James Gunn To Write & Direct Suicide Squad 2? | Heroshot Podcast #63

The characters more just more fun I think in the marketing for the future DC films whether it be Shazam or Aquaman I think we are starting to see that that tonal shift that we heard so much about after.

Justice League well Justice League we kind of got it a little bit there there in the end I think if you are looking for a director that.
Can really stick some fund into a prop into a into a what do you call.

It not a franchise I guess a franchise that that really needs it and imagine like what he could do with Harley Quinn and Deadshot and and Jared Leto’s Joker which you know we’ve said several times on the show that Jared Leto’s Joker did not get a fair shake in that movie the original Suicide Squad so I mean I think all around this is this is extremely good news fingers crossed that this actually happens it seems like.

When it comes to the movie world when things are mmm too good to be true that usually means that they are however it does it does appear to be that it is quite confirmed that he will be that he will be riding the Suicide Squad sequel James Gunn will have a whole new take on it but whether that means a total recasting or not is unclear given that Margot Robbie’s.

Harley Quinn was one of the most popular characters in the first Suicide Squad and she’s also an birds of prey you know I’m not I don’t know I don’t think you necessarily would have.

I think James Gunn is he is a talented director and I think he could take those scraps that were left from the original Suicide Squad and and make a make something really delicious out of it but what do you guys.

Think about the potential of James Gunn and not only writing but also directing a Suicide Squad sequel are you guys.

On board like I am or are you a little bit more hesitant given James Gunn’s history I guess I guess that’s the best way to put I don’t know exactly how you would put that but I think it’s great news and fingers crossed I hope it happens but like I said I would not be surprised if it doesn’t moving on.

To more news in the world of movies so I think all of us are aware that a few months ago the oh one more thing before we move on for Suicide Squad – apparently dave bautista wants to be in Suicide Squad – and some of this fan art of him as Bane is pretty spectacular how perfect would.

That be Dave Batista is Bane I think I think that would be an what do you call it a knock out of the park or some baseball-reference I don’t know but I think I think that would be a home run and I don’t know I think um Dave Bautista has certain he.

Was certainly very upset when it came to James Gunn getting the boot from suicides from guardians of the galaxy 3 and he has expressed interest in being part of this Suicide Squad sequel with fingers crossed James Gunn directing so we will just have to wait and see how that goes I think DC’s listening.

To fans I certainly think that is something that that could very well happen like I was saying we’ve known now for several months that the deal between Disney and 21st Century Fox had been signed and sealed and whatever the legal mumbo-jumbo is for for here in the States now we do know.

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