Mycharge Portable Charge (ios And Android)

So what’s up that’s what’s up mania in today’s video I want to show you guys the my charge portable charger this charger I got at Best Buy about a year and a half maybe two years ago and it’s been one of the best portable chargers I’ve ever used the only bad thing about this charger is that it’ll only.

Charge your device one time and then it’ll have like one indicator light I’m saying that it’s like gonna die pretty soon and you’re not gonna get any more out of it but it.

Charges two devices Android and iOS devices so I love it because of that my parents my dad specifically has a Android device he just wasn’t really accustomed to iOS like me and my mother.

So he has that and that’s why I got this if you guys have a family member or whatever if you guys have a device and your.

Family member has an iOS or vice versa this is something that is very good to carry because like I said it charges the.
Best of both worlds and I like it now i got this for like $20 at Best Buy.

When it was closing in my area so I said you know what I’m gonna pick this up because I’m going on a trip and I’m gonna need a portable.

Charger the rest of charges that were there were like $50 and I said yeah no I’m good so this is one of the best ones that I found and it is pretty good now it charges with a normal Android charger this one is from my camera as you guys can tell but.

He doesn’t see it so now it’s charging it’s pretty much almost charged you can see the last light is blinking that’s how you guys know that it’s charging and when it’s fully done you’ll see all these lights turn.

Like a bluish white color which is pretty cool but I mean this is awesome I only charge it in I have this old tablet that I had it it just I don’t even know if it charges to be honest so let’s try it out now okay so plug it in make sure that is on and now it’s charging so.

If you guys are looking for a portable charger and you know you want something that has both Android and iOS this is your.
They have something like this on eBay or Amazon so cheap so Charlie will.

Get up if you guys like this please give me a thumbs up let me know what you guys think of it but for now I’ve been Taylor and I hope you guys enjoy this video thanks peace.

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