Inktober Week 3 | Not Completing The Challenge Is Not A Fail

Hello I’m Zack here and welcome back to my channel and week 3 of inktober is officially over if you’re still participating let me know how you’re feeling down in the comments because I’m sure we’re all feeling a bit tired by now October is definitely a tough drawing workout but hopefully we’re not too burnt out and you’ll have gotten.

Through that burnout threshold I mentioned in last week’s video the topic of this week’s video I wanted to actually take a slightly different turn from last week’s video where I basically gave.

Tips on how to stay with the daily grind and not quit and today actually talked a bit more about why it’s okay to quit or since I don’t really like that word it’s okay to not do the.

Challenge by the book and this was kind of inspired by something my friend Jasmine over here on YouTube mentioned.

Last week and I thought it was a really interesting and good topic to talk about for week 3 I’ll have her channel linked in the card if you guys don’t know her you should definitely go and check her out she is an amazing artist and she has been honestly crushing inktober every day so far and I’ve just been really really enjoying seeing her work.

Over on Instagram every day it’s.

Really cool but going back to.

The not doing the challenge by the book thing I felt it was a very good topic.

Talk about for week 3 because by now we have all seen and found out sort of where we stand in regards to the challenge because there are many things that go into it if this was or is your first year participating then you’ve probably seen how it’s so much more than just drawing it’s persistence and burnout the need to be creative everyday and etc etc I think these things while not really seen on the surface are a big part.

If not the biggest part of inktober or really doing any kind of monthly challenge or even just doing some kind of art project that has a deadline but inktober I think is a very good example of this because so many people do.

It and are very familiar with it and I think that with anything we do art wise but especially with things like in October where there are a lot of people participating in doing the exact same thing there can be a very strong sense of comparison you look at what others did that day and.

You sort of measure your own work against that.

Or perhaps measure your ability even to make a drawing every day to someone else who is just pumping out these amazing things every single day like it’s no problem and I don’t want to turn this into a.

Soapbox speech about how you shouldn’t compare yourself to others and yadda-yadda because for one it’s completely natural it’s a completely natural thing to do everybody does it all the.

Time in like every aspect of our lives I mean it is literally built into us at an instinctual level and.

The point of saying don’t compare yourself to others is not to mean literally don’t compare yourself to others because I also think that doing that is important it’s actually a good thing to do which is why a lot of time I think especially.

With younger artists or people who are just sort of starting out in art they don’t really understand what people mean when they say don’t compare your work to others they don’t.

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