Rediscovering Beauty In The Modern World, Catholic Style – Enn 2018-10-26

Alais apostolate based in Chicago lends its support to artists as they offer their gifts for the greater glory of God and a little over a week the Catholic art guild will host its second annual conference with artists architects and theologians too and their words rediscover the power of beauty in the modern world joining me now to talk more.

About the event and the group itself is Kathleen Carr president.

Of the Catholic Art Guild Kathleen welcome to the program thank you thanks for.

Having me the focus of this conference is evangelizing through beauty how do you think art helped spread the word of God well as artists we want to give the best to God and we do this and it’s so readily.

Seen in the liturgy and how the art and architecture can surround the liturgy it’s a way to help catalyze children all the way up to adults.

That are sitting in the pew but there are also symbolism and and theological and philosophical reasons why a church should be beautiful and have certain ornament and and so it draws people out of themselves and to the eternal so it’s it’s.

A it’s a way that brings people to reverence and awe and so it’s an important dimension that we artists can contribute to the faith and to our fellow man and this is particularly important for you you are a classically trained painter and so I want to highlight one of your pieces in particular it’s called Man of.

Sorrows which depicts Christ so as an artist how do you think your faith sort of influences the creative process well.

First of all there because I love Christ so much I wanted to give my best and so I you know the good training and spending a lot of time but I was also.

Influenced on this particular piece by Brant Petrie’s Jesus and the Jewish roots of the Eucharist so I was focusing on on the Jewishness of.

Christ and I and I wanted to kind of highlight that because I saw this real beauty to his writing and so I liken iconographer I fast and pray when I work on on my sacred paintings and I think that also helps to imbue you know a sense of reverence and grace to the work sure for people who may not be classically trained like yourself but have an interest in this sort of thing how can they become.

Involved in the Catholic art guild what do they need to.

Know about the group itself well it’s open for everyone so and it’s especially.

Attractive for people that are in the visual arts so that would include architects artists designers and the like but anybody that.

Is interested in beauty and hoping to help restore this can join and we can we have our membership.

Online and one of the unique benefits of the guild is is our mass association.

So we sort of believe everything starts and.

Finishes with the liturgy and so it’s fitting that our we as artists our work can be supported by this mass association but.

All of our events are open to it to everyone but also the conference if they if they can support the conference become a member support our conference come to our conference ticket sales will end on Monday but we’re hosting the Queen sculptor Alexander Stoddard we have Ethan.

Anthony from cram in Ferguson and and dr. Kwasniewski who is talking about the liturgy and beauty and then another classical artist Juliet Aristides so it’s a really exciting beautiful event check out.

Our website and and try to support us that way it’s so fascinating to hear about all the work that you do and work that so many artists are doing across the country Kathleen Carr president of the Catholic Art Guild thank so much for being with us.

Thank you so much for having me.

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