Validate The Markup Language Document, In Different Browsers

Hi and welcome to validate the markup language document in different browsers as stated in the previous video we need to validate the markup language document to make sure that it meets the client’s needs one of those needs would be to make sure that it looks consistent across every medium that a person could use to use it now that.

Is pretty much impossible you can’t guarantee that a page look the same in every single thing that a person.

Can use but what you can do is you can check you can check a few things a variety of different browsers to see what it.

Looks like and if you check common browsers that most people have then your checking the majority of people and you can ensure 100 cent perfect consistency but you can say that a lot of people with these common browsers should be okay all right so for instance a person might have Google Chrome or they could have Firefox or they could have other devices they could have phones so the web page were.

Very different on the phone to a computer they could have a Playstation or an Xbox or a smart TV or arrange things so you need to make sure that you test a range of browsers and devices to ensure that your page looks the same on each of these.

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