D&d 5e Storytelling Advice: Creating Sentient Magic Items – Inspiration And Power Level

Be more willing to sacrifice that’s that scroll to save you as opposed to finding a hundred-year-old scroll that you know that that knows history and can speak of wisdom beyond just the the.

Spell that’s keeping it on the on the paper whose life is worth more right how would you justify that you look at the scroll do you say look if the orcs kill me.

They’re probably gonna just tear you apart or even use you if I use you then at least I can survive and carry on your story if you think that justifies it think about a tense moment.

That would cause it just becomes a part of you like another person in your head yeah it could be a manifestation like that what if it doesn’t die when you drink it and it’s in your system for.

A while that could be you feel it crawling through your skin you know you feel it crawling through your blood I mean that could cause some sort.

Of madness you have to really watch out though ex-cat because once we start delving into afflictions like that that.

Are severe it’s kind of like.

Playing with a deck of many things the deck of many things even if a DM is offering.

It to the players can absolutely ruin a player’s experience or ruin a campaign so when we start asserting control over others that is that can be a very fine line to walk oh no I.

Didn’t take personal offense I want to make sure that if we’re if the topic comes up in conversation that we we talked about it and we’re aware.

Of the implications of what can occur in those circumstances or well Zetas so you.

Know you can regenerate itself you know what of this you know if it can heal the body and you you drink a portion of it and you want it to recover what if that means you have to feed it body parts you know think I guess maybe in a sense like Little Shop of Horrors you have a healing potion that will.

Heal you and keep you alive but at what cost how many fingers.

Do you have to sever and shove into the flask for it to be able to regenerate itself after every use that’s another moral conundrum because you you still have the power to just.

Consume the potion and end it right there or you have the power and temptation to take sips to keep you going but you have to feed it if it cures body parts it needs.

Body parts and I’m not just talking blood or spit or whatever like you might have to you might have to feed it.

Fingers ears eyes organs right.

It just doesn’t purify your blood if that’s all you’re giving it it has to fix your fingers in your eyes and all that so you have to feed it different parts to keep it relevant hey new Monica welcome as a note it is a tedious process bookmarking PDFs in Scribus I will take your word for that new Monica now if you don’t mind growing monster parts than sure well think about it.

This way Zetas if you start feeding it monster parts and you take a wound all of a sudden that or let’s say you fed it a bunch of orc fingers or something or you you mashed up.

A fire beetle and you take a wound what if suddenly like that that head wound comes back is like a golden.

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