D&d 5e Storytelling Advice: Creating Sentient Magic Items – Inspiration And Power Level

Chapter four to develop a sentient items mannerisms personality traits ideals bonds and flaws you can also draw on the special features section earlier in the chapter if you determine these characteristics randomly ignore or adapt any result that doesn’t make sense for an inanimate object I.

Think you know what though this.

Is our challenge if we get something that doesn’t.

Make sense let’s make sense of it I believe in us to be able to.

Do that same with being able to manufacture a sentient potion if you uh so you could send it as a file unless it’s unless you have it as like a Google Doc link whatever works best for you either well you know twitch twitch messaging can be derpy why don’t you send it to me through discord Zetas zebra sorry just got here I thought we were giving the sentient item a goal.

I do not oh you do not want to be a coach got it okay and it’s giving a couple it’s giving a couple of varieties I mean now we’re talking about legendary weapons that are sentient and you know.

What if there’s an item that’ll probably have sentience a legendary is fine right it’s the most powerful.

Tier of magic item I would like to in pardon I like to challenge us that we can create sentient items that don’t have to be mega powerful you know very rare or artifact tier legendary items or weapons I believe in us we can do this.

All right so let’s delve into this right so here’s our here’s our our reference which is on page 214 let’s randomly generate a base with some kind of an item and to do that.

One two three four five six seven eight nine I think uh yeah eyes as high as it goes all right so I’m gonna roll a d-10 and we’re gonna determine which table we’re gonna use right here we go – all right so we’re gonna go to table B and now we’re gonna roll a percentile and figure out which magic item we’re going to use as a base all right.

Zetas I’ll make sure to take a look at it and we’ll when we go through our exercises we can pop it open and and we can take a look at like do you wants to take a look at some of your.

Items or what would you what kind of interaction are you seeking zetas let’s roll our percentile on magic magic item table B 11 a potion of greater.

Healing so we can delve into we can delve into the potion as as the item and we can have that moral conundrum or we can describe it that it is a.

Magic item that if a a potion is poured into.

It it can create a it can create you can like upgrade a potion in some way and you know so we talked about the moral conundrums before about creating a sentient consumable so it’s more like the liquid itself which I.

Don’t mind exploring in fact I will do a parallel why don’t we here’s our base item a potion of greater healing we’ll do a parallel where we’re considering that the flask is actually the magic item or that the potion is the magic item and we can discuss it two in one yeah exactly bubonic hey XK welcome feedback on the custom items you made Zetas okay alright.

It might it might we were talking about the morality of that all right now let’s fast-forward to page 214 well I went to I went too far alright a sentient magic item has intelligence wisdom and charisma scores you can choose the items abilities or determine them randomly to determine.

Them randomly roll 46 for each one dropping the lowest roll in totally in the rest makes me think of odo from ds9 hey.

Good reference tell Corrin I’m we could we could follow that right because there’s not really physical stats because it’s an object but we can go int whiz cha and let’s roll 46 what let’s see four five and one is when we’re gonna drop one of the.

Ones is ten now some teams might allow you in fact if we go over to our dice roller here like so that there’s a reminder in chat over here you know drop the lowest either admitting some teams may allow you to re-roll a one so there’s.

All sorts of dice generators over here and chat for you by the way and and so you know if you’re looking for stuff on the fly so in this case we’re floating at ten.

Somewhere next up we have six three three five so that’s eleven that’s a fourteen we’re gonna add ahead we’re gonna have a fourteen somewhere and then we’re going to have a whoo look at that six five five six then we’re gonna have a 16 somewhere it doesn’t have to be in this order we’re just sort of floating the numbers and we’ll rearrange them based on maybe personality or the like all right communication how does this item communicate with us we’re gonna determine that on a.

Percent I’ll roll 100 the item can speak read and understand one or more languages in addition the item can communicate telepathically with any character that carries or wields it cool this is a super sentient and and by the way consider this as well let’s say that we had the moral conundrum of a sentient consumable well so if.

The item communicates by transmitting a motion to the creature carrying or wielding it would you still you know would you still consume it because it’s not really alive or conscious or a thing or where’s your line the item can speak read and understand one or more languages is that your hard line because it.

Can actually speak or would you definitely not drink it because not only can it speak and they understand multiple languages it can even speak to you telepathically which can also carry empathy through emotion where’s your line right in the moral conundrum said I kind of like the idea of this potion almost being like a.

Sentient healing slime in a jar bottle if it’s magically awakened and can think for itself or I’m sorry that was an extension of the idea above XK it says imagine going through a whole campaign by friending this potion then needing it to survive.

Far into the campaign it begs you not to or worse sacrifices itself for.

You it’s a potion yep that that’s exactly what we prompted whose.

Life or existence or sentient means more if it’s a potion that you need to cure yourself or to get you out of a situation or let’s say it’s a scroll of fireball and you have a bunch of baddies that are definitely gonna kill you or if not just you you and your friends and you need that fireball in order to get.

Out of there is it worth the life of this scroll and think of it this way what if it was a newly created.

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