.

In order to clear your entries back and basically control the flows battle so just witnessing that and provide some awesome utility it before your party so moving on to the Nala and good thing about lenola is that.

She’s dual typing of both effects in this gym so she’s gets the.

Additional 20 damage output and she also gets the additional movement from being a ghost type which is absolutely great in this particular gym just because you’ve basically it’s like so the infamous fly engines whir zap dose just flaps around and you know it was amazing because it’s got gold attack in it also comes saw over months it’s gonna like that the Nala has.

That kind of grace where she can fly over she can cut the enemies attack by half combo that oak with marshmallows gloom dweller and you do an absolutely amazing damage output for your team and then hopefully get those cheeky wins obviously as well you do have the moon gas beam that comes standard to star magic and combo that up with tap.

Of lele and you’re getting a sweet freestyle moon guys beam that will basically snipe out the moms that you need to snap out in order to take the winds it works.

Absolutely nicely in that sense and then you have the cheeky willow wisp if you do want to apply some sweet status effects especially the burn also lowering their damage output and removing a segment which works quite nicely with this mom so yeah I think luenell is definitely in this gym you will see a.

Urban Decay Vs. City Girls – Dupe Perfeito?

Oi gente tô com vocês hoje o vídeo é caro versus baratos e que seis anos a esse tipo de vídeo e eu tô com dois produtos é que tope vocês vão ver a diferença de um de outro espero ajudar muito vocês na compra certo embora lá e venci comigo a gente eles sabem que eu tenho muito produto importado.
Eu adoro o produto importado vocês sabem.

Disso viaja bastante dor pagam mais barato porque eu morar só que no brasil não contaria porque é muito caro e também tem os baratinhos e 25 20 em cada pérola aí eu quero mostrar pra vocês hoje vou fazer um comparativo da paleta naked elite da urban decay que ela.

Foi lançada há mais de um ano tá uma paleta maravilhosa em cores quentes a latinha dela é toda diferenciada muito bonita e eu paguei 54 dólares essa paleta companhia no canadá quando falou no passado olha que linda são cores quentes uma aposta bem legal certo eu vou comparar essa paleta maravilhosa com essa paleta tinha que chama magnetic a escola ed shams das it girls olha só ela é bem fininha e olha só essas cores tá eu vou fazer.

Um comparativo de cada uma delas e já adianto para vocês é muito parecida o cantor fala às vezes você fica triste por não ter um produto importado mas tem tantas opções olha isso aqui gente a cota diferencial de uma paleta pra outra.

A questão da embalagem que essa que é muito maior e é bem resistente a esse tipo eu tenho um a dois a três o tempo todo da naked adoro não só.

Agora tinha estou louca pra comprar quer mas eu vou esperar só quando viajar tá legal dessas palavras aqui que ela tem uma durabilidade se ela caísse bater lá não quebra tá tem algumas minhas acho que acho que é um a dois que todo a parte da sombra sai então isso eu acho um absurdo isso é uma coisa tão cara pra sair mas nenhuma sombra quebrou.

Ela é bem pensada como vocês conseguem ver então dificilmente ela esfarela e ela tem uma pigmentação maravilhosa para eu escolher três cores atacou com pouca visão dela o diferencial dela em 12 cores sendo que uma duas três quatro cinco cores são cintilante está como vocês podem ver aqui então você consegue fazer um esforço madu e.

Também consegue fazer parte desse ente lança dela então isso vou pegar que as cores que mais usa essa aqui do meio e vou pegar que uma.

Consciente lança pra vocês verem tal limitação no dedo ela é bem macia a gente então eu gosto dela por causa disso ela bem mas ele sabe.

Aquela sombra gostosa esse tipo de sombra tá eu vou fazer sorte dela aquino no braço pra você só olha a alimentação dela agora eu vou aparecer vai aparecer cenas pra vocês de todas as sombras então vou falar.

Que o nome minho delas vai aparecer ou sorte pra você está a primeira cortou.

A linha chama 11 já então ela.

é um douradinho é bem levinho bem gostosa você pode usar para iluminar os olhos fazer cantinho interno tá a segunda cor a taser ela é ótima pede um café com leite bem clarinho ótimo para você fazer esfumado para prestar o degradê dela a segunda cor também salsa é uma das minhas favoritas porque ela fica com um tom de pele bem bonita.

A outra cor a quarta coroa o bloco é um marronzinho também brincar um pouquinho mais quente certo a 5ª corrida é uma cor mais cintilante que essa aqui londre eu.

Gosto bastante dela de fazer na pálpebra móvel está todas as entidades e uso na pálpebra móvel a terceira he devil gente para agora né então vamos lá essa aqui é ribeiro efe foi uma rápida essa aqui r deveu então ela é bem é opaca e é bem como detê lo então eu amo essa cor no côncavo tatá.

Duarte talk ó é bem bonita também é que eu não sei muito mais livre agora a próxima que é esporte gente é linda tem um fundo vermelho e adu essa outra cá ele é mais opaca e essa aqui que é em foi do espanhol gente é a coisa mais linda que é bem fechada de verdade taça não deu sorte dela é x eu gosto de fazer aqui em baixo sabe aquele cantinho que eu sempre marquei baixo.

Eu uso essa cor todo mundo muito e essa última que eu nunca usei é embora tá essa tem 12 cores se estão vendo sorte dela bem bonito tá a da silva ela tem 11 cores são a única diferença dessa tá na paleta que eu gosto muito.

Porém você tem opções várias palestras com cores quentes então eu não sei se hoje eu compraria.

Essa paleta novamente ainda mais se eu tivesse.

A da 7° agora vamos ao comparativo tá haja única diferença dela é que ela tem 11 cores uma a menos ou seja essa última que eu nunca usei essa última por aqui.

Essa aqui ó o tac é um cintilante ela não tem então aqui você tem cinco cores cintilantes quando que nasce tirou você tem apenas quatro cores cintilantes certo o nome da paleta jogos tem pra vocês aqui o magnifique a e collor certo e ela é a numeração 2 você consegue achar por número também e ela é bem pequeno então ou seja pra levar.

Ela vem a ponto porque olha a diferença de espessura olha isso.

E olha só o tamanho então eu estou usando muito essa aqui na minha necessário toda a minha maquiagem do dia.

Sendo com essa fala então seu tempo tinha que mostrar se ele tinha pra você está então quantas cores ela tem ela tem com brilho uma duas três quatro que eu acho que é o essencial pra você fazer um olho ela não tem nome igual à da u fiquei né que ela tem nome e ela não é tão famosa quanto mais a pigmentação dela é maravilhosa e que eu acho legal é que você consegue fazer esfumado com ela vai aparecer nu sair.

O deve fazer-nos formado com ela eu estou usando mundos a paleta tem.

Um vídeo de wando também que eu fiz aqui batons vermelhos vai ter um link a maquiagem está com essa tá então agora vamos conferir o suor.

Que eu vou falar um pouquinho dá a primeira cor é um cintilante ótimo pra fazer que administra também com a outra é essa que é uma segunda é um corpo um pouco.

De pele támbém muito para fazer transição essas outras duas funções que eu mais gosto porque elas dão um tom de vinho quente né é um pouquinho mais escuro que a terceira ea quarta é um pouquinho mais claro certo a.

Quinta já vem com tom decente lance a eu gosto de fazer um degradê nos olhos é cimarron aquele marrom telha que eu amo rock bonito aprova as duas próximas jovens ontem cintilante elas são bem parecidas netta e as três últimas são as mais escuras e essa última escura que eu uso em baixo para.

Fazer cima onde no olho eu gosto muito dela tá então o que eu tenho que falar para muita gente essa paleta que custa em.

Torno de 13 de 13 a 20 reais depende da região que você mora quanta 54 dólares você confere a quadra da quase duzentos reais a palete tinha então olha só a diferença então é o nosso primo baratinho é um mundo opta perfeito e eu quis.

Fazer um comparativo também barato versus caro pra vocês porque eu não vi muita paleta essa paleta sendo falada no youtube e é realmente um querido eu acho que se você achar compra que você não vai se arrepender.

E são tons marrons na gente que vai contudo o tom de pele combina qualquer maquiagem é uma maquiagem mais básica você consegue como maquiagem mais elaborada você também consegue tá certo então essa.

Minha dica de hoje espero muito que tenham gostado do vídeo não deixa de dar um jóia e um comentário aqui que você achou do vídeo um grande beijo fiquem com deus e até o próximo by ah.

Full Screen Win – Big Bonus #chomp On Black Widow

That’s jackpots tonight okay little something there Ric Flair in the house you had a place a little bit more the bonuses coming up June diamond good luck Dan bonus bonus bonus Thank You June free shada it’s been teasing us a little bit Thank You lats love braise the big booms for you is coming I feel a big boom.

Coming just need one bonus to get it I think see if we can get one a bonus sometimes this game you can just go back.

Bonus sometimes oh oh that’s decent look at 570 quarters almost a full screen almost a full screen well everybody knows that people like watching a widow and this is a pretty lucky game for us to start I’ve actually done really good on this game too so I play it because it’s got potential not because the big jackpot play is it I actually like this game too it’s an old school game low-volatility you get a decent bonus.

You can make a little money and walk away oh.

Let’s see another 308 right there see I.

Just wanted to get one bonus it’s not one bonus before we take a move here sorry oh gosh come on what’s everybody been doing this week helping you guys have been having a great week Greg g10 Ellis superjet enjoyed your last stream very much looking forward to tonight well thank you Greg appreciate that $10 super chow try to give you guys a couple new get we play some new games last stream a lot of lot of great feedback on that Buffalo max you guys have you guys seen that game.

Man that thing had some potential and I was bonus in that game just left and right but it just wouldn’t play nice who almost got something there too it just wouldn’t bonus for us awesome we get the bonus a lot but it just wouldn’t pay anything yeah well it’s pretty decent way I play this down a couple more here Poorman says I’m so proud of how this how much this channel is growing so much fun every time thumbs up thank you very much poor man we.

Appreciate it we get a lot of good positive feedback from our fans getting a lot of good stuff a lot of good recommendations so we take all.
That and we try to give you what you want there are some kings – 7 yeah and.

Es Dan any big plans for 10,000 yeah Matt and I have been talking about if we’re gonna do a big 10,000 subscriber celebration I think we’re we’re gonna try to do something here looks like we’re gonna get to 10,000 long before we planned on it we’re about 90 almost 9,000 200 right now so that’s real important if you’re here for the first time why don’t you just go ahead and subscribe to the slot shirts hit that great notification.

Bill that way you don’t miss out on any of the next live streams or any of the fun come on come on Black Widow one bonus there we go full screen of Keynes hundred and her five books back up over five hundred yeah 422 see it’s got good potential I mean the big jackpot plays this game for a reason you can really get on a heater on this thing and it will pay especially in a bunch of guys to get one buzz for man asks there’s any chance of a.

Tonight no not tonight got a vo DS on the doing other stuff right here one time no I almost got it Wow the bonus symbol.

Just staying in there not bad for 750 spins that’s right Jay real come on bonus it’s been thinking about.

Kore Love Cranky S22

De verdad no no hola no no por qué el número no no no bien por eso la que viene sí no por qué en el lugar a las 22 sí no terry jones cómo.

How To Change Your Mac Adress Using Macchanger On Kali Linux

Hi guys I’m Kim common today I’m gonna be showing you how to change your MAC address in Kali Linux okay with using at the tool-mark changer okay so the first thing to do is to type if config to show or to know the name of the interface of your interface network ok by typing if config we will see.

Here in the bottom WV learn 0 this is the name so after that we type Mac changer Mac changer – as the villain 0 which is the name of the interface.

Network okay and like you see here we the current Mac and the permanent MAC address which is the same as you can see and the option – s it means to show ok to show how to print the Mac or the current Mac Alice okay what we have to do now is to – the first thing to do is to put.

Down our network interface by typing F config – sorry if can fake the region 0 down then we type Mac changer my changer – sorry -.
Our the reason 0 and you can as you.

Can see here the current MAC address was like the permanent MAC address of course then the new Mac others which isn’t change now which is the current MAC address now okay so.

The the option minus R which means random we change our we reset or change our MAC address fully random okay or randomly that was mean – are okay so we have another options like for example – M which for example if we want and usually usually it used to hack captive portal so if we won’t put.

Two sets or to put an a specific MAC address okay we will type Mac changer – M okay this option – M – put a specific MAC address okay so we have another option like – P and minus P we gonna use it now which means like you will see now Mike changer – P the region 0 which will set the MAC address to the original okay to the.

Original like it was like you see here the current MAC address was like you see.

Here was the new MAC address here then the permanent MAC address is and the new MAC address is the same so we already set it to the original MAC address which is the permanent smack Alice okay hope it’s it’s as clear so we already see – s which means to show -.

Are to put or to set Mac others randomly.

A – P is permanently which means – to set the MAC address to the original okay and now to finish.

All we have to bring up our network and the face and a restart the network manager by typing this command if config I have config wlan0 up hit enter as you see now then we will restart our network manager by typing service network service network – manager restart as you see here the.

Top top my my Wi-Fi adapter is disconnected collected again which means we have rested network manager and we have succesfully change.

It and paying it again to the original MAC address thank for watching and please like share and subscribe see you again.