Inktober Week 3 | Not Completing The Challenge Is Not A Fail

Mean literally not to compare your work to others because you’re gonna be doing that regardless they mean don’t let that comparison bring you down don’t just say that that person is better than you and.
Thus you suck and period like let that be the end of it which.

Is something that again is a bit soap boxy because we’ve all heard that before and we all quote know not to do that but it is still something that most artists especially newer ones struggle with and the reason is really simple it’s because when you’re new everything is hard everything and not only that you don’t have any experience yet to see that that hard work will pay.

Off so it doesn’t matter how much you know you know from what other people have told you that that.

Hard work will pay off or that you will get better and yadda-yadda the fact is is that you don’t really know because you haven’t gotten there yet and you may be.

Like okay what does this have to do with inktober well that’s true that this comparison happens all the time I think that inktober can be a prime time for it because it’s so structured and so many people.
Of all levels participate in it and because of that it can be very.

Easy for artists to go online and see all these amazing artists who are pumping out these incredible things every day like it’s no problem and you.

Feel like somehow you need to measure up to that and that unless you can inktober isn’t for you you can feel a lot of pressure and you can just hate the work you’re making because you don’t feel it’s.

Good enough for the challenge and at the start all those incredible artists may give you a lot of motivation you may be like I can do that I’m gonna use this month to improve.

And get better and I’m gonna post every day and it’s gonna be a blast and then the first week goes by and the second week and all you’re feeling is how hard.

It is to keep it up every day and you aren’t proud of your work and you’re really not.

Improving all that much and it’s just not fun and this is where I sort of finally come to the point of this video I know a long way around and that is that’s okay if you’re not having fun then don’t do it it’s not a failure.

It’s simply not doing the challenge by the book which no one’s making.

You do anything a certain way anyway no one’s expecting anything from you except for yourself and let’s be honest self expectations can be one of your greatest tools but also your greatest enemy I’m personally the kind of.

Person that has very high expectations for myself often too high and honestly it has served me well but it can also very much not serve me well.

It makes me work hard and it makes me push myself and it makes me improve I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for some.

Of that of unrealistic expectations for myself but at the same time those expectations can come crashing down on you when you can’t meet them and it can actually serve to degrade.

Yourself I mean if you expected yourself to do something that means you basically knew you are going to do it so if you end up not doing something that you knew you would what does that make you well your head often decides that you’re just not adequate you just suck.

And that’s when comparing yourself to others starts to bring you down because you start to believe that you are just somehow different then that person who’s better.

And that you can’t achieve it it’s just not for you.

And this is the worst thing to get into your head people okay but for real it’s crazy how much what you think of yourself affects your abilities and that kind of veers off into many more aspects of life but just sticking with art here how much you think of where you are and where you’re going affects.

How much you can do so so much and over time that was one thing that I really started to.

Learn and realize that it’s good to have expectations for yourself because having expectations for yourself means you believe in yourself but if you don’t meet those expectations it doesn’t mean you should stop believing in yourself all it means was that those expectations weren’t what you thought they were and the very fact that you found that out is actually something to be proud of because it meant that you went and gave it a try you.

Decide to go out and find out for yourself what it would.

Be like and what you’re really capable of so how this translates to something like inktober whether you complete all 31 days or whatever amount you expected yourself to do or not or if you thought you were going to.

Do all 31 days but later when to switch to just doing a few here and there you should still be proud of whatever you did because you gave it a try and you did it the way.

Fits you you didn’t get defeated you just did it your way and at the end of all this motivational mumbo-jumbo all inktober is is just an opportunity out.

There to give a shot and to have fun with so just have fun and that’s the reason I really recommend any artists to try inktober but not because they should complete it or that need.

To do it a certain way but because it is a perfect opportunity to learn so much about yourself as an artist and specifically with inktober I think it helps a lot with being more secure with your artwork as well because you’re going to be making pieces you don’t like or don’t completely like and you’re gonna post it and you’re gonna see that making.

And posting bad art is not something to avoid but to embrace you may think that posting bad art will just make you more insecure because people are going to be judging something that you yourself already not totally happy with but it’s actually just the.

Opposite the more you do it the more it becomes not a big deal and the more something becomes.

Less of a deal the less it affects you this applies to literally everything and so with art you become less afraid to make mistakes or meet those perfect expectations because you know from experience that it really doesn’t matter and when you take away.

That stress that requirement that everything you.

Post and make has to be perfect you’re able to just improve and draw without that pressure I mentioned before that this year I finally got inked over right in the sense that I’m not losing my.

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