D&d 5e Storytelling Advice: Creating Sentient Magic Items – Inspiration And Power Level

Big eye with eye stalks that tells you to attack people yeah in a very high-pitched voice well without a little bit of a warble like shredder what have you.

Done to track down the Turtles you pick up a potion with an elegant twisted in knob bottle the drinking tip is an unusual protrusion you begin to suspect its true nature when you glance at the logo on the bottom but is it really a cursed item depending on the person it’s.

So clearly it was an evil aligned dragon that had that that had that item crafted right well here we go we made a really cool by the way what do we want to call this what do we want to call this potion.

Flask thing throw it out there I’m looking for names and while you’re doing that dududu we’re gonna make a second one but it’s going to go a lot more quickly because there’s not a lot of intro and other talking but we’re still going to make something I think that’s going to be a lot.

Of fun a cask of endless wonder something about spying bro player wants to call it Dave Stanley is a very good one a decanter of endless.

Healing all right so what we can do because of the nature of this as it does have the sentient of perhaps someone maybe the person’s name was Stanley ooh Stanley draught draught like a drink but we’re using it as a last name right as normal vision so that means there’s probably a human a halfling.

Or a dragon born but with a name like Stanley it’s probably more of a human right you know again look at the details for clues so the.

Person’s name was Stanley draught but you know through the years people called it evermore very romantic adventurous sounding names so it became so it people then called it the decanter of endless healing tada do you feel inspired to use this in your campaign or if not this item this you see how easy it was and now let’s.

Do kind of like a speedrun version are you ready for the challenge let’s go through and whip up some kind of.

A sentient magic item we’ve gone through the motions we have our brain juices flowing already um let’s uh Stanley made a potion and Stanley was very happy oh he says this is suddenly a parable of some.

Kind to my right new Monica all right we’re gonna go back to our charts there are nine different magic item charts so I’m gonna roll a d-10 let’s reset our rolls we’re I guess we’re looking on item B again now this time I do want to.

Get something other than a consumable item let’s mix it up a little bit so hey this is forcing us we’re not making the ultimate endgame sword of savagery you know that contains the.

Soul of of you know some dark evil dead Lord you know raven storm blood steal the you know jr he always resented being called jr and would execute anyone who called him as such you know not all.

Your sentient weapons need to be dark gritty you know fallen kings and in whatever we’re looking at uncommon items and that’s fine alright anyway here’s magic item table b let’s roll a percentile 58 a spell scroll we’re gonna re-roll I wanted to have a consumable but you can imagine if you want to take that prompt as well 73 oil of this is really gonna be mostly potions kind of starts at 84.

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