Linux Microplatform, Secure Iot Updates With And Toradex

I work for Toradex, and we are today here in Vancouver, B.

Let me introduce here toTyler, from Foundries.

io and Stefan Agner, also from Toradex.

– So hi, so who are you? – Hey, so my name is Stefan Agner, I work in the softwaredevelopment team at Toradex.
Does software for those modules, and we are currently workingon a new.

Software offering, a new software platform, which is based on theLinux microPlatforms, which Tyler from Foundries.

– So I’m Tyler Baker from Foundries.

I’m the Chief Technology Officer and we’re building microPlatforms. So you might wonderwhat microPlatforms are, so specifically the Linux microPlatform is a minimal, secure,updatable operating system based on OpenEmbedded in Yocto that we’re providing as.

Kindof a platform as a service to people that aredeveloping system on modules to people that are makers that have low-cost development boards and companies that wannabuild secure IoT products. Maybe since you’ve workedwith our product a little bit, you can tell everybodywhat things you found.

That’d be nice about them and maybe where they need to improve and maybe what your guys’ vision is for the microPlatformson the Toradex hardware. So we found it really easy to port it because it’s OpenEmbedded based, Toradex uses OpenEmebeddedBSP since quite a while, so that fitted in really wellwith our current.

Nice thing is withLinux microPlatform, containers are kind of the main focus and what delivered us is a working kind of container environment.

And with the whole updating built in. So we basically managed toport Linux microPlatform to three of our moduleswithin two weeks or so, so that was really rathereasy to get it up and running, and we are now kind of continuing optimize what.

We have from Linux microPlatforms to extend offering on more modules and also to extend the usability from point of view to develop containers and the whole stack. – So for example, it runs on one of these? – Yes, exactly. So this is actually the colibri imx7. This is the first onewe had up and running so on that.

One we can now already run Linux microPlatform just fine. – So whatare these microPlatforms? How does it really help? – Right, so what we’re seeingin the industry as whole is there’s a need toprovide.

A software platform that has the update frameworks built in and sort of security alsobaked into that equation because what we’re findingwith people developing products is that security and updates.

Usually come at the end of product development and they’re kind of an afterthought so whether those products actually ship with any sort of reasonable.

Security is kind of on a company-by-company basis, or product-by-product basis, so what we wanna do is enablepeople building products to not have to think about that stuff and provide them with a reference. So our over-the-air updates software for the Linux microPlatformis based on OTA plus. It’s a open-source community edition that implements Uptane, and Uptane.

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