Worst Shoes I've Ever Tested Pt.2 | Weartesters Real Talk

The LeBron 9 the LeBron 9 is another one that’s like a favorite of people’s the LeBron 9 I love the LeBron 9 elite with a LeBron 9 the four foot cushion was hardest the back cushion was pretty good the shoe overall reminded me of a penny shoe like how its air in the front zoom and that air in.

The back and zoom in the front but they didn’t have that smooth transition the penny – does the toe of that shoe was hardest and talk about like toe jamming like that’s the.

Shoe that probably would have been wrecked my my toe nails and so like I had to go.

Up half a size just to avoid that and then it still like would do it had some really great features though had these lockdown wings at the ankle they were amazing.

And so like some brands have still used things like that and they were awesome so but yeah I think that I think that that shoe had some pluses but overall I just didn’t like them is it called that.

A deep hour or you it’s it’s called the Daevas a deep our Howard won well that’s your next you that’s you that she was bad man the traction was awful the cushion sucked ass sucked ass hardcore shoe looked disgusting.

– like they try to like throw in that like classic shell toe look but yeah I think that the a deep our Howard was an awful shoe the successor – it was an amazing shoe it made it made my favorites list so I.

Think that that’s cool the adidas crazy light one crazy light one oh I remember yeah so that was the very first shoe that was like crazy light like that was the one where the ad campaigns for.

That was so awesome do you remember they were taking shoes from every brand and literally cutting them in half I think they did use a samurai sword and they were doing stuff like that they were cutting off enough of the shoe to reduce to reduce its weight like this is how much of the shoe you need to remove to make it nine point six ounces.

What the crazy lightweight that’s cool it was dope dude it was like one of the coolest that’s like like you’re that’s.

Cutthroat marketing like guerilla-style marketing where like you’re going after like you’re not like be footing around like you’re being like no you you I think about cool just because it creates like it creates real competition in the space you know what I mean and so I really like they’re their marketing campaign for the sneaker but the shoe that I.

Was wearing was the Derrick Rose version and I had like a synthetic kind of like nubuck upper.

And it was this weird webbed upper and so like a lot of it was just missing and they replaced it with these little thin pieces of screen mesh remember yeah with the red bottoms cushion.

On that she was great the traction was great the what do they call it the speed frame.

Or something like that it was like this plastic heel counter that went underneath your foot that thing worked great but the upper was so and.

Thin and I’m a four foot player so like I would go and I’d go to stop real quick and the the upper was.

Pulled over and so my whole foot would roll over the foot bed and I would roll my ankle in such.

A weird way that and it happened.

Every time every time I brought those out and that was the first time that was the first.

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