Part 2: Be The Light – We Are All Born To Shine

I light what is light tonight I watch Syrian I thought that’s it look at her she is the burning us just for shining your light she’s what a while what a light like sherry man she’s going around yes sharing that light with the world a last part of those words they say we are meant to shine as children.

Do and when we let our light shine we unconsciously give others permission to do the same and you guys ever been in a.

Situation where you started laughing before everybody else maybe at a joke or maybe you were at a play or maybe in a movie theater you know and like yeah.

And then when you throw that thing it’s like all right oh yeah yeah yeah that’s right how often have we been in situations with everybody and one person shows you that it’s okay it’s okay to laugh so Kayla like it’s okay to be loud it’s okay to be boisterous it’s okay to be joyful it’s okay to be yourself it’s okay to just be your true authentic self whatever that is it’s okay you.

Know and when that happens it’s like light light light light light we all light up we all light up this is how we change the world it’s how we change our world you feel like you’re living in darkness be the light you’ve got it’s darkness everywhere this is darkness darling doesn’t this doesn’t exist it’s darkness that we imagine this doesn’t make this be that light and illuminate the space around you none of us can single-handedly change the whole world even the ones that have a lot of power and a lot.

Of money even they can’t change the whole world it’s a lot of crap going on none of us.

Can single-handedly change it.

All but what we can change is our world we can choose the little space that’s around us and by changing our world we change everybody else’s world we unconsciously liberate those around us to do the same our presence automatically liberates them from their fear this is one of the most powerful things you can do and this I hope I.

Will drive home tonight you are at the beginning of something very exciting you are here because love has brought you here these two people prove now this is light the world’s full of people like this we just don’t see it on the news we see other crap the world’s full of people like the purlins it’s also full of people that aren’t like the promise but we don’t worry about them we find.
That light we gravitate towards.

This we in in their in their illumination we we we feel that light on us and then we we start glowing and we we illuminate.

Those others around us be the light I went to a musical my friend is starring in at.

The moment and we at West End I went on a Monday it was funny it was funny yeah it was it was funny it was.

Good I swear it two nights later I went back with a different group of people people that knew my friend a lot better than the ones I’d gone with on Monday and they’re also funnier people they had probably a little bit darker cincy humor and the same exact musical two nights later was freaking hilarious it was so funny I.

Walked out of my stomach was like hurting my it was weird right you know like the cast hadn’t changed.

Nothing had changed but we laughed so much that what happened was then of course the rest of the audience they just it was infectious hey left and then what happened well the cast suddenly they’ve done a great job on Monday but by Wednesday with.

All that reaction from us they just they look like they just became like 10 times even better you know like they became even better at what they were doing they were reacting to us we’re reacting to them I thought wow that’s that’s not it was blew my mind two days and yet that is the power that we have if we just that’s their laughing can have that kind of impact on that cast who are doing this night after night they’re professionals but wow they.

Respond to that energy I know as a performer one big a gig with a few people maybe.

It’s not a great place the sound isn’t all that good there’s nothing about it very glamorous but you know what everybody there’s got great energy they’re into it they’re loving it for me it’s like wow I go home like I’m the king of the world I go.

To another gig great sound system everybody looks good everything about it like wow this should be amazing there’s no there’s no vibe there’s no energy there’s no there’s no give and take I’m just giving everything I got but kind of getting nothing back and I go home I think oh man I need to get a job the power.

We have to liberate each other the power that we have to illuminate each other this is a new day for you guys an exciting journey ahead and this week this is your launching pad this.

Is the week you’re gonna get your game head on you’re gonna be like yes I am about to become the brightest light I can be in my world I am about to illuminate every inch of darkness around me fear bang fear ain’t got nothing on me because fear doesn’t even exist because it’s based on some construct in my imagination that I’ve learned over.
Years we were born with two fears the fear.

Of falling the fear of loud noises apart from that everything was conditioned we’re just taught my life to be scared of stuff but you haven’t got anything to be afraid of because within you every single one of you if you set your mind to it you have the power to be everything you want to be set your goals use the term unrealistic if you have to make your dreams unrealistic make them crazy and realistic just think wow.

Like let your friends laugh at you when you tell them what you want to do what you want to achieve but if you can overcome fear you’ll never eliminate it you won’t delete it from your life it’s like it’s gonna be there it’s gonna be here it’s gonna be there sometimes it’s to be sitting on you sometimes you’re gonna be sitting on it it’s there but you can either propel you forward.

Give you the motivation to become everything you ever wanted to be at the top of a mountain looking at that view climbing those fears like they’re nothing but that mountain with a view where you can be buried underneath it and the viewing so nice down there this is the beginning a.

New day a new dawn anybody feeling good I said it about doing good can I get an amen in the house y’all a sad Church I tell you that let’s have another Amen you.

Take the boy out of the church but you can’t.

Take the church out of the boy birds flying high you know how I feel the Sun you.

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