James Gunn To Write & Direct Suicide Squad 2? | Heroshot Podcast #63

Are still planning on using his draft his original draft of the script for Suicide Squad 3 at least I hope so I really think that he has a grasp on those characters and I think once that news became official that he would no longer be employed for DC and Marvel I think the the next immediate thought for most fans was okay when is it when.

Is DC going to sign this man up and what projects is he going to be jumping on I think a lot of us thought that it would be a good idea for him to get on the Green Lantern Corps project which I still think is a great idea I mean it’s a little.

Bit it’s a little bit almost too on-the-nose when you’re comparing Green Lantern and and and and guardians of the galaxy maybe even more if you’re comparing Green Lantern and Captain Marvel but that is another discussion for another day but I think Suicide Squad too makes a lot of sense I think I think obviously Warner Brothers in DC warrant.

A lot of hate when it comes to hate is a kind of a strong word a lot of disappointment from their fans when it comes to the movies that.

They have produced thus far you know we’ve said it enough on this show I think that Man of Steel is a.

Brilliant movie I really enjoy BVS Suicide Squad not so much I think Wonder Woman is great I think Justice.

League was a bit of a miss I think the marketing for Aquaman looks great I think the marketing for Shazam looks fantastic and when it comes to and what a woman what we’ve seen out of Wonder Woman for.

I think also looks very good but I mean I think that’s to be expected with how great that movie was what.

What I think though is is this is if this ultimately goes the way that I think it will I think this is just as much of.

A win as you can get if you were DC or Warner Brothers I think that’s I think that when it comes to a gut when you want to get a guy who understands comics and not only understands comics but I want to choose my words carefully here a guy who proved that you could take characters that no one knew which I.

Mean say what you want about the first Suicide Squad movie and I don’t think many people knew a lot of those characters before the original Suicide Squad came out I think that James Gunn really.

Knows what it takes he knows more than being just a comic fan I think he knows what it takes to make a fun successful movie franchise.

I think he has I’m not you know and say what you want about using like a formula or what-have-you but I think that he could do really good things with Suicide Squad I think the bones are there I think Suicide Squad was kind of a mess for several reasons I don’t think it was necessarily an awfully directed movie Jace what’s the guy’s name to direct to the first Suicide Squad Jett airs David here’s David Ayer’s I.

Knew we’d get there eventually I think David Ayer’s is an extremely talented guy and I think he did I think he.

Did the best he could that movie I think kinda got away from him and well I think that’s easier to do then then have it not get away from you but I think him man I think James Gunn could direct the heck out of a Suicide Squad too and I think you could make.

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