Worst Shoes I've Ever Tested Pt.2 | Weartesters Real Talk

Another one where I can roll my ankle day one and I was like ma’am this do you like I was like I’m done do you like I’m not doing this and.

As soon as that tweaked my ankles I can’t play in the shoe anymore cuz you’re like not you but I would say you’re scared.

Like that’s exactly what it is is I’m scared I turn into a big d and I’m just like this man I’m not doing this and like like a professional athlete like I actually do rely on this they’re like provide for the family and stuff so it’s like if I if I injure myself to the point to where I can’t play for a couple of weeks on as soon as anything gives me the slightest inclination that my ankle could be in jeopardy I’m just like that’s dude I’m not doing.

It your last one is a little bra no this is the last one the LeBron 12 low was one that people were dropping in the comments of that other real talk video but yeah that was another one where my ankles.

Were not happy they were not having a good time that she looked dope though as she looked dope they had they had the heck zoom units in the front real comfortable like airmax unit in the back the upper was super comfortable to that she looked great but man that’s you I just every time I would do something in them I would roll my ankle and it just wasn’t was not the business those are from my experience out of everything that.

I’ve been testing from 2009 and without counting like this years or some of the most recent stuff those are someone just the worst shoes I’ve ever tested.

And I would not recommend a single one to any person but if any of them.

Do work for you let me know like I think that’s fascinating when when I see like there’s this one dude in the NBA that that only wears the air max 90 to hoop in what I know right right he only wears the air max 90 I don’t know how he does except she’s not comfortable to me that’s like playing a pair of.

Threes but like he only wears the air max 90 to hoopin and everybody thinks he’s crazy but that’s what I’m saying is that whatever works for you bro like if it works for you that’s cool I’m not gonna be mad.

At it you know I mean like I think that you’re crazy like I said but at the same time it’s.

Like I think that that’s cool so I’m sure that there’s a number of shoes on this list that some people love or they still play in a day or whatever.

Like and if there is let me know because I’d love to hear from you guys so but yeah those are just those are the shoes that I absolutely hate I cannot stay in those shoes I will never lace those up to plain ever again and been doing this for too long men it’s next year 2019 will be ten.

Giving performance reviews on the YouTube platform and all that stuff and that’s been weird to think about it’s cool it’s cool but it’s weird so yeah thank you guys so much for watching especially if you’ve been watching since oh nine I really appreciate it and until next time guys have a good one be safe out there happy Halloween get some candy.

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