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Encouragement what a blessing it is I often find myself speaking life into situations for others when our paths cross ironically when is my journey I find it a challenge to hold on to that encouragement for my life I think most people can relate to this you see we all possess strength when it comes to comforting others but when.

The midst of our own struggles we temporarily lose sight of what we know to be truth and failed to rest in God’s promises so the rules tend to reverse and we ourselves suddenly need.

Encouragement I guess it’s just normal human behavior to fall victim to our flesh and wallow in our emotions when times.
Get tough at some point however we need to.

Come to our senses and trust God encouragement is often passed around recycled renewed and reused over and over unless the people or should I say the Christian spirits of this world it’s a blessing and an honor to be surrounded by like-minded.

People family and friends alike who encouraged me when I need it do you ever find yourself in a moment where you see a need to speak a life into someone through encouragement do you go to them or do you just hang back and observe I.

Challenge you to listen to that voice that prompts you to encourage someone when you see a need with their consent of course you’ll experience great joy in knowing.

That through encouragement initiated by the Holy Spirit you’ve touched someone’s life and helped them replace their sadness with joy love and hope.

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