No7 Skin Care Review 2018!for Mature Women

Hey guys welcome back to my channel it should go Tonya today I will be talking about my current skincare routine I went out and purchased some number seven products and when I tell you I am so happy that I made this purchase I went to Target and I was looking for something that was anti-aging just to start working.

Skin while I’m in my 40s and I wasn’t really using like.

The best you know you know good products to take care of.

My skin just pretty much like a moisturizer in us so you know but you know in your 40s you start noticing aging and I did lose some weight and I got some major crap being under my neck which I will share a picture anyways I went out and purchased this kit from Target it is the number seven they have about I think three or four kids this.

One targets the face and the neck and this is the reason why I.

Picked this particular system.

I also went out and purchased the facial wash and the toner if you want to stick around and watch this video I also.

Put a little demonstration towards the end of the review where it.

Just shows how I use two products so I’m not going to make this video very long I’ve been using these number seven products for about three weeks number seven says in two weeks that you should start seeing results and yes they are absolutely correct I have seen results I have seen some amazing results I am super happy with this product now I do want to mention I.

Am no way by any chance sponsored by number seven I am actually a newer youtuber I purchased this with my own coins I’m just looking for something that will help me feel a little more confident confident about the crimping in my neck and you will see it in the pictures you know my before and after and what I started with and I must say I am seeing some tremendous results I’m just going to zoom up and let you see my.

Neck right now where we’re at today and you can see the little creping but it was far worse it has subsided substantially so let me zoom out you guys are all look ok so anyways let me just go into this I’m not a dermatologist but I just wanted to purchase the facial cleansers to go along with the products this here is their foaming.

Facial wash ivory purchased already and I’m getting ready to run out to Walgreens before the sale ends and get me two more bottles they have it buy one get one 50% off that is a great deal.

I think this retails for about $7 I also follow along with the toner and I’m going to go out and purchase another set of these before the sale goes off when.

I use these just alone I see tremendous results my skin looks.

More refreshed and radiant and alive and I will put some pictures you know above just.

So that you can see so anyways this is to me plastic surgery in a package the most important thing in this kit is the actual film this is where the magic happens right here this right here is.

Supposed to help you know fine lines and it looks like this it’s not that thick you know you know it helps with fine lines it helps tighten your skin you use it in the evening I’m in the morning and the evening which I do faithfully because I want to make sure the system works and then you’re going to follow along with the daytime moisturizer this also feels very good it looks like this it’s very creamy like a you know kind.

Of lotion inconsistent but it goes on and it feels really good I have very oily skin so it does feel you know I’m used to using more of a water-soluble moisturizer but this does make my skin feel baby soft so I have no complaints at nighttime you know I use the same washing system and I follow along with the night okay so my camera keeps clunking out on me so the next product that I.

Purchased is the number seven this is to restoring the renew eye cream and this here is going to help your eyes look brighter and more lifted and even and it also helps with wrinkles puffiness and dark circles and I’ve been using this as well with the other products for about three and a half weeks going onto a month and now.

I have been following along with the number seven airbrush away pore minimizing primer which this stuff is awesome love it so this is what it looks like so I will keep you guys.

This number seven journey I really do love the products I will be reverse repurchasing more products from number seven and I give these products a thumbs up and I am having amazing results I will update my skin to care routine and just let you see what my skin is starting to look like so you know thank you guys for watching this video I’m going to go ahead.

And pop in the demonstration and also remember please subscribe click the notification bell if you have any questions leave comments below in the video through the wastelands through the highways summer shadow through the sunrays perfect harmony.

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