May Favorites 2018 & My Current Natural Hair Regimen L Natural Hair Products

Won’t break the bank even if you don’t end up liking it I mean I believe all of the products from their line are under $10 I think they’re all $7.
99 but honestly I don’t think they.

Sell this in the store at least not that I know of all I know is that they saw it on the website and I will go ahead and link everything below for you guys you can’t beat $7.

99 it’s a super super moisturizing shampoo it does a great job.

In cleansing your hair and honestly it just feels like you use conditioner that’s how moisturizing this thing is so this one I would definitely recommend for you guys to check this one out alright so another shampoo that I was using consistently throughout many was the shea moisture manuka.

Honey and yogurt shampoo so this smells great this one I think we tells for about 10 or 11 dollars and this one I believe is only sold in Alta beauty but.

You guys probably wondering well if you love the other one so much we’ll bar using this one honestly I was using this one because I was.
Using my B protein treatment in conjunction with it so I just kind.

Of figured like as well use the whole line together a protein treatment also is one of my favorites in May if.

You guys remember I did also do a review on these and I mentioned that this one I thought wasn’t that moisturizing but honestly I think the reason it wasn’t as moisturizing when I used it in my first impressions video is because you know I.

Wasn’t in the shower when I was using it so my hair kind of dry it off a little bit while I was trying to film so it just didn’t have the same effect when.

I used a in the shower but using it in the shower you guys this thing is super super moisturizing and and I mean it’s.

A protein treatment so it’s good for you especially if you have damaged hair so when it came to wash day in May I was using this every two weeks and the reason I was using this one every two weeks is because my hair is not that damaged I don’t have a whole lot of damage but if you do have damaged hair.

Then you can probably just use this every week this can also be used as a.

Pre wash intensive treatment is what it says and yeah it smells really really good this is so so moisturizing you guys both of these retail for about $10 only bad thing about these is they do have yogurt in.

Them so obviously if you have like a dairy.

Allergy or you know if you’re a vegan then it’s probably not gonna be aligned for you but if not then ya definitely would say check these out and then on the other weeks that I was not using those I was using this one at which I could have just used this one in the protein treatment but I was just I was being nitpicky and I wanted to use both of them together I’m from the same line and then I was using this deep.

Conditioner and this deep conditioner is so so moisturizing this is from.

The Gabrielle Union flawless line this one is.

A little steep this one retails for around like 28 or 30 dollars I will go ahead and put the price right here but they do tend to have sales every now and then and Ulta or whatever 40% off 50% off buy one get one 50% off let’s say if you have the money to spend in splurge on and you know products like that would recommend.

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