Modest Teen Trends – Fall 2018

Off have I mentioned ankle boots and ankle boots and ankle boots and they go with the wide leg crops and they go with the tapered jeans and they go with they go with your church dresses they go with cute denim skirts with great opaque tights or patterned tights ankle boots ankle boots ankle boots the next big trend that’s going on our.

Logos big bold logos on your t-shirts get your favorite brand smack it across there and get a plaid button-down tied around your waist that is still a hot trend for this year before I go I just want to talk a little bit about modesty and what it means in the.

Christian culture and why you really need to think this through it’s not about what your mom wants you to wear it’s not about what your school says you need to wear this is a question that you’re.

Gonna have to face for yourself and really work through I’m working on a devotional for for teens and young women that talks about finding God’s purpose for your life and really being prepared for that next stage after high school and why you need to know what you believe and what things you need to know what that you believe and one of this areas is the.

Area of modesty and dress standards and does the Bible really have something specific to say about it or is it completely cultural and those are really good questions to ask yourself and so be on the lookout for that devotional it should be coming up next summer amazingly deep roots for a fruitful life that’s it so have a great day if you enjoyed this video please like it and then share it with a.

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