Modest Teen Trends – Fall 2018

If you watched my video on five things I would have done differently in high school one of the big things had to do with how I dressed I didn’t know what my body shape was I honestly didn’t know what was in style I didn’t know that there was a Christian culture that had their fashions I just really was.

Kind of clueless to be honest with you and I determined that I wasn’t going to let that happen with my children and that I would try to help other teenagers especially Christian teenagers to know how to stay in style and to have a great wardrobe and look cute all the time while still being.

Modest I have three basic rules and then I’ll give you the top trends for fall 2018 okay so basic rule number one is this know what your body shape is there are three different body shapes the first is an apple where you gain a little bit more on top than you do on the bottom and.

The second is the pear where you find that you’re super buff and fit and trim you have a flat stomach naturally but the bottom half of you looks like the bottom of a pear and the third shape is the hourglass where you have an itty-bitty little tiny waist but the rest of.

You is pretty pretty average and then as you grow you’ll find your way still is the very smallest part of your body and so knowing that and knowing how to accentuate that to look the best is really important and so when you’re going into these trends.

That I’m going to give in a little bit know that if this trend doesn’t work for your body shape don’t do it try.

To find a way to work around it one good example is this that if you are a pear and you’ll notice that the super high waist mom Jean types are in style instead of wearing an a-line high-waisted skirt and a little dress tied shirt that will make it really really gapi up at the top and then clinging on around your hip and so rather than doing that accentuate that you’re smaller on the top and wear that button-up shirt tied but.

Wear a more of a pleated skirt pleats are super in right now and you can have the knee length or the middie or you can do the super long flowy skirts but have something that kind of cinches in at the waist and then flows down and.

So it’ll accentuate the best part of of.

Your shape the second basic rule is this don’t spend your money your major money on.

Trends because they’re gonna be gone next season spend your money on investment pieces that are gonna be something that you wear every day and that will last you for a few years maybe even several years and those items are.

Your coats your shoes and your purses those are investment pieces they are the statement that you’re gonna make you can tell a lot about somebody by those three things and so find a church jacket or a dress jacket outerwear that.

Really says something about your personality and that you can wear it everything makes you feel awesome same thing for everyday.

Career and going out and hang out with your friends get a jacket a coat that is just awesome a spot on your shoes this year ankle boots are the thing and that’ll probably last for a few years it’s been going on for a little bit but it’ll probably.

Last for a few years more me high boots are just not in the stores and so get yourself a great pair of black ankle boots get yourself some casual brown camel colored ankle boots and then I would get yourself some maybe Tom’s or slip ons that you can wear in the spring and the fall that are gonna last and that go with everything so get some investment.

Pieces and you’re perched you take it with you everywhere you can color coordinate it with your shoes and your belt or you can just get one of that pops that you just love and take it with you everywhere rule number three I call this the uniform rule once you figure out what your body shape is and you can find some dresses.

Or you know what shaped skirt and what shape shirt look best on you then every time you go shopping a look to keep adding to that uniform I have probably five or six dresses that I know when I put them on I’m not gonna have to talk I’m not gonna have to pull I.

Just feel amazing in them and so I call those my uniform I know that I like things that cover my arms a little bit so I don’t always have to wear a cardigan and I know that I need something that kind of cinches.
In around the smallest part of.

Then flows and so I try to find them in different patterns and colors but find what works for your shape and start collecting those uniforms moving on to the trends if you haven’t.

Subscribed though please do that I help teens and young women master the deeper issues of the four areas of life faith relationships self-management and fulfilling God’s purpose for their life so the trends what are they high-rise everything it doesn’t matter if it’s jumpsuits or wide-leg crops.

Or skinny jeans now I’m not necessarily recommending all these I’m just.

Telling you what’s out there you’re gonna see high-waisted everything and so.

You have to kind of look at that and say how do I do that with my body shape and how do I do that and still be modest am I gonna wear the high super high rise mom jeans if so how do I do that modestly I don’t want to go into whether jeans or skirts which ones they are I’m.

Out there we have a lot of different types of people and so what I focus on is modesty and so when I went to the store I looked around and I said okay how do you make this work how do I make tapered jeans that are cuffed at the bottom how do I make that work for me and so I went and I tried on my size I’m a size 10.

And I thought whoa this definitely does lift and rise but it was it was inappropriate you look from the back and it revealed everything about my shape and so I actually went up two sizes I went to a size 14 and you know what I took a picture of myself before in the size.

10 and then I took a picture of myself in the size 14 and I brought him home to my family just to ask what they thought and so I took it from.

The front and from the back and it was amazing the difference and so if you are gonna wear pants I would encourage you to get.

Over the size issue and really look at modesty and say is this curving into places that draw attention to.

My body and reveal my body shape or is this gonna draw attention to my face and my smile and my countenance but high-rise is where it’s at trend number two and three and it’s the casual and dressy version of the same thing it’s the tide shirts we have button downs that are tied you have.

T-shirts that are tied and then there are crop tops and I tried them on just because I thought it would be fun to see does this work or is everybody gonna be showing their belly button these.

Next few years I even saw a singer who I don’t particularly listen to contemporary Christian music but I saw a YouTube.

Video in her thumbnail had about an inch of her stomach showing and had her belly button showing him I thought ok then so.

Of people who are Christians who are going to start wearing these crop tops and showing their belly button and so that’s when you really have to go back to the Bible and say what is modesty it’s in modesty in and of itself is not drawing attention to what you wear or to your body discreet and chaste Chase has to do with that that purity and that purity of the heart and the purity of what you’re suggesting with your clothes and discreet has to do with not.

Revealing too too much it’s just really a matter of not revealing things that should.

Secret and so when you’re looking at these crop tops I would ask you when you move or when you lean over or when you’re at work and you’re bending over to something off the floor what is that going to show us but I did find that those.

T-shirts and the button-downs that there are just a little bit longer but they still have that.

Shorter effect to go with your higher waisted clothes so number four our onesies and jumpers and overalls I was actually talking to somebody the other day about how I remember when I would wear a onesie and you cut me wear it it’s all one piece and you snap it on the bottom and what this is doing is that it helps keep your long.

Line with these high waist because you don’t want things that are bunching some people don’t want the gaps of the crop tops but they still want that super high waist effect and so when I.

Went to American Eagle I tried on a black onesie with some high super high-waisted mom jeans and what I found.

Again is that I wear a medium and so what I did is that I got the extra large and so it hung.

A little bit looser it wasn’t super skin tight like a leotard and then I had my super high waist and it had the effect while still not being clingy to areas that would be a.
Little bit less discreet when I was walking out in public so if you.

Want to wear that o jumpsuits yes so jumpsuits are everywhere overalls are everywhere and if you’re gonna wear a onesie with overalls that’s a good effect alright so they’re a little bit the overalls can be more tapered and cuffed at the bottom or you you’ll see the wide.

Leg crop everywhere and so that is a big look if you can pull that off and sew those and jumpsuits which I kind of get confused sometimes because they look like Prairie dresses and Prairie dresses are really a.

Big deal right now and so if you want.

To wear the jumpsuits with the elastic waist and they look like but really they’re pants go for it there’s nothing immodest about it but you have to have a little bit of confidence to pull that.

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