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Social media needs to make you some money and it was a um when I was still with the police department in Virginia there was a sheriff’s deputy and he was you know doing the UM the searches and the metal detectors at the courthouse so whenever I’ll have court and I was like if I had a court case I.

Like nine the next one is like at 12:30 I’ll you know take a.

Break and go talk to him and he pulled out his cell phone this is probably about when I resigned it was about.

2014 so this had to be like 2012-2013 and he was like I sit here all day at work and he showed me his Yahoo stock app and he told me that he was buying and selling stocks while he’s sitting right there at the courthouse he’s making money on top of money and he said we live he was a oh he was an old kid too he was like um we live in an age of smartphones and dumb people people.

Use their cell phone they pay a bill go buy this high priced cell phone but don’t make no money off of it and that’s when he he told me the game I was like you know what thank you Thank You universe so yes you gotta put use your smart.

Phones for smart reasons don’t be don’t be a dumb person with a smart phone make you some money so just about every post I put on on social media if I don’t have either an affiliate link behind.

It or some way to turn that into into monetary value I’m not sharing it you know and I’m not networking with people who can’t help develop me and so where I’m going so I’m not gonna stay here and keep on rambling I know y’all smell me coming from the gym getting these games baby thank you for your.

Service Thank You Rene it was an honor so I was.

Thinking about one day changing or you know getting all of my experiences both military police.

You know and kind of package package that up into a way to profit off their – you know not a lot of us are able to do these things so and I feel as though having that view from that side can really help our people and shout out to.

Uh forgot the brothers name but he told me you use that degree to help your people so I’m still trying to figure out a way to do that and be an asset to my community but if that’s about.

It I’m I’m I try can take you orbit shot night it’s still lit over here it’s like six o’clock I’m on the west coast.

Yes 6:30 so what should I the very best as I enter into this Wednesday and that’s about it thank you for sharing.

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