D&d 5e Storytelling Advice: Creating Sentient Magic Items – Inspiration And Power Level

Throw in a little pinch of orange rind and I’ll make sure to flavor it for you you know so nothing like throwing in a bunch of you know the ears of your the ears you cut off of your enemies with a hint of orange inside it is irritable though so it is a hangry item it does believe in might and so.

I think it’s all you know we it says evil you know is it gonna tell you to you know use it as a woodchipper kind of like in Fargo you know just be like oh yeah there’s an orphan no one’s gonna miss it just.

You know just sort of pulp the orphan and shove it you know shove it in and I’ll mix it up to to make you something really tasty and by the way put it throw a couple cherries.

In I’m gonna go for a cherry limeade the world will the world will love it you know so it believes in power it wants to create more in better exotic blends it’s protective of a valuable possession and I think.

That’s what blends the is that the potion is that the flask is it both the flasks values the potion the potion values the flask and if the flask breaks or the potion is completely consumed the whole thing is gone it’s a set item and there’s some kind of shameful or scandalous history well what if what if.

It was something this is a lawful neutral what if this was something of a regret from the the original creator right we kind of said well maybe he stumbled across something and.

Was kind of sucked into his own creation um what if he cooked using using people right he had to have a big banquet for his King and he was some executive chef and he ran out of beef and pork and and he said well you know what there’s this person who’s scheduled to be executed anyway they’re dead or they’re already dead why.

Don’t we you know or maybe they were just executed in there awaiting burial or something let’s not let it go to waste let’s let’s actually let people.

And so and so maybe this person actually fed other people but that how we’re justifying the more lawful neutral.

Bend is they were already dead they’re criminals and they’re going into something that is actually serving the good king of the realm who’s actually preserving law and order you know there’s.

Of ways that we can wiggle with it but that’s the great mental exercise and so maybe that’s the shameful or scandalous history that’s suddenly that’s suddenly you know bloomed ex-cat this item sounds.

Like an awesome plot device for making new races in fact I would take I would urge you if you.

Haven’t taken a look at the cursive strawed module I don’t want to spoil too much but there is a concept that might fit you know with what you’re saying there a concept that might fit what we’re talking about not through a magic item but.

Through something that exists in the module but again I don’t want to spoil things for those of you haven’t played through it because I’d highly recommend playing through cursive straud oh yeah coffee you love tea flings well hey just spera up spare some horn grind it up and throw it in there you know just nip the tail you don’t keep going down King says I imagine a potion of beholder turning you into Krang from Ninja Turtles just with your belly being a.

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