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Movie movie extras filming scenes in the Brooklyn subway station for the Joker.

Movie were repeatedly locked on a subway car for over three.

Hours according to TMZ the extras were denied their break after two hours of work and started banging them with subway doors asking to be let out as many needed to use the restroom the lack of being allowed to.

Leave the subway car led to some resort of the urinating on the train tracks through small spaces between the cars yeah this is not a good look for the Joker production I don’t think ultimately it’s going to be much in the way of affecting the movie all that much unfortunately I mean the way.

These people are obviously were treated is is very inhumanely I think there I don’t know I I don’t I don’t know anything about movie sets or what it takes on a big-budget movie production I don’t know why these people are locked in a car a rail rake a subway car.

For three hours that seems a little bit extreme I guess moving people back and forth is a little bit a little bit I would I could see that taking up a lot of time moving that many people back and forth on and off a subway car they wanted to keep them on there but that’s.

Not an excuse you got to you know there’s like rules and regulations for these people they can only.

Work so many hours and they can only do so many things so I’m sure.

Have to somebody’s probably gonna have to pay a fine or something I don’t know so some.

Retribution will have to take place for these unfortunate extras being treated this way I don’t I don’t think that that was good for anyone but I don’t think it’s gonna mean anything for the for the project in the long term I’m sure I I’m sure this kind.

Of stuff goes on all the time we just don’t ever hear about it you know you’ve heard people who are extras in movies say all the time about standing in one spot for hours on time just to be in a movie it sounds pretty awful if you ask me I would I would avoid that at all.

Cost if I had the opportunity to be an extra in a movie I would probably just say no no thanks I’m good I know this is a is an unfortunate story i I hope that these poor people who were treated this way are able to be to get some sort of.

Retribution in one way or another I don’t invite them to the premiere invite all of those people to the premiere and I guarantee you they they forget all about it I think that’s a good way a good way to take care of it.

Don’t don’t worry I don’t worry about paying them just to just fly them out.

Put them in a hotel I could probably get it kind of expensive just invite this give them a ticket.

To the to the to the premiere once that happens however like I said this probably won’t affect the reputation of the Joker movie it looks pretty fantastic if I say so myself I’m a little.

Bit worried about what Todd Phillips is planning on doing being that he I’m not super familiar with Todd Phillips his filmography I know.

That he did the hangover movies but I’m not super familiar with.

His other work I think he did Oh old school um let’s see here what we know road trip okay old school Starsky and Hutch hmm school for scoundrels I remember that one okay he did not you did not direct Borat but I saw it on here uh hang over due date funny movie hangover part to Hangover Part 3 war dogs this is a movie I never saw but I heard it was pretty.

Good he was a producer on a star is born oh that’s that well why didn’t recognize the title and he is directing the.

Joker movie um I’m not really that worried about it but I do think that it’s going to be different to say the least I think this is going to be sort of a different take on the Joker character which is completely needed I think it’s completely refreshing when we’ve had so many versions.

Evil versions of the Joker character in recent in recent memory I think I’ve taken a little bit differences is a good.

Thing I think this is a I think this is all a very good thing just like the rest just like.

Everything on this podcast tonight it’s all good things except for people having to pee off of a subway car that is no good for anyone.

The last couple of stories are older stories that go back a few days I still have not had a.

Chance to check out the this extended footage of Aquaman I’ve heard some really great things I’ve seen some very cool photos on on Instagram and things like that but I thought it would be fun to sort of wrap this this edition of the podcast up with a couple of trailer reactions I know this is a little bit a little bit past its prime Oh Isaac’s in the chat hey man you’re never alone with Corey with you start the revolution share the pamphlets Isaac you got that right Isaac.

I’m glad to hear from you man this has been a it’s been a lonely podcast without any of my cohorts I’m glad you are here I was just getting ready to.

Check out this Aquaman footage that I had not had a chance to check out yet so unfortunately with the with the the big screen pulled out of the way and the set sort of rearranged you.

Well anybody watching the live version of the podcast won’t get to check this out but it definitely will be in the replay of the podcast so with up with enough of that said let’s jump into this Aquaman footage shall we.

Here we go so excited for his movie is that the gut is that is that Jango Fett and I guess Jango Fett ding looking for Atlantis okay I guess they find it.

Was a desert when you’re not thinking I’m digging.

Here I’m diggin that I think Jason Momoa in his own movie okay goosebumps definitely passed the goosebumped it what are.

The whales no speech bubbles down with that a true okay yes if you’re not on board with this Dolph.

Lundgren plus lunch London hmm Black Manta and his little man tats Hey look at Mira busting through walls in ish dude this looks amazing I just I don’t even have I don’t even words to say this is indeed it was I love the the camerawork in the action scenes I.

Don’t know what that is about.

Liking cedar oh ho I’ve got so much to say god please don’t let the movie suck giant crab was that a Megalodon yes who your boys sweating well that was fun I’m glad I yeah you know I knew I’d heard so many good.

Things up until this point that’s a kind of glad I waited I wanted to I wanted to share my initial reaction with that with you lovely people um but no I don’t I mean I don’t know what.

Else to say other than I might be looking forward to Aquaman more than Captain Marvel.

It definitely is my most anticipated movie for the rest of the year I.

Don’t know we’re really what else it has to battle with fantastic beasts I don’t know but it definitely is my most anticipated movie of the rest of 2018 that and I think that that’s more movie should put out.

Little more movie should put out five-minute trailers if I’m being real I think that is awesome now hopefully that is not the best five minutes out of the entire movie that remains to be seen but I don’t know man like the one thing that I have said about Aquaman that I am really that I’m really wanting is and I mean this is not a very good metaphor or not a very good way to explain this but I really want guardians of the galaxy underwater.

And I feel like I’m getting that with this trailer when.

It comes to all the different creatures all the different landscapes all the different places and this and that all the different outfits like I think this is going to be something special now James 1 is a fantastic director and it’s so crazy he’s directing freakin an Aquaman movie but I’m not complaining I think this looks fantastic that is one of the best.

Trailers I’ve seen probably since and I’m speaking in like hyperbole here but that is one of the best that’s probably one of the best pieces of marketing I’ve seen since the last infinity war trailer I mean it’s that it is.

That level of just well put together I should have watched that trailer last instead of the one that I’m gonna watch next but we shall wait and see but I mean I don’t know what else to say I am so.

Looking forward to Aquaman I can never freakin remember release dates Aquaman December 14th is that a good thing I think that’s a good thing Christmas time I could I could see this movie taking December if I’m being real I think the only.

What’s the other one other thing coming out fantastic beasts I think that’s the only the Star Wars would have been coming out solo should be should have been coming.

Not so that just leaves more room for Aquaman just to be awesome and if this five minute trailer is as to just an indication.

Of what’s to come for this hopefully two hour plus movie I don’t think there’s a running time yet no I don’t see one but I don’t know man that’s fantastic I freaking love that I really like that a lot I want to watch that again I’m not gonna do it right now but I want to watch it again just just to see what I missed.

I love the the back and forth between the actress playing Mara and Jason mamoa I apologized or the actress’s name what’s his.

Name from the conjuring playing the villain I’m so bad with names I get called out so many times for saying what’s his name and what’s her face and you know the guy.

But with all of that said what did you guys think about this Warner Brothers this Aquaman extended footage let’s see 144 thousand likes 4000 dislikes I could see that I mean you’re not gonna please everybody but dude that is so freaking awesome I loved it can’t.

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