James Gunn To Write & Direct Suicide Squad 2? | Heroshot Podcast #63

That out and I appreciate the comment thanks so much but with that said be sure it like I said be sure to subscribe to the channel the YouTube channel here here shop media or subscribe to us on here on on Google Play stitcher radio iTunes whatever whatever you do for the audio podcast be sure to subscribe to us maybe drop us a like a review if you feel like if you feel like we deserve it be sure to follow us online at on Twitter and Instagram just at hero shot media art orw yeah I.

Have seen the original yeah I mentioned before before.

Playing the trailer yeah it’s one of it was one of those for me and a few of my friends growing up the original was like one of the Halloween go twos I felt like every Halloween we watch the original Pet Sematary so seeing the seeing that they are making a new one is very.

It’s very exciting for me so alright guys well that about wraps up this edition of the hero shot podcast be sure to come back next week same hero time same hero network alright guys we’ll see you next week.

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