May Favorites 2018 & My Current Natural Hair Regimen L Natural Hair Products

Y’all see some butters before that are like super super super thick this is more on the lighter.

Side if you will but this one anybody care for the smell of this one it was smell bad it just it I mean I kind of smell that it.

Has like a clean fresh scent to it but it doesn’t smell as good as the sweet almond heavy cream but this one too was very very moisturizing and oh this one too would go ahead and recommend actually any of you palates that I’ve tried honestly it’s a good.

Brand you guys let me know how you guys feel about Naturals so far I have not had any issues with them as far as any products that I’ve used from them I’m still.

Looking forward to trying out their deep conditioner but yeah let.

Me know how you guys feel about with your naturals and if you tried any of these to stylers that I just showed you guys like I said those are the only two styles I.

Like if I’m not filming for you guys I’m not doing a hairstyle that my.

This is how I retain the length because I keep it in a braid or a bun okay so those were my may favorites those were the products that I was using consistently throughout the month of May I hope this video was helpful for you guys let me know in the comments below.

If you tried any of these products also be sure to check the description box for all the details on all the products where you can buy them and all that good stuff and let me know if you guys spotted any of your.

Favorites or if you’re planning on trying any of the ones that I mentioned also let me know what other videos you guys would like to see let me know.

If you guys want me to do one of these videos every month as well I can definitely do that for you guys I’m definitely trying to be a little bit more active.

A little bit more consistent especially on YouTube I feel like I could do a YouTube video every now and then but I really like I told myself I’m gonna be really consistent especially in June I was gonna get my ish together and just all about consistency you guys so yeah I hope you guys found this video helpful make.

Subscribe to my channel and give this video a thumbs up so more people can find it comment below let me know what else.

You guys would like to see and I will see you guys in my next video I’m gonna go ahead and wash this face off my mom just came because we’re gonna go ahead and go for a walk well she’s gonna walk with Kylie and I’m gonna run and yeah that’s it hope you guys have a great day.

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