Smart Home Wifi Touch Switch

Hello everyone welcome to a new store this is a video for white is electricity connection and a parent at unique now let’s start firstly we need to check if we connected right this is a one gun switch sample we have the power cable one side to L and one side to em this is a eldalonde one side to.

One we connected to hell – because the screw place here and another side back to n okay let’s check okay it works now let’s open the and we linked nicknames okay Chris likes Wi-Fi name Wi-Fi password next it’s start pairing from second generation device registering okay you can rename it or not.

Complete got it okay it can be controlled by phone now we can check the AP mode and it’s back to.

Compatible parent mode AP mode we press the touch button twice one time okay twice next Wi-Fi name Wi-Fi password okay next it starts Perry found first-generation first generation for AP.

Mode registering okay you can remain or not complete you say it’s offline don’t.

Worry you can you can cut off the power.

Cut off the power exists and rape power recorded and refresh refresh.

The ATP refresh okay it works it works this is for first-generation this themes switch can post enter into first or a second generation it depends if you press it a choice like just what I.

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