Inktober Week 3 | Not Completing The Challenge Is Not A Fail

Head from stress like I was last year and truthfully a bit of the reason for that is because of me sort of learning how to balance my expectations because of what I did last year I know what I’m capable of and this year with zigs journal story theme I expect myself to complete it and I expect myself to do a good job but at the same time I’m completely fine if I don’t meet those expectations I have that comfort in the back of my mind that if I just tank it one.

Day it’s not a big deal and it’s really not going to affect me much at all and because of that I’m so much more relaxed every day and I mean so far I’ve accumulated around.

Like 4,000 words of writing and I’ve been drawing multiple little drawings every day.

And most importantly I’m having a lot of fun so far this inktober has been the most fun for me out of the three years and I’ve just really grown to love these characters also it’s just been great and I hope that all of you whether you’re.

Still going strong or if you change things.

Up or if you’re just not doing it anymore the inktober has been a positive and fun experience.

For you and I wish you all best of luck if you’re still going forward or what however you’re doing it that it continues to be good for you going forward into the last week of inktober so that wraps up this week’s inktober.

Topic video I hope you guys found that interesting but I’d love to hear your views on the matter so do leave.

A comment if you have a moment you’ve been watching.

Various clips from my week 3.

Or I guess I should just call them pages by now there was a lot of story going on this past week lots of.

Reading and happenings happening I hope you guys have been enjoying the journey so far over on my Instagram Twitter and art nummy know all the links to.

That as well as my other sites are all linked down below in the description box where you can follow me for daily updates I’m starting to really consider making a book after it’s all finished so if that is something you guys would be interested in please let me know and let me know if you have any thoughts or ideas on the book if you do if you did enjoy.

This video in any way please be sure to give it a.

Thumbs up and let me know which of these week 3 drawings.

Is your favorite mine might have to be actually day 15 because I quite like the design of fleex father it was the first time I drew a fully grown adult in this file so it was interesting.

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Stay inspired always see ya.

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