Good Times – Welcome To Indonesia: Java Travel,yogyakarta And Borobudur

Good morning everyone welcome travel sticks my name is Vincent and today is a lovely lovely sunny day with the lovely lovely lien today we’re heading over to Indonesia for our annual holiday of around three weeks so we’ll share some facts while we’re on the way to to the airport and yeah see you guys on the airport at the.

Sorry I’m trained and let’s do it pick a fact sheet on Indonesia so I’ll put up a map of Indonesia so you can see well that exactly it looks like on a map but there are.

A number of things used to know I have been on the school team aha mafia movie film up here alright the actual room itself pretty romantic I’d say so let’s quickly hop down stairs show you show you the terrace show you.

The bathroom and voila as you can see shower sink Oh roof so huh that’s pretty nice so we’re going to do now is going to quickly get some food because the restaurant.

Is open until 9:00 we’re pretty hungry so yeah I’ll show you guys what we’ll have for dinner in a second hi guys we got down to the dinner finally.

So some quick food before we.

Uh before we head in for the night I call myself some goats goat meat and you got yourself in a chicken soup right isn’t it yeah so let’s see here is any good it looks really nice who knows really nice so we’ll see the taste is to match the sauce on the other side soup sauce is really nice nice and peppery haven’t tried to meet yet the.

Race is about as an Oriole I lift the lemongrass Google pay put which.

Becomes sorry its exact about me I’m gonna try the challenge of getting in between those two things I can in.

This but hopefully paint any must open my stop ya happy [Laughter] morning guys it’s.

3:30 in the morning us we’re going to go on a sunrise tour up with borobudur in order to yeah see the sunrise on Borobudur and hopefully you guys enjoy this weird I’m warden hello guys just arrived in borobudur.

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