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They had very few athletes and Jennings had his own signature at that time like his own little line so most the time he’s probably wearing those I don’t remember who was wearing that the charge BB but III remember that being just like that might be one.

So that’s the thing that’s where this video is coming from is that like you asked me on the spot and it’s just like well I don’t like.

I don’t remember like that’s like asking me what and people do this what issue of Nightwing is your favorite I’m like you do you know how many issues are in this little brain of mine they’re all melted together you know and I mean and that’s what this is.

Like I have a lot of things.

That I know but you have to.

Give me a minute to think about it because like otherwise like I’m just like whatever the most recent thing was was is what will come to my mind the Jimmer.

Fredette shoe from Spalding was another shoe that I liked portions of it but that was another shoe I just refused to talk about it because it was shoes hurt my toes man like they hurt hurt there was this weird plastic rim and they were just digging to my toes so badly the cushion on that.

She was really good the traction on that she was also really good the.

Fit not so much and that was another shoe where I was is like I’m not talking about these and a lot of people.

You’re biased this happened the other and I was just like dude I’m buying these shoes myself like you can’t be you know I’m saying it’s just I don’t know and like I said the crazy light I definitely wasn’t biased about that and that was my first seeded product my little bronze that I didn’t talk about wasn’t biased about that I just didn’t like him like I’ve been I’ve.

Been the same way for nearly 10 years now so I just think it’s weird that people always try to put their bias on me as if like you’re the one that’s.

Biased against me or whatever I do and I’m not the one that’s actually biased I’m like trying to stay as neutral as possible while letting you understand that I have my own preferences you know what I mean and that’s what I try to like push on to other people is that you.

Have your own preferences just because that foamposite don’t work for me I know a handful of people that love playing in that shoe I think they’re crazy but they love playing in that shoe and I think that’s great that they love that that that.

Shoe works for them you know what I mean so it is what it is I don’t like to like purposely trash things as I’m getting older and I know how the brand’s work more specifically.

The PR side of the brand’s the less I care about their feelings and you can tell who’s friends with the PR.

People because those are the people with all of the you know and I’m saying and so it’s.

Just like I don’t know do you’d like this business is it’s just as shady this industry is just as shady as any other corrupt business and it sucks being one of the only people that refuse to look up someone else’s butthole you know what I mean like I just refused.

To do it so like all of these people at all of these brands that are those PR people like sorry man I’m just not kissing your ass for nothing the adidas.

One that was a 2×4 with laces and she would not move either I think is worse than the foamposite as far as maneuverability goes as far as moving like actually running in the shoe I could not do it I thought that my shins were gonna snap off yeah they were not.

Fun they can look cool that that was a shoe that actually did do the shell toe nicely I think I like that shoe Anand the colorway that I.

Had was dope – they were the st. Mary’s it was the PE that LeBron wore in high school so they were like green toe with white back and with like some gold trim they’re fresh but that’s who’s sucked the hyper flight yeah oh yeah dude oh man that’s enough that’s a shoe that I think is so awesome the purple ones the Jason Williams ones that he won.

A Sacramento but that shoe is an ankle roll waiting to happen like yes and I just didn’t playing them again it only happened once and I was like nope I’m good and I was like these things man they look awesome though dude that she was so dope yeah I I never did the performance review because I was like nah please man.

They don’t even nobody needs to wear these period I’m surprised that these guys like these guys played in them like Jason Bourne specially the house shifty he was that cool cooked in those shoes and I just I couldn’t do it Nike Berkeley closet yes she was dope too but another brick they just they were very stiff the forefoot was super stiff very comfortable shoe very cool looking but and that’s and that’s another.

A sportswear shoe so I’m not like well I was gonna ask was it like a retro other partly because he wasn’t even playing yeah it was a mat it was a mash-up it was a like a hybrid so it’s like it wasn’t meant for basketball I was just playing in it just to see and it just wasn’t a good thing that’s just sucked asked to that she was like playing in a high heel like a low top.

High-heeled Mary yeah cos like you know those shoes that like some old people wear with actual Springs in them yeah that’s what that should reminded me of and they were just bad the the traction on that she was awful through the rubber that they used and they encased everything they encased the zoom in.

The back it was this giant and zoom air unit and they in case it’s so bad that you couldn’t feel but it looked like a spring shoe and it did not feel like a spring she felt like a you.

Felt like you were slapping.

On the floor I didn’t have fun in those the Reebok answer life the Reebok answer oh yeah so like so the Reebok answer.

One is one of my the white and red ones is like a grail of mine which I.

Finally got which is awesome but the last time they ret Road was they’ve Richard a few colorways without that one they record the the black and gold original colorway the retro of the original all-star colorway with the blue patent leather a red Richard the alternate officer with red patent leather.

And all that stuff so they retro like a number of colorways plus some new colorways that were great and I was so excited to play in this shoe and that was.

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