D&d 5e Storytelling Advice: Creating Sentient Magic Items – Inspiration And Power Level

Through a hundred so we’re gonna roll a we’re just gonna roll a 17 sided die.

Five one two three four five goggles of night when you wear them it confers it confers dark vision alright let’s roll up some stats forty six drop the lowest that’s going to be a thirteen.

And these scores are floating it doesn’t have to be in this order twelve and fourteen okay communication style percentile with a 33 the item communicates by transmitting emotion to the creature.

Carrying or wielding it senses one hearing and normal vision although in this case because of the nature of this item we’re going to say hearing and nor in dark vision out to 30 feet even though it confers like it just confers dark vision on you know that you might normally be able to see but the item can only sense.

A certain you know maybe because it’s smaller I don’t know we can explain anything this is a game of imagination all right it’s alignment is chaotic evil still still an old-style ego of 39 so fairly tough King says spine Stanley draught found what he saw it heard your.

Secrets from afar kept your regrets in a jar spying Stanley draught deserved everything he got and this is the stuff that comes up when you do a legend lore sometimes coming up with stuff like this also adds a bit of fun to the item in before the goggles do nothing okay it’s special purpose is a d-10 10 creator seeker the item seeks.

Its creator and wants to understand why it was created so it is impulsive in selfish again this doesn’t mean that as chaotic evil it has to you know when it when you attune to it you don’t have to simulate playing dead space to to attune to these chaotic evil goggles of night and if you don’t know what I’m saying I’m just gonna.

Leave it at that if you do know what I’m saying with the reference of dead space 2 you’re welcome all right.

Once again like this is something to consider right there has to be conflict you know if it’s if it’s creating its seeker and you’re going against that or some other aspects of the personality maybe you are gonna play dead space too.

And now we’re going to go to characteristics the appearance is gonna be a d25 five is once more ragged dirty.

Clothes all right we’re gonna roll a d3 and find out which of this strengths is the highest actually last time I guess I should have rolled again for.

The two cuz it wasn’t just an automatic one or the other I don’t any we’ll see so hyah oh I hit reset haha matter – okay so wisdom is the highest and I can’t take two again I can’t take two again there we go and intelligence is the lowest so it’s gonna go.

Fourteen thirteen twelve not that there’s a huge difference between them okay.

It’s talent is a d20 and we’re old 20 Oh it knows thieves can’t and it might even confer it on you – it’s mannerism is twelve prone to predictions of.

Doom and how does it interact with with you or other people no come on.

There it is three its blustering there’s no useful knowledge well that’s up to us you know it’s a good part of its backstory as a DM if you’re.

Running this in your world it might be able to deliver tidbits of information it’s ideal we’re gonna roll to d6 so it’ll be evil actually hang on you know last time I guess I.

Just did a 2d six up here but it still worked out pretty well so we actually need to go even’s and then four one two three four but is it gonna be a good lawful or neutral ideal so I’m gonna roll a d3 three it’ll be a neutral other ideal of glory sorry I’m so chatty.

Last time I didn’t read the full charts whatever our item still works in his awesome who cares.

NPC bonds a d-10 a7 it is also protective of a sentimental.

Keepsake ooh I have an idea and a flaw or a secret is a d12 6 it is prone to rage all right have a good night bro player thanks for hanging out with us poor Goggles was made so some wizard.

Could laugh at rogues in their own secret language alright now let’s go to goggles of night and.

Let’s get some ideas right we have a base item and if you’re not familiar here we go goggles of night right here kind of have an owl wish look to them goggles of night uncommon wondrous item while wearing these dark lenses you have dark vision out to a range of 60 feet.

If you already have dark vision wearing the goggles increases.

Its range by 60 feet and so we think and we.

Think the item seeks its creator and wants to understand why it was created the appearance I mean so ragged dirty clothes it might not come across as having this nice metallic filigree and whatnot it could look like scraps or even like a bandage over the eyes in some way it knows thieves can’t it’s prone.

To it’s prone to predictions of doom its blustering it has an.

Ideal of glory it’s protective of a sentimental keepsake and it’s prone to rage it’s selfish and impulsive something that’s coming to my mind and you’re welcome to throw out your own ideas right now it’s all in the prototype phase it could be anything what.

If what if this was the actual eyes of a drow a male drow that saw or heard too much in a temple of wolf maybe he even tried to break in.

To steal something it could have been an inter house conflict that way maybe it knows of thieves can’t or something similar it saw something beyond even what it expected so it spreads prone to predictions of doom and it might even be how would you wear actual eyes for any of you who are artists please don’t cringe too much and then it’s going to.

Be wrapped in in some kind of like bandages or something right like so so there are actually containers that hold the eyes of this person right I guess the bandage is sort.

Of like you know hang on to the creator seeker though maybe someone was betrayed by someone who wanted his eyes and now he’s trapped as just a set of eyes so.

The eyes are embedded in goggles is what you’re going.

For it could be I’m open to suggestions maybe is too crazy but what if the goggles show some vision of the past in order to seek the help of a person who can carry and discover who was that person who betrayed her following the idea of king fun thing if the i holding band is broken you can drink some of ex-cat dark Nicks beholder.

Potion gouge two of the stalks and then behavior I have them hold the new eyes alright so if we’re.

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