Meet Music Travel Consultants – The Preferred Travel Partner Of Wgi Events

Are you an ensemble director for a winter guard indoor percussion or indoor winds group and looking to travel to a WGI event our company is a five-star highly respected travel provider that focuses only on performing arts directors and performing arts travel one that is led by scholastic music directors musicians and performers to possess expertise and knowledge about moving.

Performing groups through different destinations and events do you wish you had a travel company that can provide you with a 24/7 tour director right by your side throughout the.

Entire trip would you like to offer your travelers mobile apps and online cutting edge individual traveler registration and payments at no additional fee how about.

A directors point with real time traveler lists and ways to create them with listed account balances rooming lists bus lists and flightless how about a way to collect individual flight information and arrange flights through commercial air or chartering would you like to have lists.

Of chaperone assignments what about a fundraising payments feature which lets you make a single transaction.

And have the funds automatically distributed to individual accounts would you like an automatic invoice generation tool and.

How about a foolproof way for your group to pay invoices that.

Are sent directly to travelers don’t forget we.

Also manage the trip item meals transportation accommodations activities tickets and entertainment and wouldn’t it be nice if you had a travel provider that can even manage competition and rehearsal schedules don’t you want a travel provider that knows your performance is what you need to focus on.

And not everything else so what about signing on with music travel consultants for your next trip okay great choice.

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