Lexis For Microsoft Office- Windows Operating System

This video will demonstrate how to use Lexus for Microsoft Office a windows compatible and Mac compatible version are available in this video we will use Lexus for Microsoft Office on a Mac operating system Lexus for Microsoft Office is an add-on the word that will enable you to access lexis advance directly from word in a split screen format this.

Will save you time as you draft and review your legal documents let’s begin by opening a word document this is a sample writing assignment for a law school brief I’ve simply copied and pasted at the general information and research issue at the top of a blank document I’ll use this document to demonstrate Lexus for Microsoft.

Office you can use Lexus for Microsoft Office to help create strong legal arguments ensure you’re citing valid Authority easily quote material and ensure you have the correct citation format let’s say you’re drafting a brief dealing with the federal nursing home reform amendment as shown.

Here first let’s get some background information by clicking get cited Docs this will scan to the document and allow us to link to the ax cases and other documents that are cited so we can get background information and.

Learn more about this assignment notice that you will retrieve all the documents in split screen.

Format so you can be drafting your assignment and researching at the same time let’s look more closely at the federal nursing home reform amendment the text of this statute is critical for our assignment so let’s grab that information and.

Put it into our outline or draft you can simply drag and drop portions of text into your.

Document from the split screen to ensure you have the exact quote in citations that you need as you can see the selected quote in citation to our statute have copied over to our Word document let’s jump ahead and say that you finished your.

Research and have a complete draft.

Already submit before submitting that assignment you can use your lexus for Microsoft.

Office to site check your work and check accuracy of quotes first I’ll use check cite format by clicking check cite format lexis for Microsoft Office will automatically check your citations to ensure that they’re Bluebook correct the split-screen format will provide a list of all your sites along.

With suggestions on how to correct those sites you can edit your citations within the split screen and submit the changes to your document second to verify all the quotes in the document I can simply click check.

Quotes again this brings up the split screen format showing me my quote and any suggested changes that might be needed another helpful feature of Alexis for Microsoft Office is.
The ability to quickly validate.

All of your authority before you turn in any writing assignment you should always run one last check to make sure that all of your authority is still good law you can do this with a click of the get cited document button now I have a list of all the citations in my document along with their shepard signals i can narrow this report to just view documents.

With negative or possible negative treatment this shows me the list of.

Cases that i may need to recheck to ensure my authority is still strong valid precedent this was a quick example of how you can use lexis from Microsoft Office on a document that you’re preparing you can download lexis from Microsoft.

Office for free by going to the LexisNexis for law school’s home page then selecting the resources tab at the top of the page once the resources page.

Displays scroll down and under apps and tools select Lexus for Microsoft Office here you will be able to select the download for either Windows or for Mac we also offer 24/7 technical support for Lexus for Microsoft Office call 1-800 for five Lexus and select prompt three and.

Then press – thank you for taking the time to learn about Lexus from Microsoft Office you.

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