James Gunn To Write & Direct Suicide Squad 2? | Heroshot Podcast #63

Of the of the spider-man’s rogues gallery in the MCU like you did with vulture and Scorpion and the Shocker and all that cool stuff I think.

It would be awesome to see I could get like a.

Like a almost an almost complete universe I.

Know that the defenders kind of don’t count there in the the Netflix universe The Runaways what is that cloak and dagger they’re kind of the TV side agents of.

Shield when it comes to other characters now I think Namor Submariner is all is universal I think.

They still technically own the rights the.

To Submariner Namor that’s why we haven’t seen him in this universe yet and the MCU it would be I don’t know what.

The deal I don’t know what kind of deal Marvel gave Universal however long ago that was friend of Submariner but I would hope that the there’s some kind of lapse in that deal and Marvel is able.

To get that character back one way or another you can kind of tell that from the lack of that character I know he’s popped up here and there and the comic universe like what was that x-men gold.

For a little rx been read maybe I don’t remember but he’s popped up here and there in the comics and I think that his lack of being in the comics is due to the fact that the MCU is not able to put him in the movies and then I think the only other kind of hiccup that we’ve got in the universe being like 100 percent complete is the.

Fact that Universal also owns the distribution rights to a Hulk standalone movie which is why.

We haven’t gotten one since 2008 or 9 whenever the Incredible Hulk movie came out that’s why we probably won’t see a standalone movie for a while which is fine he works great as a secondary character Paul Mark Ruffalo and no and all of that speaking of which I don’t know if anybody saw over the past was it like Friday I think it was when Mark Ruffalo.

Was on the Jimmy Fallon show and there was all that controversy about him releasing the title of Avengers 4 let me just say that that was totally 100% a planned comedic bit I know there’s a lot of people on.

The internet who think that Mark Ruffalo actually released the title and then NBC had to go back and and censor it because Marvel made them I those people need to come back down to reality a little bit and realized that that was totally a planned a bit they were never anticipating releasing the title the other night on the Jimmy Fallon show plus you got to think about.

It Jimmy Fallon comes on NBC NBC is owned by Universal comcast I think that’s right I don’t know I could be wrong about that I think that’s right why would Mark Ruffalo be releasing.

Information on a show that is not a betting that is not part.

Family he would be do and that’s why you get all of this all of the trailers for Captain Marvel and stuff like that.

On Good Morning America Jimmy Kimmel these are all ABC shows not Jimmy Fallon who comes on NBC.

I think that’s right NBC who owns NBC that’s as an American English language property of NBC Universal is a subsidiary of Comcast yeah not Disney not ABC so sorry – sorry to burst your bubble there but no that was a bit and I hate that some people thought that there was some truth behind that.

Now we did get a little bit of news and this I’m going off topic.

Not planning on talking about this but we did get the news at one point last week from some credible sources that believe that the title now I don’t think this is a spoiler this is I’ll put a spoiler warning in the in the in the in the replay of the podcast if.

I have to but um none of this is substantiated none of us none of this is confirmed but do several several online websites I think a website has to be on the online but a lot of websites started running with the idea the rumor that the that of interest.

For was going to be called Avengers annihilation you go back to that image that the Russos put out a week or two ago where they’ve got like the two ladders that look like a and a and they’re just like look closer and it’s supposed to be something with the title I.

Don’t know I wouldn’t I personally I wouldn’t hate anihilation I mean a title is not that important to me I think it the movie needs to be good and there’s a lot of.

There’s a lot of there’s a lot of evidence that the movies gonna be fantastic I mean infinity war was fantastic so why wasn’t this movie I’m not really that worried about.

A title to be honest with you but I would not hate anihilation as a title there’s a couple I really liked what’s the one Doctor Strange what does he say shoot Doctor Strange Avengers for tidal what did he say in game in game let’s just see what Google has to say for Avengers for title and the rumor mill.

The clues are in plain sight take a look at probably the most convincing Avengers 4 title theory AdBlocker don’t run on this page there you go there is the photo look close look hard oh this is talking about annihilation the village for title.

Is probably going to be revealed after the movie finishes at this rate the never ending reveal though might be close to coming to an end that’s because there’s a new Avenger stem.

To Jimmy Conrad MCU cosmic cosmic Jeremy Conrad really smart dude by the way.

And and he’s the one who sort of promoted this and vengers annihilation title listen III would not hate that as a title not not one not one bit but um I’m not really worried about the title I’m worried.

Too but I’m not worried about the movie I’m worried about what I’m gonna do for the next eight months until the movie comes out I think annihilation could be a very cool title I think in game would have been a cool title I think know whatever they know what.

If whatever Disney and Marvel picks as the title for Linder’s for I think it’s going to it’s gonna be fine with me because.

That kind of stuff does not upset me because I’m a realistic human being uh-huh but it’s gonna piss some.

People off probably one way or another I mean hopefully not but I think it will no matter what it is because with anything that comes with rumors and things like that people start to speculate on their own when.

It that ends up not being the case that’s where disappointment comes from and when the title is probably not annihilation here in a few months or.

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