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Sematary I think people know about it people probably heard about it people probably know that it’s a Stephen King novel but I’m not so sure how many people have seen the original movie with that said this looks like it has the perfect amount of creepiness the perfect amount of it’s probably gonna have you jump scares if I’m just being.

Honest I don’t know who’s directing this or anything like that about mom I’m not really worried about it but however very strong trailer I liked a lot actually I think it’s I think it’s I mean it’s just it’s just a very strong trailer I mean it’s it seems different enough from the original didn’t really play on the nostalgia of the original I don’t think but it looks like it looks like what it’s going to do is just open up that novel to.

Who never saw the original movie but it’s a good trailer nonetheless and I’m.

Excited to see the movie just like I’m excited for everything else on tonight’s podcast.

I think that looks I was like – how they misspelled it – with the ass I always thought that was cool anyways what did you guys think.

About the trailer for Pet Sematary the remake oh well I mean I guess it’s technically it could be it could I don’t know if it’s a remake of the movie as much as much as it is just an adaptation of the of the novel I don’t know I’m talking too much but what did you guys think about the newest trailer for Pet Sematary be sure.

To let us know in the comments below well I think I think that about does it for this solo solo edition of the hero shop podcast well I guess some.

I guess we got enough time though the way I like to to wrap up every edition of the hero shop podcast is a little segment I like to call the weekly pull we have a song when I’m not gonna say I’m not gonna sing it now I’m but I’m by myself it’s I don’t I’m not gonna embarrass myself in front of you good people but the weekly people it’s pretty simple topic pretty simple notion if you if you if you will.

It’s just something that I’ve come across within the past week or so that I would recommend you guys checking out and this one is it’s pretty it’s pretty simple but it’s very very nostalgic and it hits me right in the fields coheed and cambria obviously is a hard rock band for those who don’t who are the uninitiated out there Coheed is is the band that they.

Uh as cheesy as this is they like they they helped me get through high school and I mean I’m not saying that for any particular reason.

They were just they were just what I.

That was what I listened to in high school that was what got me through high school was me and my best friend we were very into Coheed for our senior trip we went in Saco he’d at Warped Tour and I’ve seen them several.

Times since then they put out a new album earlier this week.

Called and I can never remember the titles because they’re because they’re long this is this is embarrassing vexes Act one the unheavenly creatures they’ve always they’ve always played up the the titles of the.

Albums very a lot of dashes a lot of hyphens a lot of a lot of what’s the two dots the two dots semicolon : lot of colons that’s what it is um but the reason why I.

Bring this up and the reason why it means so much to me is because like I said this is a band that’s been around for 15 years or so I remember listening to I remember the first time hearing them.

When I was in middle school and and it’s been a long time ago trust me.

About music on this show I’m not a I’m not I’m not in any way equipped to fully talk about music like that but I’ve given this album a listen and the reason why I bring it up is only because and for those who don’t know Kohi who don’t listen to Coby this obviously means nothing to you this whole podcast probably meant nothing to you but hey we’re just gonna.

Keep doing our thing the the reason why I wanted to bring up this new Coheed album is because um Coheed was a band for a long time I’d say probably the first.

Let’s see from 2011 to when they started in 2001 or so so ten years the first ten years of their their tenure as a band they put out like four albums I think that was four or five albums.

And there was a lot of time in between each album to sort of let let let the music sort of marinate and stew and for me to kind of really grow to love it more recently they have gone to producing about an album if not every year if not every other year then every year they’ve done they’ve doubled their catalog in five years five six.

Years which hasn’t necessarily been all bad or not bad thing but it the music’s have been different the music I don’t think I don’t think many people would would are that the music is a bit different than those first few albums even as much to say that their previous album to this newest release was so for the for the uninitiated out there Coheed and the reason one.

Of the reasons why I love them so much is they have in their albums and their music they although that all their albums except for one have been concept albums they all revolve around this sort of overarching narrative called the amory wars.

Which is a very cool sort of sci-fi epic story that follows this family that’s and different planets and things like that there’s a few comics and graphic novels that have been released sort of depicting depicting the different the different.

Events that take place in this in this.

Story that Claudio the the main singer of the band has has written over the years and like I said with their last release they went so far as to come right out and say that none of these songs actually have.

Anything to do with that concept but with that story which some of the some of the music was fine but I.

I missed the narrative I missed the concept and a couple of the album’s before that.

We’re just so different it just didn’t feel like old Coheed well with this newest album it feels like old koete again and I know I’m going on and on.

About a band that most people probably don’t know or don’t care about but it means a lot to me uh-huh and I thought this was I thought this was.

Really special because I got kind of emotional well the first time that I.

Listened to a couple of the songs because it’s just problem oh man this is so silly it brought me back to those old days and whoo this is god I’m such a I’m such a wimp I swear I’m such a wimp with this stuff but you know it’s just like it I got emotional listen to a couple of those songs because um those were good times back then and not to say that things.

Aren’t aren’t great now things are great now but man those are some fun times back then listen and that was sort of the soundtrack to uh to those days and and getting to just sort of remember that was uh it was it was just oh it was just a special time oh god I’m.

Sorry everybody this is so stupid God but no um I apologize for that that was unnecessary but uh but no I I really enjoyed this album a lot like I said the the title is vac sis Act one the unhappily the unheavenly creatures and there’s a few songs on this album that really took me.

Back to back to those old days and and man it just it felt good it felt like ten years ago you know being uh finishing.

Up high school and just sort of like I said it was it was like the soundtrack to like my summers and.

Stuff like that and it just took me back I’m really cut I feel so bad about losing it there for a second with you guys please please forgive me but but I mean I.

Don’t know it’s just it’s just really it’s just really fun getting to sort of think about just to think about those days and to and to sort of relive it again through this music and I know this has probably sounds stupid to a lot of you people but that’s okay I know I’m I know I’m a stupid guy but I just I do that’s you the best with what I got but after all of the laughter and the tears and the.

The emotions that puts that brings us to the end of this week’s edition of the hero shop podcast I.

Want to say thank you to to to those of you who hopped into the chat this evening who took this took this solo journey with me I appreciate you guys.

Being there for anybody checking out the replay be sure to subscribe to the hero shot media YouTube channel that way you guys can stay up to date with all of the latest videos that we.

Fun putting out for you guys if you guys are more partial to the audio version of the podcast be sure to subscribe to us on iTunes Google Play stitcher radio whatever your preferred podcasting platform of your preference whoo this we’ve laughed we’ve cried we’ve been through the emotional spectrum on this one tonight’s and I I’m glad.

That’s I’m glad that we did because that probably wouldn’t happen.

If the other guys had been there had been here hopefully next week we’ve.

Got say more of a full roster on this one but it was kind of fun doing it solo with you guys I had a good time I been freaked.

Having to do a podcast alone.

For you know ever since we started this podcast a year and a half to almost two years ago aye-aye-aye since the beginning I have been extremely terrified of having to do a podcast solo and we broken through it I think we did it I think we did a good job guys I think I think it worked out pretty good RW yeah man I’m gonna have the replay up here hopefully at some point later tonight so you can check.

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