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To make up roughly 15% of Egypt’s population of 90 million.

However the religious minority has been the target of several terrorist attacks since 2011 the Egyptian government meanwhile said it will compensate each victims family roughly $5,000.

The bishop later said quote we will not forget the promises of officials including the President of the Republic that the criminals will be punished reportedly 19 of the alleged attackers were killed in a gunfight with Egyptian authorities for global one I’m Juliet I want a spoiler cyber attack against its communication system so the country’s telecommunication Minister blamed on Israel attacks and activities were carried out through an.

Internet company called Golden Lion by this regime and they conducted the attacks using this company the target of these attacks was a conscious telecommunication infrastructure and mostly our cellular net oh sorry Jeremy also.

Said that Iran will sue this really regime over is hostile action through international organizations Iran’s deputy telecommunication minister Hameed Fattah he also said on Twitter technical teams intercepted multiple attempts to infiltrate their systems early on Monday and repelled the attacks it’s what the client to comment on the matter Israel’s widely believed to.

Be behind a cyber attack on the Iranian and nuclear energy program in 2011 according to Reuters the first Central American migrants from a caravan traveling through Mexico toward the United States arrived in Mexico City on Sunday taking up temporary shelter at a sports stadium more than 1,000 Central Americans many fleeing gang violence and financial hardship in their home countries bedded down.

At the stadium where the city government set up medical aid and food kitchens president Donald Trump has warned repeatedly about the advance of the caravan and ordered thousands of troops to the most president Donald Trump gave to pull out of the 2015.

Nuclear deal and reimpose sanctions on Iran was the country’s growing military influence in the Middle East and their.

Ballistic missiles program so.

It was perhaps not a coincidence that Iranians scheduled one of their largest military exercises of the year on the same day as US sanctions kicked back in multiple air defense.

Units took part in war games spanning half-a-million square.

Kilometers across the country and as the missiles took flight on the ground the Iranian president lobbed insults at.

The American president I don’t think any other Administration in the history of the United States has been as opposed to the law and international treaties I’ve not seen any administration in the White House’s racist as these people and you cannot expect anything else from them in a speech to his recently shaken up economic team rouhani laid out a broad plan for the.

Future come what may Iran will sell oil and will break US sanctions in the face of American threats Iranians put their faith in the basic principle of supply and demand I believe that the previous sanction was a plan but that the current sanction is not plan suddenly they had something in their mind and then put sanction and you limit the supply side you cannot expect the price goes down simple price goes up Iran has.

To sell oil in international waters traded oil using the barter system and rouhani has also floated the idea.

Of selling oil in alternative currencies to the US dollar Iran is also counting on a European.

Bypass to the American banking system but months of promises and public support by the European Union have not led to practical solutions behind closed doors summer onions are asking if that was the plan all along despite rouhani’s insistence that European support is.

A big deal for Iran keeping Iran’s trust will not be the only challenge for Europe.

To keep Iran in the nuclear deal with American sanctions at full strength and more said to be on the way they’ll also have to figure out how to turn the temperature down between hawks in Tehran and Washington st. Vaast Ravi al Jazeera Tehran according to Reuters.

The United States of America filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against the Boy Scouts of America on Tuesday after the Boy Scouts decided to drop boy from its program and start welcoming older girls according to the complaint the Boy Scouts do not have a monopoly over such terms as.

Scouts or scouting and its decision to rebrand itself Scouts BSA would erode the Girl Scouts brand the lawsuit seeks a permanent injunction against trademark infringement and a variety of damages against the Girl Scouts trademark according to.

A report by Business Insider scientists at Harvard it raised.

The possibility that a mysterious cigar shaped interstellar object the first of its kind in our solar system could be a probe intentionally sent toward Earth from an alien civilization.

Named Alma Mao which means a messenger from afar arriving first the object was first spotted in October 2017 by a tennis open Hawaii the metal-rich object reportedly moving remarkably fast but.

Not circling her son was about 750 feet by 115 feet in Thailand this allegedly served human flesh and food the discovery came to light after customers complained to local authorities of what appeared to be chunks of meat in their bowl of noodles.

When police came to investigate the premises on October 31st the restaurant was already abandoned what they didn’t expect to see were splatters and pieces of blood and flesh in the walls and floors of the.

Kitchen and even worse the decaying corpse of an elderly man in a septic tank the man was allegedly involved in a fight with a restaurants owner the altercation led to his death police said and the suspect may have attempted to dispose of the body by grinding its flesh in parts and serve them in food he is still on the run it has not yet known whether.

Any of the customers consumed human meat you probably do not want to know for global 1 in Metro Manila the two Koreas have agreed to exchange.

Information and contagious diseases on a trial basis starting before the end of this year Seoul and Pyongyang have also agreed to cooperate on diagnosing and preventing epidemics like tuberculosis and malaria and to proceed with various health cooperation projects these agreements came from the inter-korean health talks held today at the joint liaison office in Kaesong and their September summit the leaders of South and North Korea agreed to expand cooperation in health and medical care including setting up emergency measures to prevent the spread of epidemics this is the first.

Time health officials from the two Koreas have met in 11 years according to CNN hundreds of mass.

Graves have been found in Iraq the United Nations revealed the graves in a report conducted in areas of Iraq formerly controlled by the Islamic state the UN estimates over.

10,000 bodies are buried in 202 grave sites the figures were gathered by the UN assistance mission for Iraq and the UN Human Rights office the grave sites were found in the northern and western Iraqi provinces of Nineveh Kirkuk.

Salah add-in and Anbar but the UN also expects more grave sites will be found in the years to come on Tuesday CNN reported Cameron’s Northwest authorities suspended the movement of all non-emergency vehicles in the area where they say 79 schoolchildren were abducted according to local authorities the restrictions began Tuesday in some districts in Banda to facilitate search-and-rescue operations for the abducted children according to local authorities on Monday the army deployed military police to search for the children kidnapped from the Presbyterian.

Secondary school this dormitory should be full of the sounds of students excited chatter instead this silence armed separatists forced their way into this boarding school on Monday kidnapping dozens of children aged between 11 and 17 do showing the captured.

Posted on social media by a group of men who call themselves the amber boys it’s a reference to the independent state of Amazonia that some separatists want to establish in the english-speaking South West and Northwest regions.

Web amenda is a state capital the governor says the separatists are responsible for a campaign of raping looting and killing he’s vowing a tough response by the military Cameroon’s army has been accused of a violent crackdown on protests by.

English speakers who say the French dominated government discriminates against them hundreds of people have been killed in the past year and hundreds of thousands of others displaced by the fighting some separatists have attacked schools seeing them as an arm of the government yeah I’m groups up in the meanwhile they have to go to school and know that they’re fighting for independence and people are living in the bushes and some cannot find.

Their parents and that they’ll have to stay with them and in the bushes until the the war is over and they’ve gotten their independence before they release them on Tuesday cameroon’s leader Paul Biya will be sworn in for a seventh term he won a contested election last month.

He says he’s the only one who can guarantee Cameroon remains a united country this is the first time separatists have carried out a mass abduction of.

Children that’s evidence that Cameron’s future is far from secure Alexei O’Brien al Jazeera it was a picture that surprised some shocked others and left many wondering so tom Qaboos bin Saeed meeting and greeting Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sarah the first visit by an Israeli leader to Amman in more.

Years perhaps this video raises even more questions Israel’s Minister of Culture and education touring the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi Miri Regev was.

Visiting the emirate to see Israel’s team win the judo World Championship host countries of international sporting events are obliged to include all participants regardless of their nationality Israel has a lot of relations with some of the Gulf states.

Other countries and Arab countries and Muslim countries which we don’t know about and the average citizen doesn’t really know what’s going on we know that there are connections we know that there is coordination specifically on the issues.

Of security regional security especially with the threat of Iran and this has been going on for some time there was no public condemnation from any of the regional countries except for.

Mildly voiced concerns raised by some Palestinian officials but with Israel giving the impression that it’s on its way to normalization with some of its Arab neighbors how long that may take the question is where does that.

Leave the Palestinians they still support the Arab initiative of 2001 in which normalization with all the Arab states would come.

Only after signing a peace deal with the Palestinians since the takeover of the Gaza Strip in 2007 relations between the.

Hamas leadership in Gaza and Fatah hen Ramallah have been frosty at best the Palestinian Legislative Council hasn’t convened for more than 10 years tripling all political and economic life a stumbling block the Palestinian factions haven’t been able to bypass so far unity is crucial to face challenges like Trump’s deal and the Israeli ongoing settlement policy in the latest nation-state law but reconciliation is further away there is real danger that this will turn into the session between Ramallah and Gaza and that is the worst that could happen Dome.

By many in Israel as a signal that change could be coming change of political awareness that’s going on that Israel is not this inevitable adversary but actually could be an ally and a partner and that has existed at elite levels for a.

Long time but now it’s starting to filter down to a wider audience and now these countries are not going to open up embassies in Jerusalem the day after tomorrow but I think they will explore ways of building relationships piece by piece that serve their national interests Arab countries continue to say that.

Resolving the israeli-palestinian conflict remains the priority but it also seems that some countries at least are willing to change the regional order but that that Hameed al Jazeera in West German message the.

Treasury secretary and the Secretary of State wanted to send was that the sanctions lifted when the US during the Obama administration joined other international partners in.

The 2015 Iran nuclear deal are all now back in place but if you read the small print that’s not exactly the case some of the Iranian nuclear facilities have been given waivers so they can still work producing nuclear energy for civilian use the Trump administration wants all countries to stop importing.

Iranian oil but for now Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says 80 nations will get temporary waivers the US will be granting these exemptions to China India Italy Greece Japan South Korea Taiwan and Turkey the two cabinet secretaries said.

They’d keep a laser focus on Iran but why single out just one country in the region James BAE’s from Al Jazeera English you talked about the destabilizing behavior of Iran in the region how does.

That differ from the bad behavior of Saudi Arabia so let me just go through the list underwriting Lebanese Hezbollah that presents a threat to the United States of America and to Israel underwriting the Houthis in Yemen causing an enormous conflict to take place there in that country the efforts in Iraq undermine the Iraqi government funding Shia militias that are not in the best interest of the Iraqi people their.

Efforts in Syria the list goes on the difference in behavior between those two countries is remarkable that answer perhaps needs some fact-checking the UN says there’s no evidence Iran has recently supplied the Houthis with weapons while the saudi-led air campaign.

Has been responsible for the majority of civilian deaths in Yemen Saudi Arabia certainly has its own destabilizing role in the region just look at the blockade of Qatar and if you’re criticizing Iran for its human rights then Saudis appalling.

Record also needs to be scrutinized particularly in the light of the murder of Jamal kesaji.

In Istanbul James BAE’s al-jazeera according to a report by Business Insider on Tuesday residents of San Francisco will vote on Proposition C a local ballot measure that would tax the city’s largest.

Corporations as a way to combat the city’s ongoing homelessness crisis on Monday the Salesforce tower in San Francisco lit up with a message for the people of the city.

Saying vote for tomorrow in San Francisco the company and its CEO mark Vanderhoff have been the biggest proponents and financial supporters of.9 million dollars to support the Yes on Prop C cause a man is found bloodied and unconscious inside an apartment in hattington Scotland with his genitals ripped off police say the man was attacked.

Named Biggie Smalls reportedly the 22 year.

Old victim whose name has not been released spread peanut butter around his groin area.

Before the attack the young man was rushed to the hospital last month and put in a medically induced coma he’s now out of the coma and helping police with the investigation his organs were reportedly not able to be reattached because the dog ate them when police searched the flat they found blood splattered everywhere and blood on the dog neighbors reportedly heard a loud party coming from the address so initially it was believed.

Other people were involved but according to The Times it’s now believed the victim was alone at the time of the mauling the dog was taken to the kennel and then later put to sleep for global 1 I’m Juliette vara you.

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