D&d 5e Storytelling Advice: Creating Sentient Magic Items – Inspiration And Power Level

Glass and so you can actually see the.

Level of your you can see the level of your of your beer or whatever is left inside whoops I think I just made up a holder jack-o’-lantern which reminds me by the way we do have a pumpkin carving contest or an equivalent you know a costume contest or whatnot on our discord if you all want to carve a pumpkin and in submit it I think we can have a.

Lot of fun with that it’d be a ball at the end.

Of the ice stalks that would twist together in shape the neck of the bottle Picasso is proud of me thank you very much sir Naga I believe in OpenOffice mspaint and and a lot of other simple tools like this free tight roller from Wizards of the.

Coast I want to keep everything simple and accessible which is also why most of what we do references the core three books the eye can look like a never seeing I says bubonic I want to draw a beholder.

Potion bottle now based on the concept of it being a beholder body at the bottom but the eye stalks twist together to make the neck that would be really cool right you know kind of a central I to let you look inside and then you’d have a bunch of you know it look like a braided and then when you get to the top all of the eye stalks end and.

So you actually have nine little as like a decoration at the mouth of the the bottle you have nine little eye stalks here as the lip hey King I bought a skeleton to spook people with but then I realized it was silly since I can just use my own hahaha that’s right I mean if you’re al it’s you just go woo and you’ll flash but can anyone really arrest you.

Cuz you don’t have bits to expose really so there you go what if the I don’t tells you if a potions dangerous or not um well if that is gonna fit in the person I’ll leave our random prompts the bits are well preserved I have to keep the wife happy after all.

I guess she’s worth a fourth of fifth level slotted a alright so here we go the item base is a potion of greater healing it has an intelligence of sixteen so forth and.

You know what I don’t know if I have to even write it out at least for all of you who’ve been here in the workshop here we have some kind of a flask or it’s the potion and maybe we don’t know or maybe they’re inseparable and they can’t even tell you but.

It has the ability to cure you but to make more of.

Depleting it or possibly killing the item by depleting the potion you have to feed it parts and you’ll end up looking like you’ll end up looking like the parts that are that you feed it to and so if you.

Say I don’t want to kill humans maybe I’ll kill T flings and you put like tiefling tails in them in.

There then you’ll start growing a tiefling tail when you get when you use the healing properties to regenerate your body it has it has its a whole way to discuss things with you right it craves knowledge well look it was an expert cook maybe in life or as it exists now it.

Chews on stuff well it chews up the ingredients to make the potion it can do so because it’s an expert an expert cook it might even tell you hey.

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