Cartoons About Planet Earth For Kids! Watch This Fun Facts About Earth Video For Children

And it’s time for some fun facts about planet Earth now starting off did you know that at the center of the earth it is very hot now do you that is because the center of the earth is filled with something called magma magma is made of molten rock which is very hot and is inside the center of the.
Earth but what scientists call.

The Earth’s core now when it comes to the earth you know it’s big but.

If you thought the earth was big the Sun is even bigger that’s right the Sun is so large that it can literally fit 1.3 million earths on its inside imagine like a bag of candy filled with little pieces of candy well that’s how big the Sun.

Is the Sun would be like the wrapper that holds the candy and of course a wrapper can hold a bunch of.

Little pieces of candy that’s crazy next if you want to talk about how big.

The earth is I want to talk to you about traveling I love traveling around the world but I have a tip that can help you get around the world faster if you.

Are able to drill a hole going straight down to the ground into the earth and it would make it all the way through to the other end of the earth if we were to hop in it we could get to the other side of the earth in less than an hour now that’s fast okay now still talking about things that are fast if that wasn’t fast.

Enough for you when it comes to the sunlight that comes to the earth well that’s even faster just like everything else might take time to travel in fact it takes about 8 minutes and 20 seconds for light.

To travel from the Sun to the earth now that’s pretty fast considering how far the Sun is from.

Earth of course earth is our home right but when it comes to the earth it is easy to think there’s no place like home well that’s not quite right buddy scientists actually believe that in our galaxy there are over 2 billion that’s with a be Bill planets just like the earth in our galaxy now that’s amazing now when you go outside everybody has a.
Favorite season winter summer spring or fall but when it comes to the.

Temperature outside scientists say that you can thank the oceans that is because the earth is made of 70% water which helps to keep the earth’s temperature just right throughout the seasons of course today I’ve talked a lot about the Sun and that’s because the Sun is so important to.

Our solar system in fact the.

Earth’s orbit around the Sun one time takes 365 and a quarter days so for us to catch up every four years with those.

Quarter days we add an additional.

Day to the calendar and when we do that we call that.

Year leap year now finally when you look at your clock I’m sure you’ve been told there are 24 hours in a day well that’s not exactly true there is no 24 hour in a day cycle for the earth it actually takes 23 hours 56 minutes and 4 seconds to rotate on its axis so I hope you enjoy those fun facts about planet Earth.

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