Skin Care Routine(dugyot)

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Amazon Smart Plug Setup Review

Hey everybody I’m Jody ganz ik and this is smarter home life on this particular video I’ve got for you the most amazing brand new most revolutionary smart home product ever created in it just hit the market I’m talking about the none other then yeah I’m really just kidding uh it’s the Amazon echo smart plug it’s really not very.

Fancy why am I even doing a review of it because well they introduced it as part of their like 27,000 new products that they announced and released last few weeks ago and you probably should know.

About it for a couple different reasons it is reasonably priced at $25 you can bet your bottom dollar that they’re gonna discount it heavily during like Black Friday sales so baby wait to buy a few dozen of these if you like this is the indoor version there is not an outdoor version as.
Of yet let’s see it’s 15 amps 120 volts there.

Are international versions of this available so check your local listings local Amazon website uh let’s see um 2.4 gigahertz Wi-Fi only you know it’s a nice reasonably attractive device if you are a connoisseur of smart plugs.

I’m certainly not but anyways it’s a decent size has a little LED light on the front a nice little clickable button on the side for manual control but no no USB ports no energy monitoring no you know doesn’t no fragrance or anything like that I don’t know even why I did that but this is just.

A silly video I’m gonna review it for you we’re gonna dive right in and.

Oh yeah by the way one copy out of this thing and part of the reason I want.

To just mention this to you this only works with likes lady a from Amazon no smart things no other smart home systems no Google no home kit nothing else now they could fix this via software if they get enough of a response they probably won’t but if you’re all-in on the.

Amazon ecosystem go ahead and get it but realize you are buying April praia teri single-use product that all being said let’s let’s go through and do a demo and let’s just set it up they say it’s an easy.

Setup process I’m gonna bring up my little if only I have a smart plug.

Running like a little motorized thing if I had the time and the energy to set that up I could have done that but anyway so my little power plug by the way 25 dollars not a bad price there are competitors like tp-link who.

Make less expensive versions that go.

On sale for a little bit less cost and even actually with additional features like like energy monitoring so weird otherwise but anyways alright I’ve got my let me read the manual guess you know if I don’t do that people will probably say you.

Set that on it’s a one page thing plug your device into an end or power outlet step to download the app already have that step three tap the devices blah blah blah scan the barcode if necessary okay so let’s do this I’m gonna plug it into power step one complete okay so I get a.

Little blue light it’s flashing it’s happy I’m gonna go to the app the lady a app and we’re gonna go to the new write icon this is an app updated just very recently I’m gonna tap the top right plus icon.

Add device boom Amazon echo let’s see I really just want the plug there’s not a specific one for the Amazon smart plug but I’m going to say plug Amazon connect your Amazon smart plug to Alex setup your smart plug the app may seek permission for blah blah blah okay continue access the camera I hope it just doesn’t discontinue my screen recording here plug.

Continue like continue again it’s real fun here we go there we go alright looking for your plug connecting to your plug.

This may take up to a minute up.

Flashing there we go cup and string I’m gonna probably not show this to you all right we’re getting connected connecting your plug to cup and string this may take a minute one plug discovered Alexa yes I.

Just now screw it up turn on first plug so that’s interesting it just named it first plug and there we go so let’s see I should be able to get it a little click okay so I get a light turning.

Blue for on or off with that the manual thing I’m gonna set actually I should be able to let’s.

See where’s my plugs I’m gonna do this manually off tap it I get goes on alright so that’s good and there we go off on that’s great I’m gonna set off your devices my apologies please meet them or please write the management of this show Alexa turn on.

First plug that’s coming from the the echo cube the fire TV cube down over to there by.

The TV that’s actually see if it’s doing something other than what it’s actually saying it’s doing I’m going to plug in my handy little USB fan this is getting a little bit warm in the studio and maybe I’ll cool off.

Here and let’s go ahead and tap this huh there it is that.

Feels nice well there’s your.

Demo there’s your amazing sonic review what else do you want to know about the damn thing thanks for watching.

Smarter home life get us right here on YouTube across the web at smarter home life or if you get a question.

Something I can help you with with a smart home challenge or a dedicated real-time consulting session head over to smarter home help calm and you can set up you can put all the information into that form and it’ll get right to me as always I’m Jodie kensic thanks for watching I’ll see you next time.

Nail Polish Social Media Hints And Tips

Hi guys so today I’ve got something a little bit different for you I thought I’d share with you a few nail polish social media hints and tips when I first started there was a lot that I wondered about and without obviously all the new friends that I’ve made I wouldn’t have had a clue so I thought I’d share.

With you some of the things that I’ve learned along the way so first up these now these can go some go more for.

YouTube some more for Instagram or some for both so no matter what the platform that you’re using there might be something relevant to you here okay so first up.

Is the name I changed my name around quite a few times until I settled on Georgia’s now is 83 sometimes I think padai of fanciful nails but sometimes it’s hard because names are used up already and try and find something.

That you like and try and stick to that name and like me also make sure try and make sure it’s subject related to what you’re sharing so obviously I’ve got the word nails in in mine and try and.

Keep the name the same for all of your accounts so if people want to follow you on something else they can easily find you that’s.

Always very helpful um hashtags are another thing that I had no clue about to start with so what I tend to do is I’ve got.

A load of hashtags wrote out in my notes on my phone so I can just copy and paste them when I post photos on Instagram because sometimes.
For all these hashtags but the more hashtags you put the.

More people can see the photos so to start with when you’re building up your followers that can be really handy.

I’ll pop them down below so that you can have a look at what you might want to use now.

On YouTube it’s got sort of a tag section I still struggle with this a little bit but I tend to write in there the names of the polishes that I’m using and sort of the subject what the video is about I have no idea.

How it works so if I’m doing it right but that is.

What I do so if you’re wondering about that and that’s what I do for that.

One another way of getting some more followers making friends and things is doing collaborations I was very lucky that Lisa handy introduced me to a.

Lot of collaborations and things so I’ll link Lisa’s channel don’t down below and obviously then you know through who I I got friendly with Claire Anika and Amanda and everybody the community is so big and once you start making friends here and there you sort of.

It starts opening up and there’s so many people and everybody’s so lovely so yeah so collaborations is a good way to sort of.
And meet new people and again hopefully get yourself some.

More followers or subscriptions or you know or things like that I’ve got a followers app that I use because sometimes unfortunately you do.

Get people following you and then deleting you straightaway I don’t know why people do it it’s quite rude if you want to follow for the content and do and if you don’t like the content just don’t follow also I don’t like the way that people sort of pressurize you into following them back you know it may not be something that you want to be looking at.

Lctcs Ready Tech Go Scholarship

We’re in this academic year and so we’re excited about this opportunity and we’re excited to announce that Tyler and Richard routine there was a tornado this morning that came off of that storm so I was awakened by my phone going off with the emergency alert and house was shaking the roof was my car that I used to come.

To school the car that was that I bought to come to school was struck by Heinlein a big pine limb and.

It went through the driver’s window and it busted through the windshield and it’s all damaged I’m gonna use my tuition scholarship for my education anything I have left over I’m going to put towards my car so I can I can come to school so let’s start off with talking about the red techno scholarships this is a new initiative led by our system office for archaeologists to get.

Involved with awarding student scholarship opportunities those students who have completed successfully.

A hiset exam who are currently enrolled full-time and we’re going to do it this fall we’re going to do it retro actively to award students the success this fall semester and if they’re successful and hold maintain a 2.
5 GPA this fall semester they can.

Also receive the scholarship in the stream so I have 5,000 students we’ve identified subpoenas that have qualified and ready to really a board this scholarship and get the students ready and today we can recognize the two students here today don’t rush in for full tuition okay and so I don’t believe you apply for this did you so this is should be a complete surprise to you so congratulations and you have something.

I would not be here if it weren’t for financial aid and the assistance of people like pitching in to help it means a lot it means.

My family’s been having some financial troubles lately it’s it’s very important it would be really nice to ride away with no debt versus twenty to forty thousand dollars in debt so yes it’s great it’s gonna knock some of that awesome I’m 23 years old I have.

A 10 month old and a three year old little boy my husband works nights because we can’t afford to put our kids in daycare.

And I need education it means a lot means I don’t have to take out a sneeze dude like it’s a little bit of stress but I mean I think he would tell me a.

Little bit about yourself first samuel l.

jackson he is contemplated he is very smart he does well in class what 74 75.

Which is my score 18 which means I don’t think things over enough things deeply still waters run deep is that what they say very good young man right here you need.
Even more money for scholarships you..

Travel Accessories Haul From Wish & Amazon & More | Emilielouise

Hey guys welcome back to my channel so have a bit of a random video today but one I was quite excited to film and one that I thought might be of interest to you so I love traveling I love going on holidays and in the packing and preparing for my holiday or trip ever I have planned and and.

Going to be uploading this after open away but basically I’m going to Dubai or I haven’t been to Dubai by now um and I just needed a couple of.

Things that would make my traveling journey and duration of this day and little.

Bit easier for myself I thought I’d share with you the few accessories that I picked up from various places like wish and Amazon and that I picked up for my traveling.

So I hope you enjoy I’ll let you know the prices and things like that America and from the video and do subscribe if you want to see more from me and without further ado I’ll get showing you to the things I picked up okay so from wish I think I’ll start off with I.

Picked and a very odd looking item er one that I hadn’t.

Seen before I didn’t even know that you could get so this is a travel toothbrush holder now it’s quite big it’s not around for each slim-jim toothbrush holder this is for an electric toothbrush so there’s nothing worse than just having to plunk or tooth brush in your toiletry bag or in like a little plastic bag so it doesn’t get dirty and it’s just so unhygenic and you don’t want especially if you’ve just use your toothbrush you don’t want to be having it all around your bag waiting everything.

Basically so I saw that wish did these well they did have it in different colors I want to say of white and a blade violent and it literally holds your toothbrush your electric toothbrush now it’s so difficult to find perfect size goods because they are a.

Little bit bulky so basically your toothbrush fits in here you take your brush head off it’s a spiky bit just fits there and then you can.

Put your toothbrush actual brush heads and these little and it’s got holes in so.

It’s nice and airy in there and it just closes shirt such a handy little travel device love it I’ll let you know how much this was on this screen as I can’t quite remember but I believe it was a pound.

And a pound fish a pink as well so pick that up also from wish I picked up this little pouch which is going to be coming so handy not just for trouble but just for everyday.

Life it’s a little medical pouch now I use little bags that are makeup bags for own like a first-aid kit like essentials you know tampons things like.

That but wish did an actual sort of designated bag it’s got like a little first-aid symbol on the front with a little red heart they had this in grey and white by options of the pink and grey and basically it comes in this baby pink material again with the logo zips all the way around to be closed shut you open it and you’ll get little sections which.

I just love I love old rising and little suctioning things like this it’s so much you get a little section here that’s nested and in the middle you have a little divider so again.

A little netted sort of wallet to put it in and then this side.

It’s just a plain open compartment and this is where I’m going to be keeping my medication paracetamol and I’ve got some trouble sickness tablets type of thing here as well I can’t talk.

My vitamins things like that and they are all in.

Here to hand and there again I believe this is a pound with a pound shipping and it came so quickly as well so I picked that up from wish from Amazon I picked some world tour travel sickness wristbands and I’ve heard a little bit about these and that they can help travel sickness some people say they work.

Some say they don’t fight so it’s really worth a.

Go I’m not losing out if I don’t try them I believe these cost me about 179.

And they came so quickly I think you can’t get different colors but I believe they just offered gray which I would have chosen anyway to be honest and they’re just little bands.

With and they’ve got like a what do you call I don’t know what they call it but they’ve got like a little section that basically just pokes into your pores points on to say and it’s apparently one size fits all a soft material and they’re also washable ideal for motion.

Sickness morning sickness and nausea so why did you suffer with trouble or sickness and not all the time but sometimes especially on a plane but just get very congested and muggy head so I picked this to I’m hopefully combat that and and yeah this was from Amazon they’re a little.

Bit pricey from pharmacies and things like that so and I had you know come there and there’s a really good price so I have ordered something cost from Amazon I haven’t got it to hand as it haven’t been delivered yet but I did just want.

To mention it if I hadn’t bag organizer so I’ve had one of these before I didn’t particularly use it and then I must have gave it away and.

Then I thought no that’s got to be perfect so I’m not taking a carry case this time as hand luggage I’m just going to be taking like a little luggage bag and to be very organized and very structured with what I’ve got in there I have.

Purchased a bag organizer I think it cost me like one pound 20 but got it in a baby pink and gray shades so well with my little first-aid pouch and it’s just got so many compartments it compartments netting compartments to put all your bits and bugs in and keep everything organized and my plan is that when I get on the plane.

I’m going to take you out of my.

Hold your bag have that with me in my seat and my holder Brad can just go up in the hold and so I’ve just got very little on me but I’ve got everything by me you just so picked that up there’s a randomly from body care I picked these from their Travel section and these are from shore.

Travel I picked it to your for me with Richard and these.

Are the travel comfort comfort support travel relays and they couldn’t be natively muscle the curse that they had and they are basically just did label travel pillows and if I was.

It had ped thought about it a bit closer to the time my best friend Jung has actually got one where you can inflate it by a button so you pump it up by.

The little button and you can also deflate it by that as well it’s got more of like a comfort shape to it but for now I just opted to get these I believe they was one in 79 or then think of.

Dominican Republic – Punta Cana | Travel Vlog

Hi it’s not casual hello we’re beautiful food to Canada at the Hard Rock we just booked our excursions and spa treatments so we have the week pretty much pretty much booked and we’re really excited to go snorkeling gonna go to the beach it is our third dinner we and with my don’t forget the James oh look at your.

Vans girl look at your Vera’s girl looking a vans girl and we’re going to doerfling today I’m super excited but nervous just because I’ve never even been snorkeling before we’ll take you with us and we’ll see.

You there you go underneath the water you go underneath the water yeah dude it’s our last full day in Mexico breakfast remember vada life this is the man number one right here you you.

All New Yamaha Mt-15 || 2019 || Tech Auto Prime.

Hello friends welcome to our YouTube channel take auto prime so today we will get to know about Yamaha upcoming bike MT 15 so hope you will enjoy the video so watch the video till end so friends hurry up and click the subscribe button and hit the bell icon for other updates so friends if you like the video then.

Do like share and comment thanks for watching goodbye and ahem.


Finding Our Planet X Publications And Spreading Awareness

You know folks a lot of you asked Pete how to find our books doctor Albers books just simply go into Google as you see right up here upper left just type in dr.
Claudia Albers Amazon and hit enter and it comes up amazon.

Claudia Albers books click on the link and right here you have all of the.

Books they are available in the.

Format if any of you have that dr.

Robert what’s that program they have.

Kindle unlimited or um prime prime yes prime all of the books are.

First book the Planet X report for 2017 this was a large volume book here is a little more expensive to produce there are.

All of my discoveries for 2017 everything is documented right there dr.

Before that or just after that was the planet X revealed gravity and light once again full-color photographs eight-and-a-half by eleven it’s a great book and the Sun simulator book has just been.

Released and again it’s available in paperback and the Kindle version I recommend getting the the paperback it’s something tangible in your hands hey listen you know you could sit.

Down with your kids and you could explain some of this stuff to your kids your teenagers your friends your family your husband your wife your boyfriend your girlfriend I don’t care what you have it’s all right there folks mm-hmm it’s all right there so you know a lot of you ask again what can I do what can I do well this is some.

Of what you can do twenty bucks twenty-two bucks whatever look it’s not a lot of money by the book.

Like I have done I have given the book to friends of mine I said listen man take the time read through this look at these photographs when you’re done with it give it back to me don’t damage it so again folks you’re asking what.

Can I do this is what you can do you have to have a tangible product in your hand and we’re trying to produce that to give to you so you can do just that get these people awake.

Smart Home & Living

Die idee der vernetzten wohnung klingt wie science-fiction doch sie hat längst unsere haushalte erreicht schon heute steuern wir per smartphone tablet oder durch sprachsteuerung die verschiedensten systeme das landratsamt schwarzwald-baar-kreis arbeitet gemeinsam mit der industrie- und handelskammer schwarzwald-baar-heuberg dran diese innovative technologie stetig weiterzuentwickeln zusammen mit ihren partnern treiben sie neue geschäftsmodelle für smart home & living for an vernetzte.

Inzwischen auch beim altersgerechten wohnen älteren menschen ermöglicht die technik mehr komfort und mehr sicherheit im alltag diese technologie wird ganz nach ihren anforderungen und wünschen individuell zusammengestellt ist der bewohner zum beispiel abgelenkt melden sich nachrüstbare systeme durch visuelle und akustische warnsignale ein knopfdruck und das gewünschte gerät ist aus ihr verletztes haus ist komfortabel.

über sprachsteuerung lässt sich zum beispiel der fernseher einschalten die jalousien herunter das licht wird gedimmt und der passende film wird ausgesucht verlassen sie das haus erkennen auch kostengünstige produkte mögliche gefahrenquellen und senden warnsignale so können die bewohner reagieren denn die sicherheit der bewohner steht an erster stelle ist noch gemüse im kühlschrank dank smart home & living können die bewohner auch von unterwegs prüfen ob im kühlschrank die nötigen zutaten für das spätere abendessen gase glüht die herdplatte noch schaltet.

Nachgerüstete technologie dem herd automatisch ab die gesamte haus sensorik ist auf die anforderungen der bewohner abgestimmt und erleichtert den alltag ungestörte zweisamkeit am abend ihr haus übernimmt alle wichtigen funktionen über sprachsteuerung aktiviert man die entsprechenden sicherheitseinstellungen und wendet sich den erfreulichen dingen des lebens zu smart home & living ist eine technologie für sicherheit energieeffizienz unterhaltung und komfort.
Heutzutage ist die kommunikation mit den mitmenschen durch technologische.

Innovationen um einiges einfacher geworden genauso verhält es sich mit der kommunikation mit ihrem haus stellen sie sich schon beim joggen ihre bodenheizung im bad ein sensoren erkennen dass sie nach hause kommen türen die sich im eigenheim automatisch nach einer registrierung öffnen gibt es schon.

Heute sie können das haus selber freischalten und eigene einstellungen vornehmen eine steuerung über apps oder intelligente sensoren beides ist möglich individuell integrierte systeme arbeiten jederzeit für sie und ermitteln ihre bedürfnisse so können sie sich jederzeit entspannen durch sprachsteuerung ist auch die freizeit bequem und einfach welcher kinofilm darf es denn.
Sein dank der vernetzten technologie haben.

Sie jederzeit zugriff auf gewünschte informationen das haus schützt sie auch es schaltet nicht benötigte geräte ab und sorgt für das gewünschte raumklima während ihrer abwesenheit ruht ihr zuhause nicht es misst zum beispiel die äußeren luftwerte sind sie ideal wird automatisch gelüftet in ihrer abwesenheit ist ihr haus wachsam es erfasst sämtliche von ihnen vorgegebenen vorgänger und geschieht etwas unerwartetes erfahren sie es über ihr smartphone können sie jederzeit sehen was gerade los ist unterschiedliche smarte lösungen erleichtern jederzeit ihren alltag und sie können sich den schönen dingen im leben.

Zuwenden eine produktion des landratsamtes schwarzwald baar kreis und der industrie und handelskammer schwarzwald-baar-heuberg.

Home-security-systems-running-springs-ca-92382 – Home Security System

Is your home safe it may not happen regularly but your home and family can be at risk at any time never let down your guard home security systems are becoming increasingly popular these days but finding the right home security provider isn’t easy at all you deserve the care of experienced professionals dedicated to providing an exceptional level of security.

Using the most advanced technologies available that’s why we’re here to help backed.

By years of knowledge and experience we pride ourselves on offering high quality security equipment and services that meet your budget from video surveillance fire freeze and flood monitoring and intrusion detection to complete home automation we create complete Life Safety Solutions for each home.

And business we serve from the smallest to the largest do you want to have peace in mind seeing your family members living in a secured home contact us today.

For a free no obligation discussion you.