May Favorites 2018 & My Current Natural Hair Regimen L Natural Hair Products

It’s June 6 is it too late for me to upload a may favorites hey doll so I’m back with another video today I’m going to go ahead and share my may favorites with you guys we’re like a week into June so I hope it’s not too late for me to share this with you guys but I feel like.

I should because I was a little bit at my AI not a little bit I was really in my a from YouTube and Instagram I was kind.

Of getting a bit of a social-media break but I’m back and I feel like I left it is in the dark especially my insta story fan because I typically share this kind of stuff with you guys on bears.

If you don’t follow me on Instagram already make sure you follow me at naturally Chia and if you’re not subscribed to my channel make sure you hit the subscribe button which is somewhere I’ll put some over here somewhere but I’m gonna go ahead and share my favorites with you guys what I was using consistently pretty.

Much what my regimen consisted of and yeah I hope it helps you guys out I mean you guys are always asking me what my favorite products are so being a natural hair blog where we get to tried a bunch of different products obviously so we can do review videos for you guys I think you.

Guys I hear a lot for the review videos at least that’s what Jeff told me before y’all for me to do.

Reviews over anything but my mom made a comment to me once when I told her I was filming another video and I was trying out a new product she was like well how are people supposed to know what you like always use if you keep trying new products.

Video so she kind of had a point I think it can be a little bit confusing especially to those of you that are like new naturals and you’re so.

Having issues finding the right products you know you’re going out and you’re trying all these.

Different brands or these different products that you’re watching and these reviews but that’s the whole point of you know trial and error we do these reviews so you guys can hopefully we recommend products.

That is gonna work for you and you will.

Find your staple products but honestly if it were up to me I really could do without trying any new products because I’ve already found my staple products I know what my hair loves but I do appreciate doing the reviews for you guys cuz every now and then I do come.

Across a product that I absolutely love and I incorporate it into my regimen and I use.

Consistently alright 70 going to start off with washday products so these are all products that I use consistently throughout the month of May so this right here I think is probably my all-time favorite shampoo you guys this is so moisturizing is the rev unrealistic the shampoo from their black seed oil.

Line so I think if you guys recall this is.

One of the most recent reviews that I did and that’s why I said I appreciate doing these reviews because every now and then I do come across a product where I absolutely love and it.

Becomes a favorite and this is one of them so this you guys is so so so moisturizing and the great thing about it too it’s super affordable it’s only $7.99 so I definitely recommend you guys to go out and try this one because you really.

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