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That when it comes to international markets that was going to take some time to get those t’s crossed and those eyes dotted but it does appear that via 20th Century Fox president Peter right that as of January 1 of 2019 which is only a few months away that’s we.

Could potentially see the deal done as early as at the beginning of January which I think Kevin Feige has stated on numerous occasions and I don’t know I don’t know that the validity of this statement I think he is I think those those cogs are turning in his mind I think I think the that ball is rolling for.

Sure I think that some I think that he is already trying to figure out the best way to to use these fox characters.

Now I let me back up a bit for those who perhaps.

Don’t know Disney and and and Fox have had different portions of the Marvel comic universes characters for several years now Marvel sold off several of its film film rights to many of its characters back.

In the oh you’d say late 90s early 2000s which is why you’ve got a Ghost Rider movie produced by such and such a daredevil movie produced by this this company which is why Sony has always produced the spider-man films and still technically to this day still do even though spider-man has appeared in several of.

The MCU Disney films it’s it’s it’s kind of complicated but up until this point.

Any x-men or fantastic four movies have been produced by 20th Century Fox you go back to the alt the original x-men movies the original fantastic four movies Logan even what’s a what is that Dark Phoenix and New Moon – almost a dark mutants there for a while Logan Deadpool Deadpool – all of that has been produced and and created by the team over at Fox well a few months ago we got news that Fox will we is in the process of selling of distributing several of.

Their film properties to the highest bidder basically and Disney and what.

Was that other company Comcast was it Comcast they sort of got into that bidding war there for a while and it was actually extremely entertaining to kind of see how one kind of battled each other but.

In the end is knee ultimately prevailed and and now it just became a matter of time before we would see the x-men characters Deadpool and the Fantastic Four returned to their rightful home with the with Marvel proper and in Disney now.

I I don’t have to say I fought this for a long time I was against this for a long time but I I thought.

About it a lot and I think that I think it’s just time we’ve had almost 20 years now with Fox controlling the x-men characters and.

The Fantastic Four characters and we’ve gotten a couple of good movies out of it we got dead we got the original Deadpool Deadpool.

To Logan a couple of the x-men movies the rest of the movies not so much that I mean they aren’t all gonna be winners but.

I think I think it’s just time I think it’s time for I think it’s time for these characters to.

Be sort of refreshed in a new a new universe a new atmosphere for these characters to breathe a little bit.

And I don’t think that became more apparent to me until I saw the the trailer for Dark Phoenix and you know I was excited for New Mutants I thought that was a very refreshing take on those.

Characters a horror movie with superhero characters comic book characters I thought that was a very good idea but that has now been pushed back several times I don’t.

Even know when that movie is coming out now but I saw that first trailer for Dark Phoenix and it’s just so boring for lack of a better word I’m just I think it’s time I think it’s just kind of tired I think it’s time for these characters to go or kind of where they truthfully belong and I think I think Marvel has shown they kind of know what they’re doing on these movies they they have made you know they.

Haven’t made they all haven’t.

Been winners and the MCU Thor the dark world what else what does there’s a couple that really stand out the the two Iron Man sequels really weren’t great if I’m being honest.

There been a couple of missteps but here as of the past two or three years they’ve really been kind of winter after winter after winter after winter culminating with infinity war this year I mean we have gotten ant-man since then I’m out of the wasp and I think Captain Marvel looks great but I I.

Think it’s just time I cannot wait to see what Kevin Feige and the team over at the MCU and Disney are able to do with with the x-men characters.

I’m very excited to see where they take these characters I don’t think it’s going to be a straight-up transfer of these current characters with McEvoy and Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence is mystique and all the current characters that they’re the this younger cast that they’re working with now unfortunately I think if I were a betting man I would.

Say that the x-men are recast which is unfortunate because I think the one thing that Fox got right after Days of Future past which is another.

Good one that I forgot to mention I think that um I think the Fox did a really good really good thing I think they did the impossible almost when it came to.

Rebooting their own universe within their own universe in the form of Days of Future past that was something that I don’t think was incredibly easy to pull off and I think they did.

It now I think it’s kind of run its course when it comes to Deadpool I think that’s my my gut would be that they would continue to use Ryan Reynolds’s Deadpool which I think honestly when some people who are sticklers for continuity and things like that I think.

Issue with that some people I know don’t think that that would happen I honestly think when it comes to the success of Deadpool and things like that going forward I think you would have to continue using Ryan Reynolds I would personally love to see an ex universe an X or an X the x-men within the MCU kind of spun off of.

Deadpool I think that would be extremely interesting with that version of Colossus that you know negasonic teenage warhead even go to Deadpool to like that version of juggernaut I think that would be extremely that version of x-force maybe who knows even though they all kind of know well you know I.

Think that would be extremely fun to sort of spin the Deadpool universe into how you explain the x-men and the MCU in the first place but that probably is not gonna happen that way I mean I what do I know but I do.

Hope that you continue to get Ryan Reynolds cat in the role as Deadpool but I think we are glossing over the fact that it’s very exciting that as early as here in about three months we could particularly see this deal completely 100% done Kevin Feige has stated on numerous occasions that they are not doing anything.

Fox characters until this deal is completely done so if you are hoping for crossover into who Fantastic Four or x-men and Avengers four I think that might be a little bit misguided maybe hopefully by 2000 and by the end of 2019 I hope we get some kind of announcement an image.

Something knowing that the the Fox characters are now are.

Officially in the MCU I think that would.

Be that would be a good way to do it because this is sort of moving a little bit faster than I.

Think some of us anticipated I mean the deal didn’t officially didn’t officially get done in the States until a few months ago I want to say about the.

Middle of the summer maybe June or June or July or thereabouts um I’ve been earlier than that I don’t have a great memory I don’t I don’t remember and I think a lot of us thought that it would take about a full year for all of those all of those negotiations to sort of take place well it looks like this has been fast-tracked and.

Now fingers crossed as early as January we could now officially.

Say that the fox characters are back where they belong in in the warm and loving embrace of Mickey Mouse and the rest of the family over there at Disney and Kevin Feige and all of those beautiful people now what does that leave us with I think if I now correct me if I’m wrong when it comes to the universe be the the Marvel Universe being one a person complete.

The spider-man’s rogues gallery all still are technically with Sony it would be awesome if that wasn’t the case but.

With how willing Sony is to use anything and put spider-man on it I think I’m not sure if that’s gonna change anytime soon that almost changed there for a while when.

Sony almost went out of business there a.

Few years ago but that was when we got the original deal that Sony would be on loan our spider-man would be on loan to Marvel for civil war and infinity war and homecoming and now far from home I think that I think that I don’t know I think I hope Sonia and Disney can figure something out and continue to use the character in the MCU because if they pulled.

The character out for you know if they just felt.

Like they just wanted to pull the character out and just put him in this awful venom universe that we just got in in this latest venom movie the minimum.

The minimum he wasn’t awful but I could have been way better and it would have been a lot better if it had had spider-man in it that those kind of things are above my paygrade I don’t know how complicated a deal like that would be but I’d know for fans sake that it would.

Be it would be worth it to blend everything into one I think I know that’s probably impossible but if you could somehow put the rest of the.

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