James Gunn To Write & Direct Suicide Squad 2? | Heroshot Podcast #63

I’m sorry here in probably a month when we get that first trailer.

I don’t know I think some people are going to be upset whatever whatever Marvel ends up choosing some fans out there gonna.

Be like well they should have gone with this and obviously they didn’t so that that is I don’t know I forget what we were talking about the fox thing the fox thing is great news I cannot wait for the x-men characters to be in the MCU really excited about the Fantastic Four if I’m being honest but I I think that this is all really good news for all parties involved.

Now if we could just get mo Sony to quit making venom movies and to put -.

Give it to give spider-man back – to Marvel I think that would be fantastic speaking of Avengers 4 another thing that I forgot to put in the show notes.

We got an image via if I could spell correctly we got an image from Zoe Saldana via her personal Instagram accounts I think a day or two ago that she is.

Currently in Reese she is currently shooting her portion doing her personal reshoots for Avengers 4 and I think this is very interesting spoiler alert considering the fact that the character died in infinity war does it is this evidence that there actually will be time travel in Avengers 4 like so many people speculate or is this a.

A is this evidence that the character somehow was brought back to life resurrection style in whatever Avengers 4 is going to be.

Called you can see several she posted a few images of her in the makeup chair getting all greened up for her shots and Avengers 4 I don’t think this comes as really.

A surprise to anyone I think if anyone with a least a partially functioning brain knew that a large portion of those characters who died in infinity war would be coming back in one way or another namely spider-man Doctor Strange and black panther the the the I don’t know the term the the the forefront into your next few phases of the.

Cinematic Universe you would be completely idiotic to kill those characters off I think a lot of us know that those characters are not actually gone for good they will be back in one way or another whether it’s time travel or use of the.

Infinity stones who knows that will be a question for when the movie comes out here in just.

A few more months I was wondering seeing a scene if this had a release date cuz I don’t know the release date off.

My head which is unfortunate let’s see Avengers for Avengers for May.

3rd 2019 now and more than likely well just like infinity war I would think that that probably is pushed back to the last week of April just like infinity war was so that’s will remain to be seen.

But it’s all good news good news for fans hey this is the one the one episode of this podcast where we’ve actually.

Been able to give really good news to DC fans and to Marvel fans I think I think we’re bringing we’re bridging the gap people I think this is going to I think this is just good news for everyone we can all be happy fans.

Together and just you know just root for each other what’s the saying of a rising tide lifts all boats or what else well whatever that saying is we got.

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