Demo: Bluescape Photoshop Plugin For Adobe Creative Cloud

We’re here at Adobe MAX for 2018 and we’re showing off at our third-party integrations booth some of our best integrations in the developer ecosystem so we wanted to include please scape and we’re gonna walk through the blue scape Photoshop demo yeah so thanks to our partnership with Adobe we’re with a bowl on top of Adobe’s api’s to deliver.

A set of plugins for Photoshop so to launch blue scape I click on the blue scape icon and yeah definitely so the best.

Way to get to plugins is to have windows extensions and you’ll see blue escape over here and once you hit that you’ll be able to see a B icon and the side so here the list of workspaces I’m part of and we had a happy hour recently and one of my colleagues noticed that one of the pictures we took up a happy hour.

It was kind of is a little oversaturated and.

She made a note of it in the comment so I’m gonna bring this image into Photoshop great we get a little bit so you don’t even have to leave exactly yeah and just kind.

Of just kind of fix it up because this right now it’s a little too bright so I’m just in the.

Photoshop panel I’m just gonna turn the brightness a little bit down just to get it more polished and.

I’m actually just gonna upload this updated image back into blue scape by clicking upload to canvas so.

It’ll take a sec awesome and after it uploads I can go back into blue scape and you.

Know just see the new image exactly it’s just all seamless so whether you’re working exactly the team definitely yeah that’s exactly the workflow and I’ll probably just close it.

Off by letting my colleague know that to check this image out so they check this exactly yeah so that’s kind of the Adobe Photoshop integration in a nutshell it’s just like a seamless way to.

Bring in your content in and out of thank you thank you.


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