James Gunn To Write & Direct Suicide Squad 2? | Heroshot Podcast #63

I wait for the.

Movie most exciting movie for the rest of the year more excited for Aquaman than I am for Captain Marvel sorry I said what are you gonna do.

About it probably nothing just complain in the comments that’s okay I could take it the last thing for this edition of the here sub podcast and we are oh we are almost at an hour I anticipated this solo edition to be like 35 minutes maybe and.

We are we are getting on past that the last little bit of another trailer reaction.

That I wanted to do this is a lot newer than that.

Aquaman footage this says it came out today but I think it came out yesterday I don’t I don’t I don’t recall.

This is so Pet Sematary now for me this movie holds a bit of a special place in my heart only because of the fact that it is it it is of course a remake of the Pet Sematary I don’t know the year that the original one came out 1989 the original Stephen King Pet.

Came out in 1989 and the only reason why I say that is because what am i me and my best friend growing.

Watched the original Pet Sematary like a couple of times a year we watched every Halloween we were real big into watching scary movies at Halloween and I remember going to Ritz and stay the night at his house and and watching this we would.

Watch Pet Sematary we would watch dreamcatcher and there was there was like a lid or Oh tation of a few movies that we would watch there’s one other one I think it’s slither um no no no no what’s than one idle hands was one.

Idle if you go back to the kind of crappy 90s horror movie idle hands checked out it give that a check check that out if you get a change what’s the guy’s name that.

Did the Daily Show for forever I know this is you guys could care less about this um Jon Stewart now Jon Stewart’s filmography I just remember.

Jon Stewart being in the movie and this is all just a complete waste of time but it means something to me filmography the faculty the faculty yeah that’s it good lord Elijah Wood Josh Hartnett yeah the faculty it’s like invasion of the Body Snatchers like right I think so yeah yeah anyways we watched a bunch of movies around Halloween time and we loved our scary movies but Pet Sematary was always on rotation and that movie freaks me out as a kid.

I always had I always never liked that one cuz it’s just a different kind of creepy but of course now we are getting a remake early part of 2019 April of 2019 and we of course have our first trailer for said production I know nothing about this remake I I didn’t even know it was coming until.

A day or two ago and I knew that I wanted to save and hold my trailer reaction to share with you guys so let’s go ahead and jump into the official first trailer for Pet Sematary the remake the cat is.

The cat that’s the Australian guy or is he British from Planet of the Apes Oh jeepers creepers okay pretty creepy is that a real cat singing Seiji sometimes dead is better yeah not sure what to think about that the ID however very very well-put-together trailer very strong trailer obviously if it’s one of those things I don’t know how many people have seen the original Pet.

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