D&d 5e Storytelling Advice: Creating Sentient Magic Items – Inspiration And Power Level

I’m gonna have to hurt you to try and convince you otherwise um whereas good is more of a self less Bend it doesn’t mean you can’t you know make money and hang on to it or to you know invest or sit on sit on some coins or store him you know you don’t have to be completely you don’t have to be completely selfless you know you’re allowed to have you know to take care of yourself but you don’t mind going out of your way to help other people’s more often than not.

You know you might have you might you know you might have more societal.

Goals than personal goals and then neutral is kind of in between yeah you know you take care of yourself but.

You realize that if you’re taking care of yourself you are adding to society or if you’re taking care of yourself you know what you can do and so others as individuals or society can prosper now we flip that around to law.

And chaos chaos think of it as someone who’s impulsive you know not just jumping to like you know to like a ADHD kind of a thing like Oh squirrel Oh glittery stuff ooh you know blinking lights it doesn’t just have to be that when was the last time you’re at.

A grocery store and you saw the candy that they have at the checkout.

Aisle and you said yeah you know what I came in you know I got.

Pasta and sauce and all my other groceries I kind of.

Want that bag of M&Ms that that’s more of an irate it’s an impulse buy that was a chaotic decision you never planned on picking up M&Ms but you did it anyway and you justified it because it was there there was.

An opportunity I seized it so a chaotic aligned character is an impulsive character you know kind of rides the the.

Tides that shift and go in and out through society and time and circumstances whereas a lawful character is more methodical right you’re not impulsive you’re MA so you won’t buy the M&Ms or if you do you didn’t buy the M&Ms at the at the checkout line you bought the M&Ms in the.

Candy aisle because it was on your list of things to purchase because you realize I eat M&Ms I want M&Ms I’m going to purchase them and they were a part of your normal shopping and and so now if if you look at that.

Yeah they’re called impulse items or impulse cues or all sorts of stuff Oh new order in the.

Discord okay I’ll pop that open in just a little bit here coffee cat by the way everyone so coffee cat is one of our resident artists here he does amazing work and by the way take a look at his portfolio he’s excellent.

With and don’t be shy about pursuing some kind of a some kind of a commission with him he does very good work and I think he’ll be happy with the results Mordecai is definitely a chaotic boy yes he’s very impulsive right you.

Might be more emotional than logical which is another way of looking at that so you know we we have these tropes of looking at well a chaotic evil character wants to do just that I’m gonna burn down the orphanage and kick every puppy I see because I’m a bad guy and I.

Wake up in the morning look in the mirror and say I’m a bad guy and I’m gonna do random stuff holds up a spork lololol I like penguins it it doesn’t have to manifest like that you can be functional and not overtly murderous and be chaotic.

Evil it just means you’re very selfish and very impulsive so think about it that way bubonic said your nephew called had to help him with it Oh what was the what was the subject bubonic hey.

Neil great to see ya zette isettas I have a tiefling who’s chaotic neutral who bought four pounds of tacos.

Two towns ago now every once in a while he just pulls out a taco even mid royalty meetings how are you preserving your tacos when they get soggy I’m doing very well thank you so much for asking igneel and tell corn.

Says I call them foon’s I’m not sure what a foon is through magic we’re in a magical world that makes sense magic explains everything all right so anyway right if we have Oh phoo pnes right okay gotcha forks spoons.

Got it tell corn just has to be the outlier you know you have to be you have to be the rebellious old man you know back in my day we called them phones and we liked it too none of this.

Millennials spork malarkey a rough I’m chaotic like that oh gosh you all heard something else so anyway if we’re gonna give sentient Stu an item right it’ll have a personality of some kind and and don’t forget to you can control the force of that personality you can have a chaotic evil dagger that.

Actually does want to murder someone or anyone really but maybe it just comes through as constant.

Hey you see a person bending over great kid be shot right there hashtag just saying it doesn’t have to compel you in Strip agency from the character which is something you should watch out for again if you’re a DM sentient items can.

Can sometimes override your player character like your player’s character and suddenly it’s your character is DM and why is why is your PC even showing up so be careful about that so there’s a difference because a chaotic evil whispering dagger of temptation or something is still chaotic evil the same as a dagger that is going to you know like force your hand to go to your hip and draw the dagger and plunge it into.

The kidney of of someone who’s who’s over there they’re both chaotic evil there’s just different levels of expressing it – first year sports management forgot the name okay no uh yeah the sports.

Management and in other forms of management are our college courses yep in fact because of the tourist industry here in our part of.

Ohio one of our one of our state universities is making a branch campus sort of a designation for hospitality management so you can get a degree in it because you can study that in all of the amusement parks and hotels and everything that’s in our area as a living lab he wants to be a high school football coach gotcha and the.

O’s zebra corn wants to be a high school football coach – that’s really cool Jetta would you maybe want to look at the dock I’ve.

Been working on yeah if you want to upload it or if you don’t want to put it publicly in discord you can send a private message and I can I can pop it open and we can take a look at it over the course of our broadcast tonight Zetas and then we give it characteristics use the information on creating NPCs in.

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