James Gunn To Write & Direct Suicide Squad 2? | Heroshot Podcast #63

Our first image first official poster of the live-action Aladdin movie coming in two coming in May 2000 and 19 I think this is it’s a beautiful poster very cool purpley image of the lamp and the genie alluding to the genie played by Will Smith I think this is a just I got a little little goose-pimply there just looking at this image and and just I’m very excited for.

The upcoming live-action Disney animated remakes obviously I think one of my most anticipated films for 2019 is Lion King now I’m just realizing that both of these bream both of these are coming out in 2019 let’s see lion king 2019 is July and Aladdin is May so that is quite quite interesting that there would be two huge Disney remakes one month apart from each other I think that’s very interesting I don’t know if that was.

Necessarily the intention out.

The gate but fans win for it because I think I think this looks very exciting you got Will Smith playing the genie obviously the former role that Robin Williams filled in the animated the animated film let’s see here if I know any of these people Minna masu Mossad Mossad playing Aladdin Naomi Scott playing Jasmine Marwan kins re playing Jafar and Will Smith playing the genie and no other casting.

Information but I think this is very exciting news just like everything else that we’ve gotten in this exciting all-around podcast tonight what do.

You guys think about this image is this does this do anything for you I like looking at it I don’t know if there’s anything like hidden in there that we’re supposed to notice probably not but you know what this I think what this means for me personally and what I’m the most happy about is that means we’re not far off from probably a first trailer which would be amazing and then also a trailer for The Lion.

King movie I was just thinking about it like last night or the night before when we would get that first Lion King trailer and the Internet is going to explode when that first trailer comes out I tell you.

I tell you what I mean it’s gonna be an exciting summer for 2019 infinity war Lion King Aladdin and.

Of course everything else that I’m forgetting Shazam next year is going to be pretty stacked as the kids say these days what do you guys think about this image of this first poster for the Aladdin film are you guys as geeked as I am some I guess this is not-so-great news the first bit of unfortunate news that we’ve covered in the podcast yet.

This evening um so they are working on a joker movie right not a Jared Leto Joker movie no no not so fast the Lee joaquin phoenix version of the Joker which is separate from the Jared Leto Joker that is the walking Phoenix version is being filmed by are being directed by Tom Phillips we got our first few images here the past few weeks.

I think the images have looked stellar if.

I say so myself but we got kind of an unfortunate story here coming out today from the production of The Joker film and basically the story just goes on to say that the working condition for the a lot of the extras who were involved in the Brooklyn subway station scene for this upcoming Joker.

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