D&d 5e Storytelling Advice: Creating Sentient Magic Items – Inspiration And Power Level

Building this idea here someone was betrayed by someone who wanted his eyes so yeah maybe maybe as punishment or.

Was the priestess his eyes and and the priestess saw something within the order and in so I know it was they were removed.

I think there’s a lot of stuff here so of course you know here will give very whoops will give very pretty eyelashes so we have the ragged dirty clothes because they’re sort of like eyeball containers that are held in by you know.

By strips of cloth that you wear over your head it knows thieves can’t it’s prone.

So it could have been a loath priestess.

Or someone who affiliated it does bluster cuz it probably saw something that was crazy I mean look at the eyes these are crazy eyes um.

An idea though of glory in some way it’s protective of a.

Sentimental keepsake maybe they want.

To be reunited they want to be reunited and so maybe someone.

Who is infiltrating the temple of love they had their eyes removed and then they feigned it was an attack or something happened so that their body can stay alive but the eyes were enchanted to continue in sent off for protection maybe to go see if the prophecy was true.

And so the eyes are meant to return to the holder with evidence while being sort of Loki in the Underdark um and it’s prone to rage I mean I think that.

What we’re we’re building has built up sir Naga says 10 out of 10 10 out of 10 and bubonic one has a named prospect the tenebrous spectacles we can go with that well arts to the dictionary you know what this is why by the way okay it is tenebrous hey viking tenebrous spectacles or we can name it something else or if we went with.

Our sentient potion from before what what’s the name of the person to whom the eyes belong ah probably I mean they might even have better if you consider.

Dark vision is being even better than normal 20/20.

All but there is technically an another.

That lets you zoom in with goggles so it’s probably normal vision just with an enhancement I mean in secret these are actually just like night-vision.

Goggles woops sir Naga hippota Nusa is the name this is all right so hippota noosa is the name of the drought to whom the eyes belong is that correct sir naga or is this is.

This a name for the item itself like not just a descriptor name but.

Like a name name for just the item the name of the person and again this all adds to the lore because you know what you can do.

Go back and create hippota noosa as an npc or as a villain or as an actual character because you can build.

Of the players handbook make the character right and get into the background get into all the personality traits and then use this as a.

Derivative see how far this rabbit hole can take you hey welcome back Zetas oh it’s your player character name that’s fine you’re welcome to offer this as.

A player character name now we have we have not just goggles of the.

Night it’ll function as such and in fact nothing nothing necessarily has made this item more powerful than God than uncommon goggles of the night but these aren’t just a magic item there’s a history to them there’s a personality there’s more to it than just a magic item you’re gonna find on the Shelf of magic Walmart wear goggles of night are a dime a dozen right.

What have we done to enhance the game world to make it more than just an extension of the character says yeah I’m using my goggles of the night.

What do I see I’m consulting HIPPA to Nusa what is she telling me what do her eyes II call them knock knocks knock from nocturnal a knock for ocular sure.

So you know maybe the official scientific classification is that’s as the.

Tenebrous spectacles but colloquially they are called the knock ox all right bubonic see you later estrellas when you wear them your skin turns yellow and you gain blue overalls.

But your speech becomes jumbled and you probably like bananas to write us estrellas yes estrellas in the lore that we’re creating around the sentient magic item hippota noosa saw too much in her temple and so as a way to preserve herself she blinded herself and.

Sent her eyes off to investigate while.

She is claiming some sort of ignorance or an attack that has left her blind so she can still serve and.

So the eyes are enchanted with you know with this under dark this sort of Lothian priestess power and has been made into an item and perhaps lost and you.

Know what though drow lived for seven eight hundred years right hip it’s a noosa this could be fifty years ago it could be five years ago it could.

Be five hundred years ago and if this happened while she was still young the eyes still seek to return to HIPAA to noosa herself and that can cause an adventure into the Underdark in fact in that time she might she might have gone from sort of.

A low fee and like you know sort of like a an altar like an altar boy or in this case an altar girl up into the upper echelons and so here you have a bunch of smarmy adventurers coming down to the Underdark holding this as a you know we are gonna see hippota noosa because it you know.

If not I’m gonna break the goggles you know and you could like hold a dagger or something to the end and like tap on.

The glass hey 12 for 10 nice foghorn leghorn impression I said I said hey of Oh heya that is um estrellas maybe if you talk to her in concept she’s nothing more than an uncommon pair of goggles of night it’s just that these goggles of night have a sentient Stu them she may not even talk to you if you don’t she may not even work for you let alone talk to you if you’re not perhaps friendly or open-minded or.

Hear what she has to say but mechanically estrellas it’s just an uncommon goggles.

Of the night with a personality and so if you butter her up maybe she’ll tell you tales of the things that she is seen as the Nok ox or as the tenebrous spectacles but it’s not a guarantee ah yes I still see you very good Viking alright let’s let’s take a 10-minute break we’ve made some sentient items and you know what we’re gonna.

Do when we come back cursed items these aren’t cursed items Oh No this works as intended as it was made there’s nothing hidden about it cursed items are a little bit more devious and so instead of just an NPC we’re.

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