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Welcome to the brand-new not quite an adult YouTube channel my name is Taylor Warren and I am the founder blogger creator over at net.com a personal finance website specifically geared towards young people and teaching them how to handle their money in a more intelligent way for their future now quite an adult actually started as an experiment so that.

I could teach myself how to handle my own money better and it turned into me blogging about personal finance and trying to help other people learn the same things that i’ve learned.

Over the past year like most of us I didn’t learn much about personal finance in high school or even in university I graduated with a major in business administration and a minor in psychology even though I took.

A couple finance classes I still felt like I knew pretty much nothing I’ve made quite.

A few pretty bad decisions when it comes to personal finance over the years but being.

Able to write and talk about finance every single day has.

Really broken down those bad.

Me from spending money in the way that I.

Used to so over the last year I’ve managed to turn not quite an adult into a fairly successful blog all on my own and I’ve always known that it was just a matter of time before I wanted to transfer that into this YouTube channel so welcome to the channel.
To create this video as a way to show you.

What you can expect from me over the next few years on this channel what kind of videos you’re gonna see and all that jazz I’m not quite an adult we talk about budgeting saving.

Money making money and just about everything in between and.

Essentially and that’s what you’re going to be able to expect to see on this YouTube channel I already have videos planned on how to increase your credit score some of the best online side hustles that you can do to make extra money as.

College debt-free so if you’re finding this YouTube channel because you’re a fan of the blog I really wanted to say thank you for supporting me and for joining me on this journey and if you’re just finding this video without ever having heard of not quite an adult I highly suggest that you go check it out and be sure to subscribe to.

This channel as well you know hit that button but the blog is really my.

Heart and soul and it’s why I put all of my time into so I would love for you to go read it so to sum up this little intro video.

I just want to say thank you for supporting me and for clicking on this video or clicking through from the blog it means the world to me so excited to see where this chapter.

Of my online business journey takes me the first real video you’re gonna see on this channel is all about how to trick yourself into saving money and little tips and tricks so that you don’t have to actually consciously be saving money all the time and that’s the kind of content you’ll be seeing so I really hope that you enjoy it all right bye guys.

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