Batman Arkham Knight – Gcpd Lockdown Original Arkham Nightwing Skin

Nefarious characters ill-gotten money check distinct lack of brain cells definitely check yeah this is gonna be fun raining on his parade ietters put a little in reserve well away from God yes but I heard Nightwing back in town you’re in jail Cobblepot what are you doing with all this you gonna get it man and you were doing so.

Gotham what for I ain’t telling you nothing you know 50,000 volts to the head hurts right now okay they’re busting him out of GCPD you’re too late it’s.

Already happening why so pessimistic you know when you fitted this thing with a self-destruct option you could have.

Asked him why yes the stony-faced intractability we left him for these guys on the other hand worked very tractable come on guys what of a fight please very cooperative couldn’t agree more if.

You wouldn’t mind installing the remote up like a device we can see what damage they’re done someone talk to me what’s going on uh sorry boss we’re not getting you.
Out of there anytime soon or the bloody hell no cuz we just.

Got our asses kicked I know no oh no you the one and only ours look just relax now that I’m here I’ll have you back down and behind bars in no time piss off pretty boy you know I love it when you get angry okay I’m connected they’ve done a good job but not good enough I.

Reroute power but it means rewiring some junction boxes there on the floors below I’m on it so I’ve been thinking you uh pretty much own everything now huh I hope you’re not going to ask me for a loan mr.

Grayson but I think you’ve been throwing some mad parties right yeah the time of my life it’s pitch black hey boss you still in.

There booty is he Dumpty sorry it’s just I hadn’t heard you screaming anyone for at least a minute I got worried I own this town night week and with Batman gone there’s no one who can stop me ginger floribunda bl├╝dhaven while you still can bossing happy you.

Know what a boss feels about stairs he gets out of breath angry what’s going on out there this is the first part waiting Oh Oh you’re our depth pretty.

Boy Batman ain’t coming to save you this time you come down Oh anyone see him where is he he sees someone watch your corners shoot anything that moves you think you can replace Batman you know I got a Negros boy you’re a band again now now something under the floor whatever it was it’s gone now that’s another.

Night we a racist pretty boy arrest got broken ribs from the last time so cool keep looking for the freak the last I see them get away watch that freak out like charge raising sensory gun Oh man I’m good okay junction box rewired good work mr.

great one more to go oh the newlyweds sent their regards by the way miss.

Gordon miss Gordon Drake I should say was kind enough to send some pictures the island retreat shows lovely ah my heart melts okay lucious we’re.

Done kid not a pretty boy I can hit a welcome party as we speak.

We have a problem two choppers are dropping off.

Reinforcements on the roof I’ll hold the elevator but it won’t take long for them to get him out I’ll stop him.

Oh and while you’re at it cut the lights take him out I should shut my eyes might even things up a little okay uh let’s get you out of that elevator area secured lucious reconnect power to the elevator hey boss we’re getting you out you are where’s Nightwing oh he’s right here we thought you’d want to say hello – sawed off much obliged maybe we should get that light.

On the roof fixed change the symbol what do you say thanks for the offer but.

This isn’t permanent hey little man please hasn’t been the scene without you eh dust.

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