Worst Shoes I've Ever Tested Pt.2 | Weartesters Real Talk

Time that I ever got seeded a product from a brand and I remember like.

Being like what do I do like do I not review the shoe do I tell the truth or what do I do because like I don’t.

Want to like piss anybody off but at the same time like this shoe is kind of dangerous.

To playing and so I just went with my gut and I just do what I do and I just talked about the shoe I.

Said that it was dangerous to playing I watched Derrick Rose twist his ankle the same way that I did mine and I was just like if a guy like is going that fast and stuff like that like they’re no good man and so and and he was wearing their like speed brace or speed rap or whatever there yeah those are okay but they only work for.

Like certain movements but like that fourth foot but you don’t want to roll your ankle like that yeah that shoot was awful and it was dangerous to play in and I remember playing in the low top version of them they were better but the material that.

They used was a lot stronger and so I didn’t have that same like crumpling material that synthetic they use was awful awful shoe really bad three that was with the lovely that was at the lovely Air Jordan project I loved that shoe I still wear that shoe almost on a daily basis but I will not play in them that she wrecked my.

Knees I would I wish that I would be able to play in.

The originals because those had like like the good polyurethane but the ones that I played in was like the 2011 once and the polyurethane on those rents was like.

Under Armour Clark creepy that was just what it was called okay Under Armour charged BB half condom and that one shoe was crazy as she was hideous there’s a.

Low top version that didn’t have that calf piece yes and those were cool like looking in my opinion Under Armour used to do really dope right now they’ve been playing it super.

Safe they haven’t been doing much.

Of anything you know you mean like they don’t have anything good as far as cushion other than hover but they’re like very slow to implement.

It in the basketball I think they had the havoc which is a good shoe it’s.

One of the best shoes that they put out in a very long time but the charge bebe had some of the worst traction.

I think I’ve ever used the cushion was amazing because it was original micro G that is so good dude like I missed that cushion man that was like I said man under armour stuff back in the day was.

Dope even though that she wasn’t and then the shoes fit the shoes fit they that’s what they really played.

Up that whole everything that weird look and everything they were just like he had a lockdown and the mobility you get the support of a high top but the.

Mobility of a low but the placement of all of those eyelets was so far off that you couldn’t get.

Locked down anyway so the support and.

The shoe overall was garbage it was such such a non functional lacing system in that shoe I think they had a couple of people but like it wasn’t Steph or anything like they had Brandon Jennings and I don’t know if who else was on their roster back then but.

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