May Favorites 2018 & My Current Natural Hair Regimen L Natural Hair Products

Trying this one out it is a very very moisturizing deep conditioner this one I believe is only sold in Ulta or their website I don’t know they sell it in JC Penney’s I’m.

Not sure but I will go ahead and put more information below so you guys can go ahead and check that out if you don’t have money to spend like that then I would just suggest waiting until they have like some kind of sale buy one get one 50% off all.

Right so now we’re gonna go ahead and get into the leaving conditioners the.

Moisturizers which obviously you should never ever skip your moisturizer so these are the moisturizers that I used frequently or pretty much novel moisturizers our spray leave-in conditioners.

That I used throughout the month of May so first up we have the koozie naturals jamaican black castor oil leave-in conditioner so these two this is why I told y’all I appreciate doing the reviews because every now and then I came across a product that I really really love and.

It just it meshes well into my regimen so this is one of them as well matter of fact I think all of these are pretty much new products except with.

The exception of my shea moisture leaving conditioner which I just ran out of but this I was consistently using I love it’s so moisturizing this shoe is under $10 I believe it’s like nine dollars it really moisturizing it smells really really good and it has a thicker consistency so I was using this for like my braids on my bun and honestly pretty much kept my hair braided or in a bun pretty much the entire month if I was not using this one then I was.

Using my shea moisture jamaican black castor oil leave-in conditioner which I’ll put a picture right here if you guys are unfamiliar with it that is probably my all-time favorite leave-in conditioner I always have that in stock that is my state boy if you’re new to my channel that I recommend all the time when people ask me you know what product would you recommend when leave-in.

Conditioner that right there is my all-time favorite.

Leave-in conditioner this one is also a favorite but the difference between both is this one is a little bit thicker this one smells better.

And I think it’s cheaper too but this one I guess the only reason not the only reason but the reason I use both is because I’ll use them for like different things and also you know whichever one is closer at the time because Kylie likes taking stuff and hiding or taking stuff at the drawers and putting it somewhere where I can’t find it so whichever one is in arm’s reach at the moment I will.

Go ahead and use or depending on what style I’m using so say if I’m going to do a washing though I would use the Shea Moisture one because it has a lighter consistency a little bit more on the runny side this one’s a little bit thicker so I you know it’s good for my braids.

I can use it for twist outs braid outs and stuff like so if you’re someone who just naturally likes products that.

Have a thicker consistency if your hair really responds well to that then I would go ahead and suggest trying this one over the Shea Moisture one because like I said that one has a more looser runny consistency but the Shea Moisture one is also really really good I think it’s really well known in the natural hair community a lot of people love that.

One it’s a lot of people’s favorites so you guys know snow in the comments below if you’ve tried these Shea Moisture jamaican black castor oil wine let us know your thoughts let us know if you like it did you love it did you hate it all that good stuff so those were the two Lima conditioners that I was using so I’m gonna kind of walk you guys through my regimen after I wash my hair and I do condition I apply a leave-in conditioner and then after.

A leave-in conditioner I always seal with in oils so this is the sealing oil that I’m using at the moment it’s the my LR getting some anti main oil another you’re stealing all that I really love is the cream of nature 100% argan.

Oil and honesty only reason I have this one is because when I went to the store to look for the cream of nature one they didn’t have it so I was like well let me try this one but it’s really good I like it it smells good it has gives you a little.

Tingling sensation when you massage it into your scalp typically like to focus the oil mainly on the ends because those are my drier parts and I do.

Put some all over I’m just not as much I start off right here and then I work the rest of it throughout my.

Hair then I kind of give myself a little scalp massage with whatever’s left and it still kind of gives me that tingling sensation so after a pine.

Oil I would then go ahead and move on to you know whatever style there are we’re gonna use at the moment but honestly just gonna have my hair in a braid in a bun will pretty much all of.

Me I did try um I think one or two new styles which I.

Will go ahead and show you guys and they worked really really well but that was pretty much my regimen the entire.

Time I would just use the leave-in conditioner and then the oil and then I would remove sure.

Eyes and we you know two or three days or every other day depending.

On how my hair is feeling if your hair is dry just remoisturize 8-ply a little bit of water a little bit of leave-in conditioner and a little.

Bit of oil focusing on your ends and.

You were good to go so I wash my hair once a week and deep conditioned once a week I remonster eyes when needed sometimes when I be moisturize if I’m not going to use the.

I just showed you guys then I will go ahead like save I’m in a rush I’ll use a spray leaving conditioner and these were the ones that I was using in May yeah so spray leave-in I just kind of used web either I feel amazing or I’m in a rush I don’t want to you.

Just kind of do the whole water getting cream on my hands putting it on all that good stuff I will just grab this and you know undo my hair or my bun spray this on my hair and put it back in the bun won’t even brush it or.

Anything like that if anything I will just take the bristle brush and.

I will smooth down at the top and I will be out the door so these are the ones that.

I was using they’re both pretty much empty already you guys can hear that so I did use them I think this one doesn’t.

Have anything left in it so I was using this shea moisture.

Manuka yoghurt and a honey spray leave-in conditioner and I liked it it smells really good it’s moisturizing it’s really convenient when you’re on the go and you.

Just need to like oh you up spray your hair put it back in a bun and you’ve got some moisture on your hair and I was also using this obeah natural hydration spray which I’ve mentioned this one to you guys before on.

Insta story so yeah it’s really convenient you just spray and you go do you also have a coupon code for this one which I will go ahead and put right here if you guys are looking to save some money on obeah Naturals products you can save.

15% off I believe it’s still.

Like with my coupon code or I will put in the description what’s all the details when I get stuff so honestly those are pretty much all the products I used in May the products that I was using consistently and period because like I said I wasn’t really.

Styling my hair I did do a braid out one time because I did go on a little road trip and I tried this obeah Naturals the sweet almond heavy cream and what.

Is this called twist whipped butter so these are from obeah naturals and they were really really moisturizing this one right here the sweet I mean when you guys smells so so.

Good you guys can see I did use quite a bit can.

See that buddy did use quite a bit it’s kind of like.

Three quarters for but this.

Smells so so good it’s really really moisturizing it’s a little bit on it says heavy cream.

But it’s a little bit on the lighter side I don’t know if it’s because it’s super hot in my house and it’s probably melting but you guys can see the consistency of it it’s not as heavy as you would think I mean a heavy cream would be but it’s a really good consistency and one thing I’ve noticed about obvio be a natural products that I’ve used is that they just have.

Like this nice Airy consistency to them I haven’t tried any products from them that I have disliked yet so this I would recommend it smells really really good.

It’s super super moisturizing it says it’s a thick hydrating ph-balanced formulation will leave super dry coarse hair Stockton moisturize sweet almond oil is rich in nursing vitamins to promote healthy hair and it also has aloe vera and essential oils to form a protective barrier barrier from any hair and scalp so it was moisturizing it smells really really good and it has these just have a nice eerie consistency like I really really like it’ll.

Be a natural products like I need to try or restock on some of their other products that I used because they’re just really really good so I tried this I’m not trying to deep conditioner yet which I’ve been meaning to is just been sitting in my closet but I just have a feeling I’m gonna like it too let me show.

You guys the consistency of the twist with butter so the twist by butter is actually way thicker than the heavy cream so this is I mean it’s a butter thick but it still has that like light airy consistency to it it’s not like I mean.

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