D&d 5e Storytelling Advice: Creating Sentient Magic Items – Inspiration And Power Level

Evens it’s an evil ideal and that’ll be the first number is the alignment and then we’ll go to the specific ideal six and three it’s an evil ideal about might its bond we’re gonna do the same thing an evil ITAR a chaotic a chaotic ideal that’s number one change oh my gosh did we not just make this potion in our minds before work where we’re getting.

The stats on this thing and its flaw.

Or I’m sorry wait that was I’m sorry that was another ideal I meant whoops well still we super confirmed its personality or or what it is I’m sorry it’s bond is a d-10 I’m getting.

So excited doing this eight protective of a valuable possession okay that could that could marry the concept that the flask and the potion are actually symbiotic and they require each other and it could.

Still leave the question open is the magic the dominant force or is the flash to the dominant force you know a shell is a big part of a hermit crab but it’s not the controller of the of the overall being it’s the smaller hermit crab inside or the flask the flask needs content inside of it maybe to feel justified or relevant alright it’s flaw or secret is a d12 9uu a shameful or scandalous shameful or scandalous history DMS I’m unconsciously telling you to support.

Box of minis I guess so I’m so used to doing it consciously that I’m just inadvertently making flashes of light in the corner.

To distract you and to go Oh a beholder ooh well if you look actually there’s another beholder back here in the background you see this this shadow that is Zanna thar I.

Don’t know if you know if you caught that but that’s Zanna thar look lurking.

In the background over everything okay now we’re gonna go back and continue we gave a characteristics let’s give it a special purpose what about a beer holder that’s a.

Girl as a monster or a magic item in other words it would be like a little beer koozie that would keep your bottle cold so special purpose we’re gonna roll a d-10 8.

Lure seeker the item craves knowledge or is determined to solve a mystery learn a secret or unravel a cryptic prophecy ooh conflict a sentient item has a will of its own shaped by its personality and alignment if a wielder acts as in a manner opposed to the items alignment or purpose conflict can arise.

When such a conflict occurs the item makes a charisma check contested by the wielders charisma check if the item wins the contest it makes one or more of the following demands and and so there’s there’s other things that are here we don’t necessarily need this because.

This is kind of a writer that comes with sentient but I would you know make a note of this if you’re creating sentient items that conflict can occur and so make.

A bookmark on page 216 and so here we go a beholder shaped glass vial oh so it’d be something like whoop and it has like an eye stalk and then the others would sort of flare out like this so one.

Of the ice stocks would be you know what kind of act as a handle and then you’d have your you know this this would be like you know this would be like metal or something but when you when you pour the the liquid in the the eye is.

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